God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 167

After all the food have been moved out Shang Lin County granary, both Yue Zhong’s Stone Horse Village and LongHai Survival Camp men also breathe a sigh of relief as they went back to their respective villages.

After Xu Zhenggang returned to the survival camp, he was praised by his superior, Lei Cheng. Lei Cheng had noticed that Xu Zhenggang had less men in his platoon, but he did not even asked about the death toll or injuries among Xu Zhenggang’s men. This made Xu Zhenggang feel very upset. Since Lei Cheng did not ask, Xu Zhenggang did not report that some of his men had defected to Yue Zhong’s camp.

Big Cliff Village is to the east of Stone Horse Village. Inside the village, there was a small scale steel factory. As well, there were also a lot of enterprises that provided services that compliments the steel factory. e.g. Creating knives from steel produced from the factory etc.

One day, an IVF, 7 Dongfeng Trucks, 5 Jeep vehicles, 5 military jeeps loaded with heavy gun stopped outside Big Cliff Village.

“Alight quickly ! You trashes better come down as fast as you can!”

Under Kong Tianyu’s angry roar, from the 7 trucks, about 100 men who were dressed in rags disembarked from the trucks.

Besides each truck were several men who were armed with type 79 assault rifles or type 03 rifles. These guards stared at all the men who dismounted from the truck. There was a flash of contempt in the eyes of the guards.

Several men carrying large number of machetes and shields threw these weapons in front of the 100 men who were dressed in rags.

Although the number of steel workshops in Stone Horse village could not be compare to Big Cliff Village’s, it also had a few workshops that produce knifes using the steel from Big Cliff Village. The machetes and shields in front the men in rags were produced from these workshops.

Kong Tianyu chuckled evilly as he stared at the men in rags and shouted. “Listen carefully, you scums! In accordance with the crimes you committed, you should be shot, or beheaded already. But you are lucky that Captain Yue’s team not only spared your worthless lives, but also waste precious food on you. He had allowed you to have food to eat and water to drink! Now is the time for you to show your worth! Immediately pick up the machetes and shields in front of you, and follow my orders to kill zombies! Understand?”

After hearing Kong Tianyu’s speech, each of these prisoners hesitating pick up a machete and shield from the floor. With the threat of several guns pointing at them, all of these men did not have any power to resist.

These 100 or so men are prisoners from Yue Zhong’s camp. Although these prisoners outnumber the number of guards, but compared to the threat of guns, IFV and heavy firearms mounted on 5 jeeps, these men were still powerless to resist their captors even when armed with a shield and machete.

“Come here, you scums!” Under the bellow of Kong Tianyu, the prisoners carrying a shield and machete assembled at a corner waiting for further orders.

The guards quickly spread out with and readied their guns.

Several men also rushed forward, and two large stakes into the ground. Then they tied several lines of wires to the stakes to create a trip wire barrier. This barrier could be used to trip the zombies.

Once the team are ready for combat, Yue Zhong commanded White Bones: “Go and draw these things out.”

The eyes of White Bones seem to glow with an eerie light as it walked into the County. White Bone was covered with flesh blood.

Translator notes.

White Bones waved his massive axe, and like a whirlwind of destruction, beheaded zombies near the entrance of the village.

Smelling the blood on White Bones, the zombies in the village began to move. But unlike previous experience where the zombies were led out in manageable waves, the zombies residing in Big Cliff Village’s could not be lead out in small groups. Instead, thousands of zombies residing within the town walked out from all directions, and combined together into a massive mob as they charged towards the village entrance.

After killing slightly more than 10 zombies, White Bone was forced to retreat under the mob of zombies.

All these zombies were wearing tatter clothes, and their body had rotted. They shakily walked out of the village towards the men.

Looking at the massive number of zombies that were chasing White Bones, Yue Zhong frown. “Why is there no S level zombies here?”

Usually, the S series type of zombies are much faster than ordinary zombies. In a horde of zombies, the S series type of zombies usually were the first to charge in front. These S series type of zombie were the deadliest zombie, and each of these creatures were of higher threat than normal zombies.

When these zombies were less than 100m away from them, Yue Zhong shouted: “Fire at will!”

Immediately, the sounds of gunfire rang out throughout the area.

Many zombies were immediately killed with a headshot and collapse onto the ground. The zombies behind them trampled on their fallen comrades and continued to advance.

Having actual battle experience is the best training. After many battles and using up countless numbers of bullet, Yue Zhong’s team now have about 20 elite marksmen. These marksmen have a 70% chance to use a type 03 rifle to blow apart the head of a zombie from less 100m away.

These elite marksmen were professional soldiers (that had defected to Yue Zhong’s camp). They had undergone rigorous military training, and most participants had fought in previous wars to regain Qingyuan City. After the baptism of combat, they adapt very quickly to the battlefield.

The other marksmen’s attack were less effective. Other than a head shot, the zombies were unlikely to suffer any damage at all. Although they had hit the zombies, they did not manage to get a head shot.

The horde of zombies pushed forwards as one. The corpses of the zombies that were downed with a headshot did not even slow the charge of the horde of zombies.

The prisoners’ face turned pale when they saw the horde of advancing zombies. Although each prisoner is an expert in bullying other men, but they had never personally attack or fought with zombies before.

The massive numbers of zombies gave off a feeling that no matter how many they killed, there will always be more of them. This create a feeling of fear and helplessness among the men.

In the area in front of Yue Zhong, there were several trip wire barriers that were already set up.

As the zombies in the front passed by the trip wire barrier, they tripped onto the ground. The rest of the zombies behind stepped on their comrades’ bodies and continued to walk towards Yue Zhong. Under the stampede of thousands of zombies, the ones that tripped were smashed into meat paste.

These trip wire barriers continuously tripped waves after waves of zombie as the zombies in front were tripped and squashed by the subsequent trample of their comrades.

But there were really too many zombies. These trip wire barriers could not hope to stop the zombie horde from advancing.

Seeing the massive group of zombie continuously advancing towards them, all the men felt increasingly pressurised.

Yue Zhong’s men coped better in the face of danger. Many of the men had engaged the zombies on multiple occasions. However, the prisoners’ face turned white with fear and were uncontrollably shivering. Just the thought that they had to engage the zombies in close combat was enough to frighten them.

When the zombies were just about 30m away from Yue Zhong’s group, Yue Zhong shouted out a command “Concentrate your fire!”

In that instant, all the firepower in Yue Zhong army shredded a path of destruction as it cut a swathe through the ranks of zombies. Most of the zombies had fallen onto the ground from the concentrated fire.

The concentrated fire did not last long, as Yue Zhong relayed another command: “Stop!”

Under Yue Zhong’s instructions, all the men stopped firing.

Yue Zhong’s team has no way to create new bullet, spent bullets could not be reused. With no way of replenishing their supplies, each bullet used will further depreciate their supply of bullets. If they do not learn to conserve bullets, they will soon use up all their bullets.

[To be continued…]

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