God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 161

Not long after Yue Zhong and Ji Qing Wu had left the camp, there were some activity going on in the middle of the camp that went unnoticed by the humans: Two claws sneakily protruded out from the ground and continuously scattered the dirt around the area. Before long, a big hole appeared in the grounds in the middle of the camp.

From that hole, two Mutant Rats Variation climbed out. These Mutant Rats Variation were the same size as a cat, but unlike the other mutant rats, they have pair of forelimbs were unusually developed and were filled with sharp claws.

“Holy Shit!! There are rats here!!”

Translator notes.

“Rat Variation!!”

Looking at the Mutant Rat Variations that were rapidly climbing out of the hole, the men were taken back, and immediately fired at these rats.

Under a hail of bullets, the first few Mutant Rat Variations were killed as soon as they emerged from the hole.

But the hole had already been dug, and from the hole, a massive number of (normal) Mutant Rats poured out..

“Fill the hole! Do not let them come out!” The leader of a small team of men roared.

7 evolvers holding Tang Imitation Swords leaped out from among that team of men, and rushed towards the hole.

Everyone knew that if these Mutant Rats continuously poured out of the hole, all the men here would die today!

The 7 men used Tang Imitation Swords to continuously sliced apart any Mutant Rats they came across. Soon they formed circle around the hole, refusing to let a single one of these creatures escape and wrack havoc within the camp.

“Let me do it!!” A militant armed with a type 79 assault rifles took advantage of the 7 evolvers’ ability to prevent these Mutant Rats from climbing out of the hole. He rushed towards the hole and open fired into the hole with a mixture of glee and reckless abandonment. “Datatatatataaaa….” A continuous stream of bullets shot through the Mutant Rats that were scrambling through the hole.

After emptying all the bullets in his magazine, the militant pulled out 4 of the Mutant Rat Variations’ corpses [that was covering the hole], and immediately tossed a hand grenade into the hole.

“Bombbbbbb!”A loud explosive rang out. From the hole, a wave of heat, rocks and Mutant Rats’ body parts were launched into the air, creating a massive cloud of dust. After the cloud of dust has dissipated, the hole was sealed with a mixture of rocks and sand.

Suddenly a series of loud shouts sent a chill into the hearts of the men:

“There is also a hole here!!”

“Holy shit! There is another hole over here!!”

Shouts and screams erupted among the humans as multiple holes suddenly appeared at various points throughout the camp. A swamp of Mutant Rats emerged from each of these holes, and rushed towards the humans in a frenzy.

Then the whole camp erupted in an outpouring of gun fire and screams.

From Yue Zhong side of the camp, Kong Tianyu bellowed, “Spray the gasoline! Quickly spray the gasoline!”

Although there were many Mutant Rats emerging from the various holes, the number of Mutant Rats that managed to enter the camp through the tunnels were a lot lesser in numbers than the Mutant Rats Tide that was outside the ring of fire. If the Mutant Rats outside the camp took advantage of the confusion within the camp and rushed towards the camp, then all of these men would die under the jaws of the rat tide.

The two fire trucks constantly sprayed gasoline onto the flames, creating a buffer zone. The initial fire was running out of things to burn and was slowly dying out when it suddenly received this new source of fuel. Torrents of flames that was dying out received a new lease of life as the inferno erupted and raged even more fiercely.

In the camp where Yue Zhong’s team was defending themselves, several rat holes had been dug by the Mutant Rats Variations. From each of these rat holes, several mutant rats emerged and rushed towards the men.

“Follow me!” Zhong Tianyu roared, as he grabbed a Tang Imitation Sword and rushed towards the closest hole.

Chen Shitou and the rest of Yue Zhong close combat team members also equipped their Tang Imitation Sword and moved forwards to intercept the Mutant Rats.

The war between men and rats became chaotic as the two side crashed together in close combat battle. Every moment, there were massive number of Mutant Rats that were killed. At the same time, there were many men who had bitten to death or seriously injured by these rats.

Yao Yao had also participated in this joint exercise. The Tang Imitation Sword in her hands seemed to be waving after-images like a ghost as it danced among the Mutant Rats. Numerous Mutant Rats continuously died in her hands, and a large number of experience orbs entered into her body, continuously strengthening her.

Little Greenie Eagle also used its wings to knock away the Mutant Rats that approached toward it. These Mutant Rats were unable to hurt it at all. With each peck, there will be a Mutant Rat corpse adding to the pile of dead Mutant Rats around it.

The militants and normal humans in various camps were either injured or killed by the unending streams of mutant rats. Only the evolvers from the LongHai teams and those who wore the Water Python Snakeskin Armor like Yue Zhong’s team of evolvers were able to escape injury. The scales and skin of the Water Python Snakeskin Armor was incredibly tough. Although the Mutant Rats’ teeth were incomparably sharp and were able to chew through a steel plate, the action was not immediate and took place over a period of time. Similarly, these rats could bite through the Water Python Snakeskin Armor, but only if they had the time to chew through it. Of course these battled harden warriors were not going to stand still and give the Mutant Rats this luxury.

Other than the close combat team, Yue Zhong’s team also had many soldiers who were armed with type 03 rifles [See notes for picture]. They also fired at Mutant Rats in short bursts of fire. All the marksmen in Yue Zhong’s team are made up of veteran soldiers. These soldier had undergone strict military training. After following Yue Zhong, they were not only required to continue these training, but were also frequently called into raiding missions where they had to clear zombies.

Under this strict diet of training combined with practical combat experience, their accuracy improved day by day, and their combat powers are way higher than normal soldiers. After all, soldiers who had experienced real combat were more useful in a war than soldiers who had just received military training.

Kong Tianyu brought his men and rushed over to all the locations where the mutant rats were streaming in from. Each time when they fought their way to a rat hole, they would fire all their bullets into the hole, and tossed in a hand grenade, closing that hole.

Although this method is not fool proof – the Mutant Rat Variations could continue to dig a path out of the plugged hole, each hole plugged brought the men a brief respite from the attacks of the Mutant Rats, making the number of Mutant Rats that they need to handle at one time more manageable.

The Mutant Rats were in reality, only level 5, and if they did not have the advantage of numbers, they would not be a match for humans. Under Kong Tianyu’s leadership, the Mutant Rats’ corpses piled up, and each rat hole were filled up with debris from explosions.

Just when the number of Rat Holes in the camp had been reduced to 30 or less, suddenly there were numerous claws extending from the ground at various locations within the camp. In a short span of time, 12 more massive rat holes were created by teams of four Mutant Rat Variations in concerto.

From each of these 12 massive rat holes emerged an Elite Rat King’s bodyguard. 12 Elite Rat King’s bodyguards glared menacingly at the humans and let loose a loud roar.

Seeing emergence of this new threat, the military men immediately aimed their guns at these monsters, and a rain of bullets sprayed out towards them from all directions.

Although these Elite Rat King’s bodyguards were shot numerous times under the might of the bullet storm, these creatures did not immediately die from their wounds. With a shake of their body, they charged towards the group of humans and begin slaughtering the humans with each flash of their claws. Looking at the carnage, it was as if powerful tigers had landed among meek lambs and began a massacre.

Two of the evolvers who were armed with Tang Imitation Swords did not even had the time to react to this new threat, when an Elite Rat King’s bodyguard’s claws penetrated through the stomach of the first evolver and into the guts of the second evolver. As the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard withdrew its hands, the intestines of both men were discarded on to the floor, while sprays of blood emerged from the wound as the surprised evolvers lifelessly sunk onto the floor. Even as their life rapidly poured out of them, in a shower of blood letting, they still did not understand how they died.

If even these evolvers were no match for the Elite Rat King’s bodyguards, then normal humans were helpless against the might of the Elite Rat King’s bodyguards. Each Elite Rat King’s bodyguards craved out a path of carnage and destruction, littering the area around them with the blood stained corpses of the humans it killed.

“Shoot the canon! Fire the canon!” Kong Tianyu noticed that the strength of these Elite Rat King’s bodyguards were extraordinary, and he immediately ROARED the order.

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