God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 945

Yue Zhong continued to drive through, killing a dozen of Flesh-Eaters before arriving at the Revival Assembly base.

Currently, there were Flesh-Eaters and Vampires everywhere, slaughtering humans.


The soldiers had been cleaned out once by Yue Zhong, leaving only 200 Puppet soldiers.

These 200 Puppet soldiers could only defend a few key locations and were helpless to the rest.


One could see the slaughter of the Koreans at the hands of those Flesh-Eaters and Vampires, while screams rang throughout the air. It was like hell.

“Damn it!”

Yue Zhong blasted the heads of a few Flesh-Eaters as he cursed out. No matter how strong he was, it was impossible for him to save the thousands of people here. Defending was always tougher than offense.

Yue Zhong immediately went to the command center and held the fort, while deploying the 200 Puppet soldiers out.


They formed units and began to fight back, rescuing numerous survivors.

The weak point about these Puppet soldiers was that without an order, they would be rigid and stupid in their movements. Yue Zhong had to constantly give out orders for them to carry out.


“Warning! Warning! There is a large horde of zombies right outside Seoul, making their way towards this location. Based on estimations, they will completely surround Seoul in 30 minutes, and cutting off any retreat to North Korea.”


All of a sudden, Bai Yi’s image appeared in the corner of the display, reporting the imminent disaster.

Intelligence and information were important in modern warfare. Yue Zhong knew the importance of it, that was why he had planted several electronic flies everywhere to be his eyes and ears.

His face fell, “What?! Pull up the image!”




The display went fuzzy for a while before a dozen images were shown.


Under Bai Yi’s control, the various displays were enlarged to reveal the terrifying scene outside of the city.


On the displays, a huge horde of zombies was currently running at a speed that surpassed humans, with an agility that had never been seen in them before, as they made their way towards Seoul.

Among the zombies, there were many L2s, L3s, S2s, S3s, S4s, H2s, Devourers, Hunters, and other Evolved zombies. After an entire year of evolution, these zombies had become stronger and faster, developing scales and horns.

The sea of zombies was enough to make even a Type 5 expert like Yue Zhong shudder.

With Yue Zhong’s current strength, it would be easy for him to slaughter a thousand evolved Zombies. However, the zombies had a single, terrifying, advantage, which was their numbers. Their seemingly endless numbers. No matter how strong Yue Zhong was, throwing himself into the sea of zombies would just spell his doom.

“What is that? Flying zombies?! How the hell?! If there are hundred of thousands of them, how the hell can humans defend against that?!”

All of a sudden, Yue Zhong caught sight of an entire patch that covered the sky. Looking closer, he realized that these were Evolved zombies of about 1.3m in height, their limbs short, but their backs had a pair of powerful, fleshy wings.

Seeing this, Yue Zhong’s heart turned cold. The humans were already at a disadvantage. Relying on firepower and traps, they might be able to defend cities. However, with the appearance of these flight-based creatures, ground-based defenses were ineffective against them. It had become increasingly harder for the humans to defend.

When defending the 20 Xue Luo Forts back in the 3rd World, Yue Zhong had experienced it for himself. Defending against the aerial attacks was tougher by many times, more so than just when the Dino-Warriors and their vassal forces charged alone. Without the joint attack from the aerial units, the Xue Luo Forts would not have fallen so easily.

“Seoul can no longer be defended!” Yue Zhong saw the endless horde, and he sighed.

Yue Zhong had no direct subordinates in Seoul, just relying on commanding those Puppet soldiers took a lot of his mental capacity. In front of the huge sea of zombies, his current force was nothing.

He then steeled himself and threw away all emotions, “Immediately gather forces to retreat.”

After hesitating a while, he ordered into his communicator once more, “Tell them, the person who wants to lead them away is Chinese, he’s Yue Zhong, the murderer of Choi Won Wong. The chosen point to breach the siege would be at North Korea. They’re free to choose if they want to follow or stay. However, those who want to follow must abide by our orders unconditionally.”


When the Puppet soldiers disseminated the orders, there was a commotion among them. Many chose to slink away quietly. They were not comfortable with a foreigner being their leader. At the same time, most of the survivors here did not have favorable feelings about the Chinese. They were afraid that he would hold it against them after.

Yue Zhong contacted Chu Joon Ho, “Chu Joon Ho, my men have discovered a huge horde of zombies currently surrounding the city. In about 30 minutes, the zombies would surround Seoul, cutting off retreat into North Korea. I’m preparing to breach through there. You should make your preparations too. I’m making a move first, am heading towards North Korea.”


“What?” Chu Joon Ho exclaimed in shock, “Yue Zhong, come with me to Suwon City. If our armies work together, we definitely can breach the siege and reach Suwon City safely!”

Chu Joon Ho’s base was in Korea, he was not willing to head to North Korea with Yue Zhong. Furthermore, if he were to tell his subordinates that he wanted to go to North Korea, it was likely that many would desert him.

Yue Zhong turned him down resolutely, “I’m heading back to China, I can’t go with you. All the best, and goodbye. See you if fate allows it.”

After cutting off the connection, Yue Zhong began to organize his troops and left immediately.


A number of buses drove off, and with the help of the Puppet soldiers, the survivors began to get aboard.

Not long after, a fleet of armored vehicles and heavy vehicles started to move swiftly towards the exit of Seoul City.

When the fleet reached about 5km away from Seoul, the howls and roars of the horde could be heard, as many zombies headed towards them.


Inside the vehicle fleet, the survivors saw the zombies running faster than humans and screamed out of fear.

The mechanized infantry vehicles began to extend their weapons and fired at the zombies.

During the volley of fire, many zombies were pierced through, their bodies destroyed. However, many others fell to the ground and got back up almost immediately after, as though there was no effect.


Inside the car, Yue Zhong quickly made a decision, “No. If this goes on, everyone will be wiped out.”

The zombies had evolved into a terrifying state, with the current firepower Yue Zhong had, it was not enough to carve a way out.

With a single thought, Yue Zhong leaped out of the car and channeled his Summon Tamed Beast technique. A void appeared out of mid-air, and Mount Tai appeared out of the hole, dashing towards the zombies.

The moment Mount Tai appeared and charged, with every swing of its tail, over hundreds and thousands of zombies would be instantly pulverized.

With the help of Mount Tai suppression, a huge part of the zombies was killed, revealing a path.

Yue Zhong’s fleet continued to drive through, right through the mass of blood and flesh.

Right after they charged through, the dense horde suddenly split apart, revealing a number of H2s, with their mouths open, as they shot multiple flame balls towards the fleet.

Hong! Hong! Hong!!

Faced with those H2s, a number of armored vehicles and buses were blasted apart. In an instant, over 200 survivors were killed in the resulting explosions.

When they saw this, many other survivors screamed out in terror.

Yue Zhong waved his hands, and 2 Electromagnetic Cannons appeared. He held them and began to fire at an incredible speed, blasting the heads of those H2s accurately as though the bullets had eyes.

The heads of the H2s exploded one by one, slumping to the floor lifelessly.

Over a dozen of them were killed in an instant by Yue Zhong, while the rest that had just revealed their heads would also be taken out instantly.

Due to Yue Zhong’s timely decisions and actions, soon, with the help of Mount Tai, the entire group managed to break through the siege.

However, just as they had just exited the horde, a number of infantry vehicles rolled out from behind. To their horror, there were zombies controlling the heavy machine guns, firing at the various armored vehicles and buses.

When that barrage of heavy caliber bullets slammed into the buses, they pierced the buses easily, penetrating the bodies of the humans in them.

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