God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 166

After collecting a large number of Mutant Rats’ corpses, all these men then drove their vehicles toward their objective: the granary.

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After opening a storeroom in the granary, the men were delighted to discover that there was a small mountain of food inside. Bags upon bags of rice were stacked neatly into columns and rows, filling the granary. However, some of the bags of grains had been bitten open by rats, and a lot of the food were spilled onto the floor.

The granary had 8 storerooms. But of the 8 storerooms, only 5 of them contained food. The remaining 3 storerooms were empty. But in the 5 remaining storerooms that contained food, about 20% of the food had been eaten by the rats. On closer examination, about half of the food in the granary was deemed to be eaten by the rats.

Yue Zhong looked at the 3 empty store rooms that were supposed to be full of food, but he did not say anything.

Looking at the amount of food still remaining in the granary, all the men from Military or Coalition group who participated in this mission went crazy with excitement. They continuously grabbed the stacks of food and moved them to their vehicles. Food in LongHai Survival Camp is more valuable than gold!

Yue Zhong ignored the actions of other men. Instead, he had some of his men to guard his share of 2.5 storerooms worth of food, while the rest of his men continued to load the food into the vehicles. When the vehicles are full, he had the workers transport the food to Stone Horse Village to unload the food, then come back again. Meanwhile, the other half of his team continued to guard the food. There was too much food for their vehicles to load at one go.

Now that the most pressing issue had been resolved, Yue Zhong then examined the spoils of war. During their chase of the Mutant Rat King, Ji Qing Wu and he had killed several Elite Rat King’s bodyguards, and 4 skill books were dropped. On closer examination, the 4 skill books were Level 2 shadow steps, Level 2 massive strength, Level 2 heal, and Level 2 continuous miniature fireball.

“Level 2 Heal: Using this skill, one may treat most types of injuries, including external wounds and internal injuries. The healing effect of this skill is relatively good. Using this skill will consume 20 spiritual points. Non-priest class who mastered this skill may only use this skill once a day.”

“Level 2 continuous miniature fireball: Using this skill, 5 miniature balls of fire can be summoned. All five fireballs will become a continuous stream of fireballs to attack an enemy. Using this skill will consume 20 spiritual points. Non-mage class that mastered this skill may only use this ability once a day.”

Yue Zhong swiftly decided how he planned to distribute these skills. “Liu Yan should get the shadow step skill while Lu Wen will get the healing skill. As for the Level 2 Massive strength skill, I will grant this skill to Chen Shi Tou – His performance is very good. Chen Yao is a mage class, so giving her the Continuous Miniature Fireball skill will be best for her.”

Having determined how he would distribute the skill books, Yue Zhong took out the crystal that he had received from the Mutant Rat King’s brain. He was in conflict over if he should eat this crystal. He looked at the crystal. Unlike the red blood bead, he did not feel any temptation to eat it.

Looking at the crystal in Yue Zhong’s hands, Little Greenie Eagle’s eyes seemed to shine with a bright light. Flapping its wings, it rushed towards Yue Zhong. Before Yue Zhong could react, Little Greenie grabbed the crystal in its beak and immediately swallowed the crystal.

Looking at Little Greenie Eagle’s actions, Yue Zhong had a flash of inspiration: “Looks like the crystal is for Mutant Beasts to eat!” he thought.

The crystal and the red blood beads were very rare items. After killing so many Mutant beast, Yue Zhong noted that only Mutant beasts of level 30 and above had a chance of dropping a red blood bead. As for the crystal, this is his first time seeing one.

As expected, in the bodies of the Level 26 Elite Rat King’s bodyguards, there were no red blood beads nor crystals.

After swallowing the crystal, Little Greenie Eagle seemed to use its wings to curl itself up, and stopped moving as it slept.

Seeing that Little Greenie Eagle seemed to be all right, Yue Zhong also swallowed the red blood bead.

The red blood bead seemed to turn into a fiery bead of fire as it travelled through Yue Zhong’s body, continuously changing and strengthening his body.

From his brain came a message from the [System]: “Congratulations! Your vitality has been enhanced by 12 points, and your strength has been enhanced by 3 points!”

“Woah! +12 vitality? This Mutant King Rat’s red blood bead is really powerful!” Yue Zhong could not help grinning in delight.

Each of the 6 stats had their own use. Having more vitality would increase his rate of recovery when he is injured, and made his rate of recovery much faster than normal men.

Little Greenie Eagle slept until late into the night. While it was sleeping, feathers began to drop from its body. Each feather was quickly replaced by new feathers that seemed to grow very rapidly. His body also seemed to grow bigger.

After Little Greenie Eagle woke up, it opened its eyes and spread its wings. Then with a leap, it flew into the sky.

“Yes! Finally it can fly! This is great!” Yue Zhong was very happy to see that Little Greenie Eagle could fly.

An eagle is a king in the sky. If Little Greenie had continued to be a flightless bird, it would have lost its biggest advantage. Now that Little Greenie could fly, Yue Zhong’s forces had gained a powerful flying ally.

Nobody noticed the moment when Yao Yao managed to slip in beside Yue Zhong. She looked at Little Greenie who was soaring happily in the sky, and she seemed to be lost in her own thoughts.

Little Greenie circled several rounds in the air before landing besides Yue Zhong. It seemed to be rubbing its head against Yue Zhong and thanking him.

“Level 36 Mutant Green Feather Eagle. Have the ability to fly and rock hard feathers.”

Yue Zhong’s Eyes of Perception’s ability allowed him to observe the changes to Little Greenie. After swallowing the crystal, Little Greenie immediately raise 10 levels, and its powers have increased exponentially.

Yao Yao also raised her hands and stroke Little Greenie’s feathers.

After it had transformed, Little Greenie’s feathers become very sensitive. When it sensed Yao Yao touching it, it immediately flapped its wings. Poor Yao Yao was sent flying for 5 to 6 m away, and was covered in dust and soot.

Being one of the mightiest creatures under the sky, Little Greenie Eagle was very proud. Other than its master Yue Zhong, it did not allow anyone else to touch it. Only if Yue Zhong command it, perhaps it might allow others to touch it.

Yao Yao crawled up from the ground. With her face full of soot, she stared daggers at Little Greenie Eagle.

Little Greenie Eagle did not even put Yao Yao in its eyes as it continued to rub its head against Yue Zhong.

After thinking for a while, Yao Yao walked up to Yue Zhong and asked in her little Lolita voice, “Please, can I ride Little Greenie and fly in the sky?”, she pleaded.

Yue Zhong looked into Little Greenie’s eyes, and Little Green immediately shook its head. It did not like the idea of anyone other than Yue Zhong riding it. Mutant Beasts were way more intelligent than normal animals. Although Little Greenie could not speak, it could understand human speech.

Yue Zhong could only smile at Yao Yao and replied, “It is not willing. I also do not wish to force it.”

Yao Yao stared at Yue Zhong, and with a grumpy look, she pouted and exclaimed: “It is just an eagle only. I will definitely catch a bigger and better bird than it in the future!”

Then she ran off and quickly disappeared from Yue Zhong’s sight.

Little Greenie also flapped its wings and flew outside, and begun to feed on the corpse of the Mutant Rats. There were several thousand rats, and not all the Mutant Rat corpses had been moved into the vehicles.

[To be continued…]

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