God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 163

Having killed an Elite Rat King’s Bodyguard, Little Greenie Eagle searched the area for any more threats. It’s sharp eyes spied the last Elite Rat King’s Bodyguard in Yue’s Zhong camp, and with a terrible speed, it rushed towards it. With a single peck, its mighty beak crushed the brains of Elite Rat King’s Bodyguard before the Elite Rat King’s Bodyguard could react.

“Boom!!!” “Boommmmmbbb!!”

Two mighty explosion rang out. The last 2 Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards were taken down by two suicide bombers in the Coalition group armed with live grenades in a Kamikaze attack.

But how did the various factions in the Coalition group got hold of these weapons, especially grenades, in the first place? It should be noted that in China before the apocalypse, machine guns and hand grenades were restricted to the army or police. It is the same in LongHai Survival Camp.

The truth is that a lot of the Coalition group members had cultivated good Guanxi (Relations) with the Military in LongHai Survival Camps. After the apocalypse, weapons are strength, and strength means survival in a post-apocalypse world. Many factions have donated food and women to get weapons such as machine guns and hand grenades from the Military, and these weapons become the bottom line insurance for their lives.

Without the added threat of the Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards, the rest of the men began to slowly turn the tide against the Mutant Rats that were still pouring out of the rat holes. The men quickly worked together to deal with the Mutant Rats in their territory and close up each existing hole with a grenade.

Just when the situation was getting under control, again several pairs of claws protruded from the ground and scattered rocks and soil all over the grounds. With the Mutant Rat Variations working in unison, 24 large holes were quickly created. From each of these holes, an Elite Rat King’s Bodyguard emerged.

Looking at this situation, all the men felt a hinge of despair. It was with great difficulty and heavy causalities before they managed to kill 12 of these monsters, and now there are twice as many Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards! Even if they managed to kill or drive these creatures off, the death count will be very high, and many of them would undoubtedly perished. As well, even if they managed to drive off this wave of beast, will the next wave come in even greater numbers?

Having experienced what these beasts could do if they ran unchecked, the men manning the type ZPT 90 25mm autocannon in the IFV immediately focused all their firepower on this new threat.

Under the roar of the autocannon firepower, many of the Mutant Rats and Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards were torn asunder.

But as powerful as the IFVs were, there were only 2 of these machines. Although 8 of the Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards were ripped into shreds, 16 of the monstrous creatures still managed to lead a large number of Mutant Rats into the areas where there are dense concentrations of men.

Just when the Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards and Mutant Rings were about to engage the humans in fierce combat, a surprising thing occurred. The swarm of rats suddenly scattered and fled in all directions, leaving the men alone.

Even the Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards that were unstoppable killing machines suddenly raised their head, sniffed into air, and ran back to the hole they appeared from.

The two gunners from the IFV grinned and displayed their might as the autocannon burst apart some of the fleeing Mutant Rats and Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards.

“Do not shoot anymore!”“Stop shooting! Stop shooting!” Kong Tianyu yelled out a command.

Yue Zhong’s forces had limited ammo. It is for this reason that the IFV seldom use its type ZPT 90 25mm autocannon. The autocannon is ususally used for showing off their strength and not for actual combat. Only when the men in Yue Zhong’s camp were facing a desperate situation did Kong Tianyu authorised the use of this weapon of war. The reason why Yue Zhong had trained a large number of close combat team members is because they want to conserve their ammunition.

Although the firepower is very strong, but the consequences of reliance on these weapons is also very dangerous. Without bullets, a sword is much better than a rifle as a weapon.

All the men in Yue Zhong team’s stopped firing, and the surviving close combat team members immediately chased and hacked apart any Mutant Rats within reach. Now that these Mutant Rats are fleeing and not attacking them in groups, the Mutant Rats are easy prey. Each Mutant Rats are level 5 Mutant beasts, and each kill will enable the close combat team members to gain more experience and hopefully evolve further.

After Yue Zhong has slayed the Mutant Rat King, the Mutant Rats and Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards are in confusion and dispersed in all direction as they fled the area. Seeing the actions of Yue Zhong’s team members who continuously collected the experience orbs, the rest of the evolvers from the Coalition group also charged out with their Tang Imitation Swords, and tried to gain more experience.

Watching the fleeing Mutants Rats and Elite Rat King’s Bodyguards, the surviving humans let out a cheer. In this battle, although approximately 100 men had been killed, they had attained victory at last.

Yue Zhong and Ji Qing Wu returned to the camp. All around them is the corpses of rats, blood and guts of men, testifying to the intensity of the battle in the camp.

Once he returned to the camp, Yue Zhong immediately sought out Kong Tianyu. Grabbing his arm, Yue Zhong asked, “Is anyone killed or injured?”

For this mission, all the men that Yue Zhong brought out are elite troops from his party. Each of these men had killed at least 30 zombies. As well, all of these elite troops were equipped with Water Python Snakeskin Armor. Even if there is one death, Yue Zhong would be saddened by the loss of an elite troop member.

“Report: Two of our men were seriously injured. However, they had already consumed the Life Recovery Grass, and their life should not be in danger.” Zhong Tianyu also passed a skill book and a small pile of coins to Yue Zhong. “Captain Yue, this is a skill book that dropped and some coins.”

“Level 2 skill: Super Strength Enhancement. After activating this skill, within 30 secs, your strength will be increased by 30. However, after 30 secs, current stamina will drop by 10 points. If current stamina is less than 10 points, you will be unable to use this skill.”

Yue Zhong tossed the book to Kong Tianyu. “This time you have done well! This skill book will be yours!”

Yue Zhong was not interested in this skill. The surge in power of this skill could only be used for a short time, and learning this skill will also consume one slot and reduced the number of active skills he may learn.

“Thank you, Captain Yue!” Kong Tianyu was very happy, and immediately learnt the skill. With a ray of light, the book disappeared, and the knowledge of that skill appeared in his mind.

At level 10, he gained the ability to enhance one skill. However, at that time he did not have any skills. Now that he had a skill, he also chose to put his skill enhancement point to this skill.

From his mind came a message “Level 2 skill: Surge in Strength +1! After using this skill, your strength will increase by 35 for a time period of 5 mins. After 5 mins, your current stamina will be reduced by 10. If your current stamina is lower than 10, you may not use this skill. There is no cooldown on this skill.”

Kong Tianyu was very glad, and in his heart, he laughed “Hahahaha, with this I am now a true evolver!”

Once he activated this skill, for 5 minutes Kong Tianyu will become like Hercules, and normal men would not be able to withstand the might of his blows!

Yue Zhong walked towards the injured men.

Seeing Yue Zhong, the two men who were injured tried to get up and called out weakly, “Captain Yue!”

Yue Zhong just helped them back to rest. “There is no need to get up. Just focus on resting for now and slowly regain your strength!”

The two injured men was touched and feebly nodded their heads. This consideration for their well-being increased the feeling of loyalty they felt towards Yue Zhong.

After ensuring that all his men were all right, Yue Zhong then walked towards the LongHai Military camp.

The LongHai Military group painted a tragic scene. Other than the men who were smacked to death or disembowelled, there are 8 more soldiers who had been bitten by the Mutant Rats. These men were spread out on the floor, and blood seeped out from their wounds, while they cried out in pain.

Xu Zhigang was holding an injured man in his arms. This man is wounded in several places, and he was crying as he begged Xu Zhigang. “Platoon leader! Please shoot me and release me from this agony! I can’t stand it. It is so painful! Please have mercy on me and end my sufferings!”

Xu Zhigang was fiercely holding back the tears in his eyes as he shouted. “Lang Zi! Please hold on!! I will definitely save you! You will definitely get well!”

[To be continued… ]

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