God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 170

These evolved zombies were not so easy to dealt with. Each evolved zombies had extraordinary abilities, especially the S series zombies. If not for the Water Python Snakeskin Armour that protected the close combat team from the S series zombie’s strikes, more than half of the men would already been infected with the zombie virus. But under the protection of the superior armour, only five men were injured.


After destroying the evolved zombies, Yue Zhong kept some of the items that were dropped by the evolved zombies in his spatial ring. Then he led the two close-combat teams to retreat from the zombie horde.

Little Greenie stood unchallenged in the sky, as it picked apart zombies at it’s leisure. From time to time it would swoop down and crush a zombie. Before any zombies could fight back, it was long gone, having flew out of reach of the flightless zombies. Not a single zombie could withstand its attack nor could these zombie touch a feather on its body.

Although the elite zombies had been destroyed, the ordinary zombies continued to stream out of every nook and cranny of Big Cliff Village.

At first, it was a river of zombies as the streams of zombies merged together and filled a street with zombie. The rivers of zombies merged together on the main road to form a massive sea of zombies over 5000 strong.

After all the efforts that Yue Zhong and his team had expended, they had only managed to kill 600+ zombies, a little more than a 1/10th of the zombie throng that were shuffling towards them.

Although the route to Yue Zhong’s camp were littered with the corpses of countless zombies, but the sea of zombies seemed to shrug off the loss of their kind as they continued to advance towards Yue Zhong’s camp. Seeing so many zombies created immense pressure on the team.

This was the first time that many of Yue Zhong’s team members had seen such a massive number of zombies, and they were shaken. In the last encounter with zombies, Yue Zhong was able lead the zombie out in groups of 100s, making the task much easier. But with 5000 zombies walking shakily towards them, they could not help but tremble in fright.

Having to fight 5000s of zombie and 100 zombies were two different issues. In battles with groups of 100 zombies, they could afford to take a rest between fights. But in a tide of 5000s zombies, the waves of zombies were unending, and there is no respite for these men.

The elite marksmen in Yue Zhong’s team had never stopped firing. Each hit would accurately blew apart a zombie’s head. Although many zombies had fallen, it had no impact on stopping the mass of zombies from advancing forward. The zombies behind would step on the corpses of the fallen and continued to advance, slowly but steadily.

Looking at the sea of zombies approaching them, Ye Zhong was alarmed and he thought“Looks like this time we will suffer a big loss!”

Seeing the hordes of zombies unceasingly getting closer and closer, Yue Zhong immediately commanded: “All teams, fire at will!”

Following Yue Zhong’s order, all his men let their guns ripped. Torrents of bullet washed into the sea of zombies.

Under the scythe of the bullets, many of zombies that were at the foremost of the zombie tide were cut down.

But the number of zombies were immeasurable, and the zombies were without fear. They continued to advance, regardless of their lives or the number of zombies that were scythed down by the bullet storm. Some of the fallen zombies picked themselves up from the ground.

Yue Zhong’s team was also expending their ammo at a very rapid pace.

The sea of zombie at the back of the tide seemed to slam into an invisible wall of bullets as they advanced, and were scythed down. In this way, a number of these zombies were temporary held back, and created a zone of fallen zombies in the front.

Looking at the carnage, Yue Zhong commanded: “Stop firing! All the prisoner team advance!”

Yue Zhong must let his team conserve stamina, so that they have the ability to continue to fight or retreat. Using the prisoners at this team will buy his team some time to regain their diminishing stamina.

These prisoners shook uncontrollably and dared not advance.

Kong Tainyu angrily shook his fists at the prisoners and shouted, “Damn you bastards! You shitheads better rush forward! Otherwise I will kill you with my own hands!”

The other men in the camp also pointed their guns at the prisoners. Their eyes were cold and devoid of emotion. If these prisoners dared not to obey the orders or attempt to flee, they will gun these prisoners down in cold blood.

“I will count to 3, if you don’t rush forwards by the count of 3, then do not blame me for opening fire!”




Kong Tianyu’s eyes were cold as he looked at the prisoners who refused to budge. He stepped forward and with a swing of his sword, he beheaded one prisoner. A spray of blood splattered onto the faces of some of the horrified prisoners. Then he looked into the eyes of the rest of the prisoners and bellowed “Charge out!! Go now!!”

Looking at the fierce look in Kong Tianyu’s eyes, the prisoners also turned frightened. Nobody doubted that if they do not charge at the zombies, they would be killed immediately. Under the threat of death, these prisoners had no choice but to rush forwards. Perhaps Yue Zhong would let live if they kill enough zombies. But staying here would definitely result in their death.

“Wagghhhhh..!!!” As if this warcry of the prisoners gifted them with courage, they charged towards the zombies. One of the prisoners chopped down on a zombie that was struggling to get up, and with a swing, he chopped off its head.

These ordinary zombies were very slow, and their bones were very brittle. Even an ordinary wooden club as granted by the [System] could smash apart these zombies. Therefore the steel machetes were highly effective in decapitating the zombies.

Although most of the prisoners fiercely fought against the zombies, there were some prisoners who were frightened out of their wits and tried to run away.

“Bang! Bang!”

The sound of two gunshots rang out, and the prisoners who tried to ran away were gunned down.

Kong Tianyu shouted out “All who try to run will be shot without exception!”

Since they will definitely be killed if they try to run, the prisoners continued to hack at the zombies until their eyes turned red from bloodlust. They could only hope that if they killed enough number of zombies, they would be allowed to live.

The number of prisoners were not small. There was close to a hundred prisoners. As long as they overcame their fear, these normal zombies that were slowly climbing up from the bullet storm were not a match for these desperate men. The prisoners frenzied attacks were highly effectively as numerous zombies fell to the machetes of these men.

One of the prisoners was a massive 1.9m tall man. Armed with a machete, his performance was extremely outstanding as he chopped down like a fierce tiger on the zombies in front of him. While most prisoners only hacked apart two or three zombies, he had killed over 5 zombies.

“Let these men retreat!” After ensuring that each of these prisoners had at least killed one or more zombies, Yue Zhong then issued a command to Kong Tianyu.

Under the [system], men had limited stamina. Each kill would deplete their current stamina. Having killed a few zombies, their stamina had dropped a lot. If these prisoners had continued to battle, all these prisoners would be wiped out.

After the apocalypse, each men were also valuable resources. Men are not solitary creatures. No matter how powerful a man was, there was a limit to how much he could do alone. Men could only survive this apocalypse if they worked together. These prisoners are all men with able bodies. Although they had committed crimes against humanity by engaging in torture, rape, murder or cannibalism, Yue Zhong had no intent to waste their lives.

[To be Continued…]

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