God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 948

When the women of Chinese and mixed Korean-Chinese descent saw the scene, their backs were also filled with cold sweat. Being consumed alive by zombies was one of the cruelest ways to die.


Yue Zhong eyed the group of zombies and ordered coldly, “Kill them!”

White Bones flashed, with a speed surpassing the sound barrier, reaching their midst in a breath. Countless bone spike protruded out from its body, and it spun madly, turning into a fearsome meat grinder.

In an instant, many of the zombies were sliced apart as their limbs flew everywhere.

When the 3 Hunters discovered White Bones, they leaped with all their might towards it.

White Bones then channeled out even more sharp bone blades, slashing at the incoming 3 Hunters, slicing them up into multiple parts.

In just a few breaths, White Bones had obliterated the entire group of zombies.

After killing them, Yue Zhong ordered the Puppet soldiers to gather the survivors’ corpses together. He then poured oil and lit them up, burning the dead bodies into ashes.

Once they were done, the convoy began to set off one more towards the North.


It was quiet along the way, without any signs of life. From time to time, they would come across small, scattered groups of zombies.

Before they got close, they would be sliced apart by White Bones.

As for the Type 5 Mount Tai who had acted as the meat grinder vanguard, it returned to the sea. Its consumption was too terrifying, only the vast sea could feed it.


“Stop!! Don’t move!! Otherwise, we’ll open fire.”


When the convoy got closer to the capital Pyongyang, a number of North Korean soldiers appeared on one of the roads, barking out loudly.


Yue Zhong frowned slightly, waving his hands for the convoy to stop. Although he could get White Bones to kill them all, unless there was a special reason, he wanted to try and communicate.


As they came to a stop, Yue Zhong came down from the vehicle and saw a shocking sight on the sides of the road.

There were a number of men had sharp spikes pierced through their tibia (shin bones), tied to wooden stakes. Many of them were moaning in agony, while others had died, and were already dried up corpses.

The North Korean soldier barked out, “Get down on your knees and hand over your weapons!! Hands above your head!! Otherwise, I’ll beat you to death, you damn Chinese.”

The militant used his gun to point at Yue Zhong as he barked out, “On your knees!! On your knees!!”

Jung Ri Soo quickly translated for Yue Zhong.


A strong killing intent poured out of Yue Zhong as he commanded coldly, “Since you don’t give face, you can all go to hell.”


With that order, White Bones transformed into a flash, and charged right into their midst, slaughtering the few militants in a breath.

“Let’s go!”

After dealing with those militants, the convoy continued towards inner Pyongyang.

White Bones took the lead, using its terrifying speed to charge into the enemy ranks and slaughtering them whenever they appeared.

Yue Zhong would never show mercy to those who were unreasonable.

When those North Korean militants were killed, none of them could react fast enough to raise the alarm.

Soon, the convoy managed to enter Pyongyang successfully.


Pyongyang City was a pretty lavish city, with modern structures and construction. After all, it was the capital of North Korea.

After entering Pyongyang, Yue Zhong saw a large number of emaciated survivors, as though they were skeletons, their eyes dull and lifeless as they watched Yue Zhong’s group.

In the first place, North Korea had already been lacking in resources, since most of it was imported. In fact, it was one of the countries with the highest death rate from famine.

The apocalypse was in its 2nd year, and all that the North Korean survivors could rely on were the rations left behind.

Most of these were taken up by the upper echelons, while the ordinary survivors suffered.

Seeing Yue Zhong’s powerful armed convoy, the survivors did not dare to provoke him, allowing them to pass through the city smoothly.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Just as they were at the center of Pyongyang, the sounds of dense artillery fire resounded from afar.

“What’s going on?”

Yue Zhong frowned and quickly sent out a large number of robotic flies and dragonflies.

As the robotic critters flew out, Yue Zhong opened up the display inside the command vehicle. On it, he could see all that the robotic flies saw.

At the northern area of Pyongyang, there was a huge army camp set up, with numerous armored vehicles and soldiers being sent to the frontlines.


As the robotic flies continued forward, the reason for the artillery fire became clear.

There was currently a large horde of sebased Mutant Beasts coming up on shore near the north side of Pyongyang.

Many North Korean militants were also stationed at the various defense lines, fighting hard to keep the Mutant Beasts at bay.

These militants had obtained the legacies of Pyongyang City, including cannons, infantry vehicles, tanks, rocket launchers, and many more.

With the support of the heavy fire, many Mutant Beasts were blasted to smithereens. However, their numbers seemed to be endless, continuously pushing up the shore. One after another, the defense posts fell.

The militants started to crumble and fell back quickly, while the North Korean soldiers behind collected after them.

Evidently, there were still capable soldiers in North Korea. Some of the soldiers suffered defeat but continued to maintain their ground, utilizing all sorts of combat styles and traps to injure and kill the Mutant Beasts.

When Yue Zhong caught sight of the horde, he frowned, “Are the sebased Mutant Beasts coming up on shore?”

The Sea Mutant Beasts were an even more threatening force than the zombies. The seas were vast and could sustain countless Mutant Beasts.

Their numbers were likely more than 10 times that of the zombies, at the same time, they had numerous Type 5 Mutant Beasts.


Once those Type 5 Mutant Beasts made their move, with Earth’s current technology, other than the nuclear missiles, nothing else could destroy them.

At the same time, it had only been 2 years since the onset of the apocalypse, Yue Zhong was worried that there might already be a Type 6 Mutant Beast.

Every single movement of a Type 6 Mutant Beast was a disaster. A single Type 6 Sea Mutant Beast could easily level a human city.

On Earth, other than the Nuclear Bombs, super Evolvers also possess the small chance of killing a Type 6 Mutant Beast.


Yue Zhong’s worry soon became reality.

From the midst of the horde, 4 monstrous behemoths over hundreds of meters tall broke out from the surface of the water.

Right behind them, there was even a Type 5 Sea Snake with a single horn, coiling over a thousand kilometers in length.

200 mermaids appeared, with nothing covering their top halves save for shells. Their looks were out of the world, and they were all at least 1.8m. These were the commanders of the Sea Mutant Beasts, the Sea Clan.

And finally among these mermaids, there was one absolute beauty that surpassed them all, with a crown on her blue hair, and a rhombic white-silver crystal embedded on her forehead. She exuded a cold and collected charm while possessing an extremely voluptuous body. This was the royalty of the Sea Clan, the controller of the Type 5 Mutant Beast.

These mermaids seemed to have evolved from some unknown aquatic lifeform, however, they possessed the ability to control the Sea Mutant Beasts. Yue Zhong had caught for himself a little royal from the Sea Clan before, making use of her powers to send many Mutant Beasts to their deaths, empowering his own subordinates. However, that little mermaid’s powers were far inferior to this royalty in front of him.

The moment those Type 4 and Type 5 Mutant Beasts appeared, they immediately charged forth towards the human camps.

One Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake opened its mouth to fire out shots of poison like cannonballs at the human camps. Everywhere the poison struck, the humans would be corroded into puddles.

At the same time, once the poison splattered, they would turn into gas, which enveloped an area of more than a dozen square meters. As the wind blew and the soldiers breathed in the gas, they would turn black and crumple to the floor, struggling in agony before they died.


One huge Mutant Electric Eel that was over hundreds of meters in length had evolved claws, looking like giant Chinese salamanders. It opened its mouth and fired out lightning bolts, frying numerous soldiers into charred corpses.

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