Heavenly Calamity / Heavenly Calamity Vol 1 Chapter 14

Heavenly Calamity Chapter 14: Killing the Dinichthys

Zhang Mu was preparing to kill the Dinichthys.

He had to first locate two trees closely leaning together in a forest at a high altitude. Their trunks had to be thick enough for six people to wrap their arms around it, and had to be only a meter apart from each other, as that would function as their battlefield.

Zhang Mu had Fatty and Sun Bing hide at the tree’s crack, and he and the others would follow them and hide on top of the tree.

“Whether we can kill the Dinichthys or not depends on the both of you.” Zhang Mu explained to the two men, “Remember, the Dinichthys is brutal, so don’t panic. It will become infuriated, which can possibly lead it to initiate ten more attacks, but the Dinichthys won’t be able to reach you through the tree’s crack since its head is too big.”

Fatty huddled within the tree crack, both legs shaking, “Ah! Boss, it’s not that I don’t believe you, but this doesn’t seem like a good idea, eh? If by any chance the Dinichthys comes straight towards me and Sun Bing, we’ll be screwed.”

Zhang Mu dropped down several ropes and explained, “Tie these ropes above your waist. We can pull you two up if anything goes wrong.” Zhang Mu opened up a treasure chest and gave Sun Bing and Leng Yun a potion, while turning towards Sun Bing to say, “You play a vital role in this attack. You have to taunt the Dinichthys in order to force it to continuously attack.”

Sun Bing nervously nodded and replied, “Yes!”

Zhang Mu nodded with satisfaction, “In that case, let’s begin. I’ll lure the Dinichthys here.”

Fatty said, “Ok! Take care of yourself, boss.”

Zhang Mu jumped into the water to lure the Dinichthys to him. Only a few minutes passed before the Dinichthys found Zhang Mu, and it powerfully roared before following him over.

Sun Bing saw that its head was approximately ten meters long. He involuntarily fell and gasped as the Dinichthys emerged, before forcing himself to taunt it. The Dinichthys became infuriated and promptly gave up on pursuing Zhang Mu in order to turn and run straight into the tree’s crack. The tree’s crack was small and V shaped, so the Dinichthys wasn’t able to squeeze through, so it decided to strike the tree instead, causing the tree to sway incessantly.

Everyone became frightened; their knees weakened!

The new members, Chen Ling and Liu Yao, nearly wet their pants.

The Dinichthys’ body was approximately ten meters long. It had a big head but a small tail. Its head was flat, it had two cold scarlet eyes, and white sawlike teeth, making everyone tremble with fear. The Dinichthys’ head was too big, rendering it unable to advance, and thus, it became stuck in the middle of the tree’s crack, unexpectedly unable to pull back.

“Kill it!”

Fatty had that crucial moment to display his ferociousness. He lifted his axe using both hands, and took two steps towards the Dinichthys in order to split it in two. Fatty was a level 4  berserker; his axe’s strength, as well as his own, could not be looked down upon, but the layer of skin outside of the Dinichthys’ skull was too hard. So, the impact of the blow did not harm it, and the attack only inflicted 3 damage.

The Dinichthys had approximately 900 health points, so the attack was unable to do much damage.

“Everyone, listen to my command.” Zhang Mu climbed up the tree to observe the situation, “Leng Yun, use Ice Arrow!”

A white, ice cold ball of mist converged in the center of Leng Yun’s hand, and a sparkling, pure, meter long ice arrow formed. Cold air surrounded them. The arrow was very powerful. The ancient sorcery was performed swiftly and with great spiritual strength. Leng Yun cast the spell in only three seconds, and then she immediately took aim and shot the ice arrow at the Dinichthys.


The Dinichthys was too big, so it was still stuck inside of the tree’s crack. Leng Yun hoped that she could do a lot of damage. The ice arrow pierced through the Dinichthys’ hard head, inflicting 22 damage, and caused frost to begin to spread on the Dinichthys’ body, slowing it down. She was one of the best in elemental magic damage, and the Dinichthys’ magic defense clearly wasn’t at a high level.

Even though the Dinichthys’ injury was just a small flesh wound, it became completely infuriated, and the Dinichthys began striking the big tree even more frantically. It started to bite towards Fatty and Sun Bing from time to time. After the Dinichthys’ repeated biting attempts, Fatty summoned the courage to initiate a frenzied attack.

The Dinichthys was immediately met with six or seven long, thin cuts.

Zhang Mu thoroughly commanded. His observation was extremely accurate, and he knew exactly when to dodge and when to attack, as his timing was very precise. As Fatty had become more experienced through several battles, his outstanding talent for battling was beginning to emerge, and while under command, he gained self control, and began to grasp the attack’s tempo.

But Fatty’s damaging ability was too low leveled, and he inflicted less than 20 damage.

Both sides were at a stalemate for a few minutes. The Dinichthys’ health points were at more than 95%, and since it was unable to attack its target, the Dinichthys gradually became bored. Withdrawing its body, it prepared to leave.

“Don’t let it get away!” Zhang Mu shouted: “Ice Arrow! Taunt it!” 

Leng Yun shot her ice arrow at the Dinichthys in order to slow it down. Sun Bing’s taunt recharged, and the Dinichthys looked as if it were greatly insulted. Lighting up with rage once again, it violently roared at the two men as it began attacking, biting off several huge chunks of tree bark, but since the bark was too thick and hard, it was unable to destroy it in a short amount of time.

They continued to wear it down for about 30 minutes. The magic potion was rapidly depleting, and the Dinichthys’ health points were at 40%. Its head was being split open with an axe numerous times, and it was already badly mangled, causing its defense to dramatically decrease. Now, Fatty’s axe inflicted about 6 or 7 damage.

After about ten more minutes, the Dinichthys’ health points were at less than 20%; it had already suffered heavy damage, and it began yelling powerlessly more and more, attempting again to withdraw its body and run away.

Sun Bing skillfully taunted it, but the Dinichthys’ appearance remained the same, and it continued to pull back. It came to the conclusion that it had miscalculated, so the Dinichthys no longer paid attention, and prepared to dive into the river.

This was real; it wasn’t just a computer game. Although the Dinichthys wasn’t very smart, it was still able to distinguish some things. If it continued to fight, it would only die, so it began to hurriedly retreat. This time, no matter how many times Sun Bing used his level 1 taunt, it was unable to draw it back.

Fatty shouted, “I’m so tired. I’m nearly half dead, ah, it’s quickly escaping! What do we do, Boss!”

“You go rest, let me handle this!”

Zhang Mu immediately jumped down from the tree, and fell on top of the Dinichthys’ massive head. He retrieved his dagger, and whoosh, stabbed the Dinichthys’ eye, inflicting 50 damage. It was a critical attack; the high damage dealt a deadly blow.

Zhang Mu violently thrust his dagger into the Dinichthys several times, causing it to frantically twist around.  This resulted in the fish’s body becoming difficult for Zhang Mu to hold onto, and it forced him to jump off. The Dinichthys turned around and threw him off, and as Zhang Mu unsteadily stood up, the Dinichthys opened up its mouth, going over to bite him. Zhang Mu saw that he was unable to dodge or flee from the attack, so he did something unexpected. He didn’t dodge it, but instead charged forward, spontaneously going into its large mouth.

God’s Blessing!

Zhang Mu’s body radiated seven colors of light, blocking the Dinichthys from chewing on him, and he simultaneously used Exploding Bead. Stuffing it into the Dinichthys’ esophagus, a loud bang resounded, and the flesh inside the Dinichthys’ mouth was blown to pieces. The smoke that began to fill the air smelled scorched.

The attack was extremely deadly, and the Dinichthys’ health points rapidly approached zero.

Slashing about five or six times, Zhang Mu used his dagger to frantically slice his way out of the Dinichthys’ jaw.

Eventually, the Dinichthys’ mouth filled with blood, and it howled in anguish as it weakened. Its belly was turned up towards the air, and it struggled several times to get back up, but it was no longer able to move.

Zhang Mu was covered from head to toe in blood from the Dinichthys’ big mouth as he made his way out. Although he had God’s Blessing for protection, it’s invincibility effect was too short, and he was unable to dodge several deadly attacks. The Dinichthys’ tooth was lodged in his stomach, taking away half of his health points, creating one enormous wound that caused his organs to become faintly visible.



Fatty was the only one who couldn’t swim, so the others clamored over to jump into the river to save Zhang Mu, who was more than just their captain, but also their spiritual leader.

Leng Yun saw that Zhang Mu’s whole body was covered in blood, and that the Dinichthys’ tooth would eventually pass through him. She was afraid that it might go through his heart.

Several people swam over to Zhang Mu’s side to aid him.

Two minutes later, the Dinichthys lost all of its health points.

Since he dealt the final blow, Zhang Mu received the most experience, with Leng Yun and Fatty receiving the second most, as they harmed the monster, followed by Sun Bing. Since Qin Min, Liu Yao, and Chen Ling solely profited, they received the least amount of experience points.

[Level Up!]

Zhang Mu, Fatty, Leng Yun, and Sun Bing leveled up to level 5, and all of their injuries were fully healed. Qing Min’s experience points went up to 96%, and Liu Yao and Chen Ling received only a few experience points, but were still close to reaching level 4.

The Dinichthys dropped several pieces of loot.

【Dinichthys’ Sword】

(Superior Black Iron) Equip level 5, physical damage +18, sharpness +5, 10% chance to inflict large cuts, 30 durability.

【Fish Bone Staff】(Common Black Iron) Magic damage +10, casting speed +5%, 20 durability.

【Jungle Cloak】(Common Black Iron) health points +10, speed +3, 20 durability.

Monsters that are of a higher level than average could either be divided into solitary monsters, or group monsters. The Dinichthys was an elite solitary monster, and the Deinonychus were group elite monsters. A solitary monster’s experience gain was generally several times higher than an elite group monster’s, because a solitary monster was generally more difficult to handle.

They earned a very generous amount of loot this time, and they gained three black iron equipment pieces. Among these three items, there was one that was superior black iron. The same equipment could be broken down into subdivisions of poor, common, superior, or outstanding quality. Out of these four different properties, the outstanding equipment quality was the highest.

Zhang Mu picked up the Dinichthys’ sword. The sword was about a meter long. It was surrounded in a layer of cold light, and both of the blade’s edges were covered with sinister saw-like teeth.

Only Rangers, Swordsmen, and Knights could equip single hand swords, and only Rangers, Thieves, Assassins, and Hitmen had the option to dual wield. Zhang Mu had his dagger equipped in his left hand, so he equipped the Dinichthys’ sword in his right hand. The Dinichthys’ sword was a superior black iron weapon that dealt up to 18 damage, which allowed Zhang Mu to deal more damage than Fatty. This was only natural because of his class and because he was definitely better than him.

【Fish Bone Staff】The fish bone staff was a rare master equipment, and therefore, it was given to Leng Yun who would now be able to inflict high elemental damage. Having the staff doubled their power.

【Jungle Cloak】The jungle cloak raised dexterity, and since Zhang Mu’s favorite attribute was dexterity, he was welcome to the equipment.

Qin Min let out a long sigh of relief, complaining, “You’re too reckless, Captain!”

“That was nothing.” Zhang Mu’s face was undisturbed, appearing as if it had never happened, “Risks and benefits coexist with one another, our reward was not small.”

They had actually defeated the Dinichthys – the seemingly invincible monster!

This battle not only slightly benefitted the entire team, but it also helped three team members level up to level 5, which raised the team’s morale and eliminated all feelings of despair.

The rain gradually stopped.

Many ripples formed on the middle of the river. Strange insects became attracted to the Dinichthys’ dead carcass, and they began to gather around, covering it. These strange insects were very weak, but were quite formidable in large numbers, which discouraged people from provoking them. Zhang Mu went over to the Dinichthys’ belly and began cutting off several chunks of meat before leaving the area. They went over to the top of the huge opposite tree, but didn’t climb down since the sky began to quickly darken, and because they planned to spend the night in the safety of the tree.

Zhang Mu cut down a few pieces of pine wood, because it was rich in resin. Therefore, even if it was a little wet, it only would need to dry a little bit before one could light it aflame and build a bonfire to warm themselves up, which would be more than fitting at that moment.

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