God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 169

Yue Zhong quickly kept the items that the S2 had dropped, and rushed back to his team.

In front of Yue Zhong, there were still numerous S1, L2 and L1 zombies, in addition to countless number of normal zombies. As powerful as Yue Zhong was, if he was surrounded by the never-ending horde of zombies, he would be killed.

“Magic team, attack!” Once Yue Zhong returned to the camp, he immediately shouted out an order.

In raids against the zombies, Yue Zhong would sometimes receive magic skill books. He had passed these magic books to a team of 10 people, and created a team of mages.

These mages include Lu Wen, Guo Yu, Chen Yao etc. After the apocalypse, each of these skills were very valuable. To save on bullets, these mages who could launch only a single spell were also deployed on the battlefield. This will allow the mages to gain experience orbs and evolve.

Each of these mage activated their magic and began chanting their spells. From the air in front of them, several runes appeared, as it gathered the energy to launch the spells.

“Fire at will!” Yue Zhong roared. Although magic was very powerful, but the time required to cast a spell was also relatively long. While the mages were channelling their spells, he also need to stop the zombie horde from getting too close so that the mages will not be distracted.

Once Yue Zhong gave the command, the men immediately let loose their ammunitions as a hail of bullets tore into the ranks of the zombies.

Under the rain of bullets, several S1, L1 and normal zombies were like stringed puppets that had their strings cut, and collapsed onto the floor. However, the L2 was built like a tank, and continued to advance despite the bullet storm. Each bullet that hit the L2 were repelled, and could not even slow its charge, with but one exception. The 12.7 mm heavy machine guns that were mounted on the top of the jeeps were able to penetrate the hide of these creatures.

Each 12.7mm heavy machine guns were able to shred a lightly armoured jeep into pieces, and have great penetrating power. Therefore, it was no surprise that the L2 zombies were unable to cope with the firepower.

“Cease Fire!” Seeing at the group of evolved zombies had been knocked down, Yue Zhong requested a ceasefire.

All the men stopped firing.

After the hail of the bullets stopped, more and more zombies emerged from Big Cliff village.

At the same time, all the evolved zombies that were shot got up again.

These evolved zombies were much tougher than ordinary zombies. Unless you exploded their head, it is impossible to kill them.

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The four surviving L2 immediately got up. With massive strides, they charged towards Yue Zhong.

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However, the bullet storm managed to land lucky hits on several evolved zombies with headshots.

At this time, Guo Yu, Lu Wen had already finished chanting their spells. Fireball, Ice cones, Earth Spike etc., all these magic were focused on the evolved zombies, and managed to kill 8 of these creature.

“Close combat groups – Team 2 and Team 3, rush forwards with me!”

With a mighty roar, Yue Zhong led a team of 24 close combat team members into battle with the evolved zombies. Like the close combat team 1, each of these men were wearing Water Python Snakeskin Armor, and wields a Tang Imitation Sword.

Although magic was very powerful, it also had a long cooldown. After launching a single spell, Guo Yu and the mage team were unable to cast anymore spells for that day. Unless they reach level 10 and change their class to a mage, it is unlikely that they could continue to cast more than a single spell each day.

The evolved zombies clashed with Yue Zhong and his team of 24 men.

Like an arrow, Yue Zhong sped towards a L2 zombie, and pointed a stinger gun at the head of this creature. Then he pulled the trigger.

With a “Bang” sound, the L2’s head was decorated with a new hole, and it collapsed lifelessly onto the ground.

A mighty fist threatened to crush Yue Zhong into pieces as another L2 discovered his presence, and raised his fist to smash Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong easily dodged the L2’s fist as he stepped forward, pointed his stinger at the lower jaws of the L2, and busted its head apart.

In the sky, Little Greenie swooped down, and in a single swipe, managed to decapitate a L2 in each claw. Two L2 lifelessly collapsed as their heads were ripped off their body.

The 24 elite close combat team members were engaged in a fierce battle with the L1 and the S1.

In the chaos that followed, some close combat team members were sent flying with each swing of an L1 fists. And some close combat team members were scratched by the claws of the high speed S1. But many L1 and S1 were also killed by the close combat team members.

“F**k! Go and die!”

Kong Tianyu activated his skill [Enhanced strength], and with a single swing of the Tang Imitation Blade in his hand, he managed to lop off the head of a mighty L1 zombie.

But he had no time to relax as a S1 immediately clawed at his left shoulder as soon as the L1 zombie was dispatched.

“Damn f**king bastard! Go and die!” With a sinister smile, his blade immediately separated the S1’s head from its body.

The Water Python snakeskin armour protected him from the claws of the S1. Unless the S1 landed a hit on his head, it could not hurt Kong Tianyu.

But in comparison to the S1, the L1 were of a much deadlier threat. Many close combat team members were sent flying by the L1.

Under the might of his herculean strength, Kong Tianyu was able to kill even L1 zombies with a single swing of his blade. Therefore he was unafraid and charged towards the other evolved zombies.

The rest of the team found that dealing with S1 zombie were relatively easy. They could use their body as a bait to draw these creatures closer before taking a swipe at them. With their Water Python Snakeskin armour, the claws of the S1 could not even scratch them.

But the L1 were a totally different story. They need to repeatedly hack at the L1 multiple times before they could lop off a single L1’s head. In addition, the L1 attacks were very powerful and sent men flying with each hit.

Many team members managed to land a hit on the L1 heads, but they were left open to the L1’s retaliation strike, and was seriously injured. If not for the Water Python Snakeskin Armour absorbing a massive portion of the impact, these men would have immediately perished.

But once the level 2 evolved zombie had been cleared, Yue Zhong, White Bones and Little Greenie turned their attention to the level 1 zombies. Under their combine attacks, the evolved zombies were quickly clear out. 5 of Yue Zhong’s team members were injured by the L1 zombies and could no longer participate in this battle. [To be continued] …

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