God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 168

After the ceasefire order, Yue Zhong was startled to see to that the Village entrance was still filled to the brim with zombies!

From all corners of Big Cliff Village, zombies seemed to continuously crawl out, with no end in sight.

“WTF! Why are there so many zombies?” Yue Zhong was frowning as he looked at the swarm of zombies creeping towards him.

Zombies were usually distributed all over the village. Last time Yue Zhong brought people to raid Stone Horse Village, he would draw about 100 zombies out. Then the team will clear this wave of zombies before drawing out and clearing a second wave of zombie.

In this way, each subsequent waves of zombies are slowly cleared, with minimum danger to his team. But unexpectedly this time, all the zombies in the village were drawn out, and the numbers posed a significant threat to his team.

Other than the zombies that continued to pour out of Big Cliff Village, many of the zombies that were shot from the earlier round of fire also slowly climbed up from the ground again, and shakily made their way towards Yue Zhong’s team.

Zombies were impossible to kill with bullets unless they were shot in the head. Unfortunately, most of the bullets hit the zombies in their body. Unlike humans who would be seriously injured by bullets, the zombies seemed to shrug off the bullets as they got up from the ground and continued to advance.

“All close combat team 1 members, follow me!”

Yue Zhong roared an order and led a team of 12 men as they charged into the Zombie horde. Each of these men were clad in Water Python Snakeskin Armor, and wields a Tang Imitation Sword.

If his men were strong enough to fight the battle without his aid, he would be more than happy to direct the battle from behind. This would allow his men to gain even more experience. However, Yue Zhong’s team was currently relatively weak. Each of these elite troops were all valuable resources. He must fight alongside them to give them the courage to fight, and in times of crisis, save their lives.

Yue Zhong, White Bones and the close combat team 1 members charged into the group of zombies, beheading a zombie with each strike of the sword.

The close combat team members were all evolvers. Most of them had continuously poured their stats points into strength and stamina, making them unstoppable close-quarters combat (zombie) killing machines. With enhanced strength, each swing of the sword would cleave through a zombie easily and occasionally hit the zombie next to it. With enhanced stamina, these fighters were able to continuously hack apart the zombies without feeling fatigued. In a short span of time, over 100 zombies have been destroyed.

However, the tide of zombies were endless, and no matter how many they killed, there were more to replace these fallen zombies. It was like fighting a hydra. For each zombie that was beheaded, it was replaced by two more of its mates. Over time, even the elite close combat team members began to feel afraid, and helpless. After all, their stamina was limited, while the horde of zombies were never ending.

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“First Combat Team members, retreat!” After killing scores of zombies, Yue Zhong estimated that his team was reaching their limits, and promptly sounded the order to retreat. He had no desire to risk the lives of his men.

From the entrance of the village, more and more zombies emerged. The first combat team members only comprised of 12 men. Even though they were wearing Water Python Snakeskin Armour, they would be killed without a doubt if they were surrounded by the sea of zombies.

These first combat team members were all at least level 7 evolvers. To Yue Zhong, each of these members were invaluable, and he would be heartbroken if even one of these men perished.

After receiving the command, all the men in the first close combat team immediately retreated at the first opportunity.

Yue Zhong and White Bones continued to hold back the tide of zombies to buy time for his men to escape. After ensuring all his men had safety retreated, Yue Zhong and White Bones were also preparing to retreat.

At this moment, suddenly the zombie horde parted to make way for another group of zombies. To Yue Zhong’s horror, there were 7 S2 zombies, 8 L2 zombies, 36 S1 zombies, and 43 L1 zombies rushing out towards him!

“Holy Shit! Even the zombies have someone directing them?” Looking at the 100 or so elite zombies charging towards him, he could not help feeling that someone or something was controlling these zombie.

Yue Zhong’s suspicions were based on his experience – normal zombies would not attack all at once. Also, the elite zombies seldom grouped together. But seeing the horde of zombies and the elite zombies as acting together as one made him believe that someone or something was controlling these zombie. Over time, he learnt to trust his instincts. His experience with the Mutant Rats was the best example – he believed that the Mutant King Rat was controlling the Mutant Rats, and he was proven right.

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Looking at the horde of elite zombies, Yue Zhong immediately retreated. At the same time, he launched a fireball towards a L2 zombie.

The fireball hit the L2 on its head, and blew it off. The L2 collapsed onto the ground.

As for the 7 S2, if these creatures did not close in on Yue Zhong, Yue Zhong had no way to kill them. They were too fast and Yue Zhong’s marksmanship skill was too low shoot them accurately.

As expected, the 7 S2 were the fastest of the lot, and immediately rushed towards Yue Zhong in a zig-zag fashion, and attacked Yue Zhong from all directions. Their speed were insanely fast, and even the expert marksmen from Yue Zhong’s team would be unable to accurately aim for them. Compared to the strength enhanced L2 zombies, these s2 were more deadly.

At the same time Yue Zhong was retreating, he shouted, “Little Greenie!”

From the sky, a bolt of green colour lightning struck down and immediately crushed an L2 zombie’s head into pieces.

The green colour bolt of lightning was none other than Little Greenie!

With a single strike, it destroyed an L2. Then it flapped its wings and flew upwards. A moment later, it became another bolt of green lightning as it charged towards another L2 and tore the head of the L2 off its body with its sharp claws!

After having evolved, Little Greenie was now able to fully utilize the power of flight. Its claws and beak were extremely sharp, as befitting a level 36 beast. Although the L2 were powerful, it could not withstand a hit from these claws that could rip apart the scales of Water Python. Even though the L2 were monstrous strength enhanced zombies, they could not fly and pose no threat to Little Greenie.

Meanwhile, the 7 S2 quickly caught up with Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong had fought these creatures before and knew that with his current speed, he could not hope to take them on. He immediately activated shadow steps, gaining a large boost to his speed. Then he charged towards a S2 zombie. There were two flashes of light as the S2 and Yue Zhong cross each other. For just a second, both parties stopped moving. A spray of blood erupted from the S2 brain as it collapsed onto the floor, while Yue Zhong stood victorious. In the brief exchange, Yue Zhong had beheaded the S2!

But Yue Zhong had no time to relax. Such is the speed of the S2 that even being stationary for a second was enough for another S2 to launch an attack on Yue Zhong. It claws threaten to rip Yue Zhong into shreds and were just a few centimeters away from him. Suddenly Yue Zhong seemed to disappear into a wisp of smoke, and reappeared behind it. Then there was another flash of light as another S2 was beheaded.

The high-speed fight was almost invisible to the naked eyes of the soldiers – all they could see was a blur of movements and flashes of light as Yue Zhong’s sword repeatingly slashed out. With each slash, an S2 zombie would collapse onto the ground, with its brain cleanly sliced open. In the span of a few breaths, the team of 7 S2 were completely annihilated by Yue Zhong!

“Super Strong!!! So impressive!! Kong Tianyu could not help admiring Yue Zhong. In the span of a few seconds, Yue Zhong managed to kill 7 S2 zombie. He was also an evolver, but he could not even take on a single S2 – the speed of S2 zombie was too fast.

“Congratulations on reaching level 32. You have gained 2 points of stats.” After killing the 7 S2, Yue Zhong gained massive amount of experience. This was enough for him to advance a level.

“Increase agility, and stamina!” Yue Zhong quickly made his choice. If not for the fact that he had continuously increased his agility, there was no way that he could handle 7 S2 zombies so easily!

[To be continued…]

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