God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 944

Yue Zhong, who had been indifferent, finally lost his cool, “What? Join hands to attack China? What’s with the Russian Empire? Has Russia finally been united?”


The Russians had always been one of the opponents of China. At the same time, their desire for territory was well-known. In this current apocalypse, once a greedy Russian manages to unify the country, they would not let go of China in the North.

“Russia does not have a leader. Their capital Moscow had already been completely conquered by zombies. It’s rumored that there are appearances of powerful Evolved zombies with intelligence and terrifying combat abilities.”

“Under the lead of these Evolved zombies, Russia’s human factions were annihilated one by one. Their northern area had already belonged to the zombies.”

“As for the southern side, due to the pressure of the zombies, many human factions had allied and formed a new Russian government. This is a strong alliance, with over a million survivors. They only have a 100,000-strong army, possessing the weapons of the Cold War period.

“Making use of those weapons, they managed to wipe out over a million zombies. However, the zombie army in the north marched on under the lead of the Evolved zombie, using their superior might and numbers to crush the main forces, forcing the human factions further south.”

“Under such circumstances, Russia had finally chosen to work with the Kingdom of God, to attack the faction in China,” Burt revealed everything he knew.

A dark look came over Yue Zhong’s eyes, “In exchange, you guys would provide Russia with a large number of weapons and ammunition, right?”


Burt nodded, “That’s right, we have provided them with weapons, ammunition, and ration.”


Yue Zhong chuckled bitterly, before sighing. He was filled with complicated emotions right now.

The Gates of Hell had already opened, and the Vampires and Flesh-Eaters of the 2nd World were about to invade Earth. Yet, the humans on Earth were still caught up in their own conflicts, slaughtering among themselves. This did not bode well for their future.



“No, save me!”


All of a sudden, there were screams ringing out from the streets.

“What’s going on?”

When Yue Zhong heard those screams, he darted and appeared outside swiftly.


Only to discover that the streets of Seoul were plunged into chaos, with numerous people running around amok, screaming at the top of their lungs.


A number of Flesh-Eaters that were 90% similar to humans in appearance were slaughtering the people on the street.


One Flesh-Eater charged forwards, directly pouncing and knocking a human to the ground. He then used his claws to tear through to the heart of the person, digging it out, before consuming it while laughing savagely.

A blond Vampire flickered, appearing in front of a woman. He grabbed her head and pulled down roughly, before bending down to suck her blood voraciously.

Throughout Seoul, it was like Hell. Death was everywhere, and there were numerous cruel and savage Flesh-Eaters and Vampires slaughtering people on sight.


Yue Zhong looked at the chaos, and his face fell, “Flesh-Eaters!! They’ve already arrived!! It’s too damn fast!”

He had originally assumed that they would only appear after some time. Who would have thought they had already arrived in Seoul.

The moment he came out to the street, 2 Flesh-Eaters covered in blood pounced towards him in a frenzy.

He pulled out his Black Tooth Blade and sliced them apart, their bodies sent flying.

After that, he quickly dashed forward, and in a manner of seconds, he appeared back at the banquet hall.

He threw a communicator to Chu Joon Ho, barking out solemnly, “Mobilize your troops immediately, the 2nd World’s Flesh-Eaters have already appeared in Seoul. Hurry!”

Chu Joon Ho’s face fell. He did not waste any time, however, and quickly made the decision, “What?! Alright, got it. I’ll go mobilize them now, to wipe out those creatures!”

Immediately, he disappeared from his original location, heading towards his forces.

Yue Zhong then glanced at the unconscious Kim Park Chan and sent a Puppet Rune into his head.

Kim Park Chan stirred awake not long after, and greeted Yue Zhong with respect, “Greetings Master.”

Yue Zhong ordered, “Go mobilize your troops now, eliminate all monsters you see.”

Kim Park Chan was after the President of The Republic of Korea faction, and he had a sizeable force. If he could muster them all, it would be possible to annihilate the monsters and save some people.

He bowed down and swiftly headed out, “Understood!”

Yue Zhong glanced at Jeon Yoon Ah and the rest and said indifferently, “The few of you, follow me.”


When they heard that, they quickly ran forward.

In this current chaos, only Yue Zhong would be able to protect them.

At the entrance of the large hall, Yue Zhong led the women into a military truck and swiftly headed towards the Revival Assembly base.

Along the way, Flesh-Eaters could be seen everywhere, killing and pillaging, raping and destroying everything.

Seeing the military truck containing Yue Zhong and the rest, dozens of them quickly roared out and charged towards them.

The women were all frightened out of their wits, huddling together and trembling.

Yue Zhong pulled out his Stinger and fired out a few times.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Each continuous shot took out the Flesh-Eaters in succession, preventing them from even nearing the military truck.

Jung Ri Soo watched how calm Yue Zhong was, and her fear subsided, her gaze full of adoration, “So cool!! He really does give a sense of security.”

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