God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 947

The faces of the survivors were filled with weariness, dread, and sorrow as they disembarked. Corpses were carried down and tossed to the side.


These survivors had experienced a night filled with horror and tension. The aftermath left them so exhausted that they had no energy to bury the bodies.

Jeon Yoon Ah and the other females came down and heard sounds of crying and wailing. The machine guns yesterday had hit a few unlucky survivors in their arms and legs. Without medical treatment, they could only groan and wail in agony.

“That was too terrifying. Thankfully I’m with him, otherwise, I would have already been dead.” Jeon Yoon Ah stared at the survivors, a chill creeping up her heart.

The rest of the ladies were also celebrating inwardly.


Flames crackled, as the Puppet soldiers became chefs and waiters, serving bowls filled with cooked rice and flour to the survivors.

Yue Zhong’s side was able to enjoy the pleasurable Type 4 Mutant Beast meat, as the smell of the delicious meat wafted in all directions.

Jeon Yoon Ah and the other ladies did not care much for their image, wolfing down the meat, as though they were about to swallow their own tongues.

Many survivors stared over hungrily, their eyes filled with expectations and hope. Many of them had not eaten meat in goodness knows how long. Even if they did, it had been rat meat, bugs, and for some, human flesh.

Choi Min Shik, a burly Korean man with a thick mustache finished his bowl in a few mouthfuls before a fierce glint appeared in his eyes. He stood up, shouting arrogantly, “I can’t take this anymore. We’re eating garbage over here, while that Chinese is eating meat!”

He continued agitatedly, “Everybody, think about it, yesterday we listened to his command and left Seoul. How many died?! Over half!! If we had gone to Busan, we would not have lost so many people! This Chinese cannot be trusted. Everyone! Join me and resist!! We must get back our rights!! Leave this Chinese man!”

Under his incitement, many survivors began to show expressions of hatred. Due to the number of deaths the previous night, they have filled with some prejudice towards Yue Zhong already. It did not take much for them to be riled up. However, they did not dare act due to the Puppet soldiers standing guard around.


Choi Min Shik walked up to one of the soldiers and spoke loudly, “We Koreans would not bow to violence! If you want to open fire, just kill me! I don’t want to live on in this godforsaken world!! I will tear off your mask and let everyone see your true colors!!”

“What are you shouting for?”

At this time, Yue Zhong walked over, with Jung Ri Soo beside him translating, conveying Yue Zhong’s words, while translating the words of the Koreans for Yue Zhong.

Choi Min Shik saw Yue Zhong and took a few steps back involuntarily. He had seen how Yue Zhong was able to resist the sea of zombies last night. If Yue Zhong wanted to kill him, he would be dead in a heartbeat.

Yue Zhong shot them a cold look, “Those who want to leave, I won’t stop. There’s no problem if you want to go. I can give you 20 days’ worth of rations. Please go quickly. Those who stay on, have to abide by my orders without complaints, regardless of how ridiculous it might be. If you can’t do that, just go.”

Yue Zhong had saved them due to the little humanitarianism he still had left in him. Since they were not appreciative, he would not continue sticking his warm intentions on their cold backsides.

He then shot Choi Min Shik a cold look full of killing intent, “And you. If you want to leave, leave. Any more bullshit and I won’t be merciful.”

Being stared at by Yue Zhong, Choi Min Shik felt fear, and he retreated hastily, before turning around to speak to the rest, “Guys! Listen to me! Let’s leave together and work together!! We can definitely make it out of this alive! Long live the Republic of Korea!!”


Choi Min Shik shouted and walked over to the Puppet soldiers, grabbing his share of 20 days rations, and began to wolf it down.

Most of the survivors were not happy having a foreigner like Yue Zhong lead them. Adding on to the death toll of the previous night, they were filled with distrust and dissatisfaction over his leadership. Most of them were also famished. Under these circumstances, almost all the Korean survivors stood up and went to take their rations, following after Choi Min Shik.

Apparently, they were not happy with Yue Zhong’s dictatorship. Few were willing to hand their lives over to a foreigner.

At the same time, they had not seen any zombies, so they were beginning to think that it was possible to survive with their own strength.

Yue Zhong watched coldly as they left, not saying anything.

He then swept a glance at Jeon Yoon Ah and the rest, “You may leave as well. I won’t stop you.”


To him, these Korean survivors were a burden. The more that left him, the better. He would not have to be responsible for all their lives then.

Jeon Yoon Ah looked at him with teary eyes, “Sir Yue Zhong, I won’t leave. I’m yours for life. Please don’t chase me away.”

She was smart, and she knew that even if she took her 20 days of rations, it would be snatched by those men in the survivors’ group, and be treated as a toy, leading a life worse than a dog. Choosing to stay with Yue Zhong was a better choice.

“She snatched it!!”

The other 3 exchanged looks and quickly came forward to plead pitifully, “Yue Zhong, we are your people. Please don’t leave abandon us, we’re willing to listen to your orders.

Yue Zhong swept a glance and realized there were 20 other women of Chinese descent that did not leave. Evidently, having been tortured by those beasts in the Revival Assembly, they had lost trust in the Koreans.


After breakfast, Yue Zhong declared solemnly, “Alright, let’s leave.”


The huge convoy then began to make its way further into North Korea.

Not long after they left, there were screams and gunshots in the distance.

“Save me!! Help!!”

“Wait!! Wait for us!!”


At this time, those Koreans that had left came running back towards the breakfast point, screaming in fear.

Behind them, there were many zombies in tattered military clothes wielding rifles, chasing after them.

They leaped onto the Korean survivors whenever they could and bit down viciously.


“Save us!!!”


They continued to scream loudly; at every second, a Korean survivor would fall under the grasp of the zombies, screaming out in despair and fear.

“Scram!! Out of my way!”

Choi Min Shik, who had tried to incite the Koreans, had thrown his rations to one side, shoving his fellow survivors, trying to make his way towards the breakfast point.

“No!! We shall all die together!!”

One of the men, who had been pushed to the ground by Choi Min Shik, had a sudden glint of desperation and madness. He burst forth with a sudden bout of strength, grabbing Choi Min Shik’s right leg.

Choi Min Shik began to kick the man while shouting furiously, “Fuck off!! Fuck off!! Bastard!!!”

The man was kicked bloody, but he continued to grab Choi Min Shik’s leg tightly.

2 zombies which ran faster than humans suddenly pounced over, grabbing Choi Min Shik and bit down on his neck.


He screamed out like a wounded beast, struggling frantically. However, he could not get out of the zombie’s grasp and was consumed alive soon after.

The zombies were already faster than humans. In their midst, there were even the Hunters. None of them managed to make it to the breakfast point, as they were already all killed.

A single Korean Evolver with decent skills and wielding a Level 3 Green Sharpsword hacked and slashed his way over, decapitating the low-level Evolved zombies.


All of a sudden, a Devourer leaped out from within the zombie group and leaped at the Korean Evolver.

In a flash, the head of the Korean Evolver disappeared, reappearing in the mouth of the Devourer. It bit down with its sharp teeth, crushing the head of the Korean Evolver, as red and white matter splattered everywhere.

When Jeon Yoon Ah and the rest saw what happened to them, their hearts turned cold and they trembled uncontrollably. Had they chosen to leave earlier, they would have been among those who died.

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