God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 171

Kong Tianyu shouted in a very loud voice! “All you scums! Retreat!”

Listening to the order to retreat, these prisoners discarded their shields and machetes as they ran back with all their speed. The shields were quite heavy and discarding them would enable them to run faster. In this short period of time, they had killed 300+ zombies. Each man’s stamina had dropped significantly.

Their bloodlust had also withdrawn as they focused all their efforts on running. Earlier, they did not have a choice – it was either to kill the zombies or be killed by their captors. Therefore they gambled their lives on killing as many zombies as possible and had a bloodlust. But now that they were given a chance to retreat, naturally they would choose to flee, and hold back their bloodlust.

Kong Tianyu roared a command at the group of prisoners “All of you put your hands behind your head and squat down immediately! I will shoot all those that dared to run!”

If the men ran in a disorganised manner, they could escape or in the worst case, rush into Yue Zhong’s camp and to spread confusion and chaos. With the zombies attacking them, Yue Zhong can not afford to have confusion and chaos in his camp.

Under gunpoint, all the prisoners ran towards the area that Kong Tianyu had designated and put their hands behind their heads and squatted down.

3 of the close combat team members quickly examined the prisoners, and dragged out 23 prisoners who were injured in the battle with zombies. They shot these prisoners at point blank.

The sounds of gunfire and the deaths of their comrades made the prisoners trembled in fear, and they dare not move a muscle and as they looked downward and behaved.

Individually, normal zombies are not that scary. Their strongest threat to man-kind is the zombie virus. These creatures are extremely slow and are only dangerous in overwhelming numbers. In the short skirmish, none of the prisoners were eaten alive by the zombies.

However, there were approximately ¼ of the prisoners who were scratched or bitten by the zombies, and infected by the zombie virus. Since there is no cure for the zombie virus, Yue Zhong sent his men to kill these infected men. He did not want any prisoners to turn into a zombie and infect other prisoners.

“All close combat teams, follow me!” Looking at the zombie horde that persistently creeped forward no matter how many times he mowed them down with gunfire, Yue Zhong finally lost his patience and gave the order for all his close combat teams to attack. The close combat teams’ members were more effective in killing zombies than gunfire.

All the close combat teams’ members followed behind Yue Zhong as they charged towards the zombies.

In the team of close combat personnel, not all of these men are equipped with Tang Imitation Sword. Yue Zhong do not have enough swords to equip each man with a sword. Therefore some of these men also use the machetes. These machetes also easily cleaved apart the zombies, and the only disadvantage of using a machete compared to Tang Imitation sword was that any zombies that were killed by a machete do not give its killer any experience orbs.

These close combat team members hacked at the zombie in a mad frenzy.

Yue Zhong and White Bones led the charge, and cut down several zombies with each swing of their weapon.

These close combat forces then engaged the zombies. The close combat forces team were comprised of evolvers who had killed scores of zombies before. Ordinary zombies have no way to bite nor scratch through the Water Python Snakeskin armour that the close combat forces were wearing. These zombies are also relatively slow. As long as a close combat team member took care not to be surrounded by zombies and retreated before his escape route is cut off, the close combat team member is not in any danger. But the same can not be said for the zombies. Each hack with the sword or machete will kill at least one zombie without fail.

Meanwhile the elite marksmen continued to burn their bullet supply as they continuously dropped zombies with each headshot.

With the aid of a team of about 50 men, Yue Zhong’s group finally managed to whittle down the number of zombies to a more manageable number. But each close combat team member seemed to be drained of stamina, as they were breathing heavily from just the effort of standing up.

Only Yue Zhong and White Bones have the strength to continue to kill the zombies as the close combat team members are exhausted. But the few dozens of remaining zombies should pose no threat to either Yue Zhong or White Bones.

As he cut down the last of the remaining zombies, Yue Zhong breathed a sigh of relief “Finally we won!”

These zombies might be level 1 creatures, and are weak. But there were over 5000 zombies. Even after several rounds of concentrated fire, the number of zombies remaining were still over 1000 strong. The team of close combat fighters had managed to finish off these 1000+ zombies, however their stamina had depleted to a very critical level – they were unable to continue to fight until their stamina had recovered somewhat. The group of 50 close combat fighters were way too small in number to deal with the massive number of zombies.

“This time, I had really underestimated the enemy.” Thought Yue Zhong as he stared at his men who were perspiring heavily and panting.

This time, Yue Zhong had only brought ½ of his troops to attack Big Cliff Village. This was because having experienced the last clearing of villages, Yue Zhong thought that these men were more than enough to clear Big Cliff Village, and at the same time, increase the experience of his men. But he did not anticipate that there was a zombie controller in this village. If not for the fact that Yue Zhong had evolved many times, this raid would have ended up as a massive failure.

“What the f**k is controlling these zombies?”

Yue Zhong is suspicious and curious about the controller of zombies. He headed out alone with White Bones towards the village.

Yue Zhong had evolved much more than his regular troops and frequently allocated points to increase his stamina. As long as he did not continuously use his active skills, his stamina would not deplete so quickly. Therefore, although his men could barely move, he was not tired at all.

The town of Big Cliff Village was practically empty. Also there was a trace of dark coloured blood at various places, but there were no more zombies inside the town.

“It seemed that I was right! There is something or someone controlling these zombies!” Yue Zhong looked at the empty and silence town, and he frowned.

In the last raid against Stone Horse Village, although the zombies were drew out in waves of about 100 zombies, but the centre of the village had a massive number of zombies. But this town centre did not even have a single zombie. This means that someone or something had controlled all the zombies in this town and forced these zombies to attack Yue Zhong’s team.

Having a mysterious zombie controller is not a good thing for Yue Zhong’s team.

If there was something or someone controlling these zombies, than Lei Jiang City (its name means Thunder River City) with its population of 100,000 zombies would be invincible as there was nothing that could stop this massive army.

Although the strength of the men in Yue Zhong’s team were much stronger than the time when he raided Stone Horse village, but the ammunition spent in this raid was several times the ammo used to capture Stone Horse village. As well, each member of his team were more exhausted compared to the time they raided Stone Horse village. A 100,000 zombie army was a very fearsome number. How much more ammo would they need to repel just a fraction of this army.

Therefore, this zombie controller must die! It must not be permitted to escape into Lei Jiang City.

Yue Zhong could not see any activity from the street where he currently was in. Therefore he activated his combine armour defense skill and merged with White Bones. He launched a bone spike onto the ground, and used a bone ladder created from the bone spike to climb onto the rooftop of a supermarket.

Standing at the top of the supermarket, he had an unobstructed view of the scenery and surrounding landscapes. Although he did not have the “1000 li eyes” ability that would allow him to see as far as 500 km, but his vision is relatively good. Somehow being an evolver had increased the range of his vision.

At the East side of the village, Yue Zhong saw there were eight L2 and seven S2 zombies that were grouped together and fleeing towards the East side of the city, as if they were protecting someone important.

Yue Zhong fired another bone spike into the ground and created another bone ladder to bring him safety back to the ground level.

Once he landed on the ground, he immediately speed up and sprinted towards the direction where he had seen the group of zombies.

Yue Zhong had spent a lot of points of his stats on agility. As well, he is wearing various agility enhancing items. The L2 might be strong, but they are relatively slow. Although the S2 are very fast, these creatures were guarding something. Therefore the whole group moved at the speed of the slowest member, the L2. With Yue Zhong speed, he quickly caught up to the group of fifteen evolved zombies.

Once he had caught up with the zombie bodyguards, Yue Zhong was able to see clearly that in the middle of the group of elite zombies, there is single grey colour zombie. This zombie is relatively small. Its limbs are very short, but its head is relatively big for its body. Its eyes are very long, and its mouth are very big and filled with sharp teeth. It sits on top of a massive L2 zombie as a man would sit on top of a horse.

[To be continued…]

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