God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 162

Once the soldiers had received the command, the soldiers manning the type ZPT90 25 mm autocannons [1] that were mounted on the IFV immediately let loose a stream of heavy firepower.

The type ZPT90 25 mm autocannons used of armour piercing rounds that could easily tear apart an armoured jeep. Although the Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards had hides that were able to shrug off normal bullets, these hides were unable to withstand the might of armour piercing rounds. Under the concentrated fire, an Elite Rat King’s Bodyguard ended up being shredded into pieces.

On the LongHai Military Camp side, they also began to use the ZPT90 25 mm autocannons mounted on their IFV and open fired on two Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards, and tore these creatures apart.

Under the two combined might of the two IFV firepower, 5 of the Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards had been ripped apart. But the remaining 7 of these creature Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards were scattered around the camp, creating paths of death and destruction among the men.


 Translator notes.


The IFV could not fire at the remaining 7 Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards as these creatures are too close to groups of men. These bullets would not discriminate against men or beast and would also tear their allies into shreds if the autocannon continued to fire. Therefore, there was a temporary ceasefire.

Of the 7 Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards, 4 of them had headed towards Yue Zhong’s military group, 2 of these creatures had rushed towards the Coalition group, and 1 of them had entered into the LongHai military group.

The 2 Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards that made it into the ranks of the Coalition group were like unstoppable killing machines as they massacred the men. When even evolvers could be disembowelled by a single swipe of its claws, the Coalition which comprised of ordinary men could not withstand the carnage that each of these creatures wrought.

Normal guns and weapons could barely scratched its’ hide, and the Coalition were powerless to stop the rampage of these pair of killing machines. In the short span of a few breaths, there were at least 4 men that were disembowelled as their guts or hearts were ripped out from their bodies, collapsing in an orgy of blood-letting.

To compound the problem, the Coalition group was also assaulted by hordes of Mutant Rats pouring out from the rat holes at the same time.

The Elite Rat King’s Bodyguard that slaughtered its way into the LongHai Military Group seemed to disappear as it blended into a group of Mutant Rats that it was leading. As the rapidly expanding numbers of Mutant Rats rushed into the camp, occasionally it will emerge from the tide of rats surrounding it. Each appearance was always accompanied by a horrifying flash of claws that cleaved apart a solider with each hit. Then as if it was never there, the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard disappeared among the tide of rats again. The group of Mutant Rats and Elite Rat King’s bodyguard then headed towards a group of marksmen in the Military and began a mass slaughter.

As the IFV dared not to fire the autocannon for fear of hitting its own men, the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard was like a mighty and invincible beast among the marksmen. Even on the occasions that the men managed to land a hit with their machine guns, its hide allowed it to shrug off the damage.

“Xiao Wang, Lao Liu! ##$#%#@#!!! Mother-F**ker! Go and Die!” Looking at the corpse of 7 of his friends that were killed by the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard, one of the militant’s eyes turn bloodshot with rage, and toss a hand grenade towards the rapidly approach group of Mutant Rats and Elite Rat King’s bodyguard.

“Boom!” The surrounding Mutant Rats and the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard was blown apart by the force of the grenade, and the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard stood still stupidly as half of its body seemed to be missing. Then it collapsed.

But as the explosion was too close, the one that threw the grenade was also caught in its blast radius. His right leg was blasted off, and his whole body was covered in blood and shrapnel pieces. He collapsed onto the ground and was barely alive himself. He found himself slowly dying as blood seeped out from his wounds, staining the earth with the red colour of his blood. Then all is black.

One of four Elite Rat King’s bodyguards had just entered Yue Zhong’s group’s camp when little Greenie Eagle leaped down from the top of a vehicle and pinned it to ground with its claws. With a peck of its mighty beaks, it crushed the head of the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard and scattered the remains of its brains all over the floor.

These Elite Rat King’s bodyguards were not stupid. Seeing how easily Little Greenie Eagle killed one of its own, they chose to avoid going near Little Greenie Eagle and headed towards the rest of the men.

Yue Zhong’s group were comprised of brave men who were not afraid of these creatures. Seeing one of the Elite Rat King’s bodyguards approaching them, 4 of the close combat team members gripped their Tang Imitation Sword tightly, and rushed towards the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard. The team of four men were wearing Water Python Snakeskin Armour and it gave them the confidence to engage these killing machines in close combat.

Like an enraged panther, the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard also charged towards the men, and swiped at one of them with its claws as if it was batting aside a fly.

With a single hit, a terrifying force sent that man flying with . Blood oozed out from his mouth while in flight, creating a red colour arc in the air. As he landed heavily on the ground, he seemed unable to get up and was barely conscious. A close look will reveal that his outer garments had been torn, and even the Water Python Snakeskin Armour that could resist bullets had been imprinted with the creature’s claws mark. Although the Water Python Snakeskin Armour had prevented the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard from disembowelling him in a single strike, it could not protect him against the force of the impact.

The other 3 members of the close combat team swung their Tang Imitation Sword with all their might as they chopped towards the body of the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard.

Although these close combat team members were evolvers, they do not have any powerful skills from the [System]. As a result, their blades could only leave white colour slash marks on the hide of the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard. They were dismayed to find that they could not even cut through the hide to make this creature bleed!

There was an irritated look in the eyes of the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard. In its eyes, it considered the three men surrounding it as nothing more than pesky flies. It raised its left hand to swat away these files. The faces of these men turned pale. They had seen what a swipe of these claws could do to their comrade earlier.

Before its paw could complete the slash, a small shadowy figure used incredible speed to appear behind the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard. With a trust of its blade, the shadowy figure stabbed a Tang Imitiation Sword into the right eye of the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard. Then she retreated.

All animals have at least one critical points on their body: their eyes. No matter how powerful these animals are, the eyes of a creature is a weak spot. The Elite Rat King’s bodyguard is no exception to this rule. The Tang Imitation Sword was able to stab deep into the creature’s brain from opening created by the eyes.

The Elite Rat King’s bodyguard struggled for a brief moment as it lashed about in its death throes, and desperately struggled to pull out the sword. But it was obvious that this creature is getting weaker and weaker. With a sudden stiffening of its body, it collapsed into a pool of light and dropped a skill book.

A large experience orb entered into the body of the shadowy figure. Only then did the 3 men who was fighting the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard realised that the small shadowy figure is actually Yao Yao.

Yao Yao picked up the Skill book and saw that it is a level 3 Agility Enhancement Skill book. With but a thought, she immediately opt to learn this skill and the skill book vanished as a glow of light surrounded her and empowered her.

Seeing this, the 3 close combat team members’ mouths slightly curled, but they did not say anything.

Yue Zhong had a very strict rule: All the items that were dropped by any creatures in the [System] had to be submitted to him. Only he was allowed to distribute these rewards based on merits of his men. Secretly keeping an item or learning a skill from a dropped skill book was a big offence, and once any transgressors were discovered, they would be sentenced to death.

But Yao Yao had just saved their lives. In addition, she was on close terms with Yue Zhong. They had no intention of reporting Yao Yao for this violation of rules.

On the other side of Yue Zhong’s camp, one of the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard was locked in fierce combat with Kong Tianyu, Chen Shitou and two other close combat team members.

That Elite Rat King’s bodyguard swiped a massive paw at one close combat team members and sent him flying. Although he is not disembowelled in one hit, his bones were crushed from the impact of the blow.

Chen Shitou had innately practiced a type of kung fu before the apocalypse. After he had attained the ability to evolve, he had participated in numerous raiding missions with Yue Zhong’s team. Although he joined Yue Zhong’s team relatively late compared to other members, his level is not low, and he is now a level 7 evolver. He stepped forward, and using his kung fu training, launched a mighty low kick at the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard’s leg.

The Elite Rat King’s bodyguard lost its balance and fell heavily into the floor.

Chen Shitou quickly used his military knife to cut the throat of the prone Elite Rat King’s bodyguard. If this is a man or an ordinary zombie, they will be decapitated by now. Alas! The knife was unable to even scratch a mark on the surface of the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard’s skin.

The Elite Rat King’s bodyguard used its hands to support itself and was trying to stand up again by pushing against the ground.

Kong Tianyu was not going let go of this excellent opportunity. He quickly stepped forwards, and stabbed his Tang Imitation Sword through an eye socket of this beast. Then he used his body weight to push the sword deeper and deeper into the eye socket, while twisting and turning the sword in his hands. The blade drilled a path inside the brains of this Elite Rat King’s bodyguard, pounding it into a sticky brain paste.

But Kong Tianyu has made a fatal error – he was standing in front of the Elite Rat King’s bodyguard as he used all his strength to drive the Tang Imitation Sword deeper into its brain. The Elite Rat King’s bodyguard’s lashed out in fury at the pain and Kong Tianyu was unable to avoid its claws and was sent flying. However, a massive experience orb also entered into his body, and instantly promoted him to level 12 at one shot.

At the same time a valuable skill book was dropped.

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