Heavenly Calamity / Heavenly Calamity Vol 1 Chapter 24

chapter 24 –  cave fierce combat

the skeleton mage were fiercely attacked by fatty unrelenting  pursuit, after suffering several strikes, suddenly it inserts the magic staff toward the ground , the rock ground is broken to open, bones stretches out to entrain the foot of fatty .



“I cannot move!”



The fatty  make an effort to struggle, may not actually be able to get rid of the bones.



The skeleton mage had an opportunity of gasping for breath, immediately withdraws two steps while a small fireball bang to the fatty , the fireball seems like is not big, actually instantaneously ignites the fire. This magic does not have the blast effect, belongs to a continues injury skill. The persistent combustion, will cause the great agony without doubt!



The fatty  were screaming out pitifully on the ground, was swatting the flame crazily, but flame of magic manufacture before the magic strength vanished, is unable to extinguish with the ordinary method, suddenly the hair and eyebrow all were burnt down, in the air filled a burnt flavor.



The skeleton mage seizes the chance to run off, Zhang Mu cannot make the mage spread out, while the fatty who immediately  tumbling pitiful yell, zhang mu flushes away toward the skeleton mage . The skeleton mage facing the new match, the light green [ wind edge] condensed in the hand together, waves the arms  bang to Zhang Mu. The wind edge is versatile greatly strengthened also very practical magic arts, the characteristics is releases quickly, the speed quick, consumes the magic quantity to be small, injury is considerable, but also is easy to shut off the goal hands and feet, thus creates the goal disability.



An 8 levels of elite monsters, the skill are really many!



Zhang mu  unable to shunt the wind edge, can only enter the invincible condition, the flame  that remained in his body, was defeated and dispersed by the invisible strength impact, the wind edge has not fallen to the body is also dispersed. However, deity blessings are not only invincible, but can also remove S level following skill cooling time, making the [strong winds combo slash ]of dozens seconds of cooling, direct restoration.



“Strong winds combo slash!”












“Coverall effect triggering, -49!”






The mage has the splendid lethality attack, the defensive power is actually not high, in addition the [Acid ball] weakens, is becomes collapses at the first blow. Deity blessings bring the attribute large scale promotion, Zhang Mu the injury ability becomes more formidable, [strong winds combo slash], cause more than 150 points of accumulation damage!



Such terrorist eruption, such abnormal output, made the assassin and crazy war blush with shame sufficiently.



Zhang Mu the attack entire tribe in the waist and thigh, the right leg of skeleton mage cut off, the life remaining that do not arrive at 30 %, fell down.



The mage loses the mobile capability, is a very deathblow, the skeleton mage is unhurriedly, hits an [ice arrow ] target bang to  Zhang Mu  chest, almost passes through the body, Zhang Mu felt  the ache of piercing, simultaneously some internal organs were frozen, in the blood of blowout, residual many ice dregs, but also is braving the cold air.



Zhang mu Life less than 25%, receives the cold deceleration effect, the present situation is really very dangerous.



The skeleton mage completes a magic to attack again, can drive Zhang Mu absolutely to die!



Uses many magic arts successively, the skills of mage all enters the cooling-off period, the skeleton mage did not have the magic again available. The leg was  cut off by Zhang mu  , is unable through spreading out delays the time, Zhang mu bears  the pain and ice-cold of body, flushes  greatly, dividing three swords toward the skeleton mage head .



Ping! Ping! Ping!



At this moment, increased range effect still, strength is considerable, in the sad resounding sound, the skeleton firm head splits, breaks to pieces several small gaps, sees in the skull the gloomily blue flame to be faintly visible, Zhang Mu a foot steps on the chest of skeleton mage , the backhand grips the sword, humming sound , light blue sword awn, aims at the opening, inserted.



The sword awn passes through the blue flame!



Regardless of the living monsters and undead souls both have weakness, living monsters strategic point are many, such as the heart, brain, neck, the strategic point of undead souls has one, the basis of that dead souls life – the fire of soul, this is the only strategic point, is fatal. The skeleton mage twitched, the blue  flame has extinguished, the skeleton bones resounding, the joint place broke, turned into ground one pile of broken bones, simultaneously blew out several goods.



Zhang Mu makes an effort to draw out the ice arrow of chest, loses conveniently in one side, the mouth pants for breath, the mouth and nose puts out the cold air unceasingly, the blood is overflown ice-cold. He felt that the breath was difficult, may be the lung is  pierced.



Another side Sun Bing and Chen Ling were compelled in the corner, the spear skeleton continually fiercely attack, making two people be damaged, could not insist quickly.



Leng Yun the skill just restored, immediately an [ acid  ball] then [ice arrow], completely hits on the body of spear skeleton.



This spear skeleton was injured, immediately it  turned around, start the skill rush . Leng Yun hurrying to dodge, the spear fresh breeze, punctured from her body side. The strike does not end, the second attack arrives immediately, the weapon of spear skeleton sweeps, Leng Yun the back was hit, at least broke several bones, tumbles out 3-4 meters far, this strikes to wipe out about 80% her life values.



The elemental mage was too vulnerable!






At crucial moment, fatty whose whole body is burned smoking black  , bellows greatly then rushes to  the spear skeleton , he brandishes the big sword, brushes two strikes, wipes out the skeleton 40-50 lives. The skeleton supports with the butt of spear, the spear flushes forward fast toward the fatty, the fatty to be hit , the spear front sweeps, the spark spattered in all directions, the fatty has not gripped the weapon tightly , the big sword let go to fly, revolved several, inserted in the rock, the sword blade vibrated ,the sword cry to resound.



When the fatty restored, the spear skeleton arms throw, fast. The spear is aiming at the heart, maliciously to fatty . The crucial moment, the potential of fatty was stimulated again, two hands of fatty grip the spear stubbornly, the great strength have pushed two meters far him, afterward refuses to compromise in-situ, both sides put together the strength.



The crazy soldier is in all occupations, strength highest one, the spear  soldier is quite balanced, the physique is quite prominent, being the elite  monster , the attribute is not naturally low, both sides refuse to budge. The strength of fatty is very big, has surpassed the world weight lifting champion, the bilateral strength is similar, the physique of fatty compared with the skeleton, in the endurance is actually too short, after refusing to compromise for several seconds, immediately fatty has the weak sign.



The spear skeleton pushes up suddenly upwardly, fatty was lifted from ground, throws to fly beyond several meters like a sandbag. Spear skeleton  spear  thorn to fatty, the fatty wants to draw a sword, already without enough time.



Zhang Mu rushes in the dangerous moment, two swords parry the spear,, afterward two overlapping sword light, fall above the skeleton armor, causes certain damage.



The fatty  run up to the one side, draws out the big sword from the rock, dashes the spear skeleton barbarically to knocks it down, then attacks from both sides with Zhang Mu , starts to beat severely the spear skeleton when he’s down. even if the health of spear skeleton are many, that cannot withstand them to attack in turn, has not arrived for two minutes, the skeleton was struck down, the whole body skeleton turned into powder.



Last spear skeleton under Sun Bing and Chen Ling’s joint strike, starts to retreat in defeat again and again, Leng Yun weakens the defense with the acid  ball, Zhang Mu, fatty attacked together, a final skeleton was solved.



“Almost died!” Fatty sprawled on the ground, the big mouth pants for breath, afterward the body convulsion ,  tears flow yelled that “save a life, my  whole body was sore awful! The wet nurse, treat to me quickly!”



Zhang Mu the chest is moving, suddenly makes an effort to cough, has splashed a  blood, his sound was hoarse, “the present must save the magic,if cannot die then enduring, later takes several roasted  egg to eat.”



Sun Bing the body, four  holes made by the spear, Chen Ling abdomen also wounded, the intestines almost comes out, was filled hardly, Leng Yun was hit by the spear skeleton,her  bone fracture are many, the internal injury was similarly serious. This war ends, everyone carries the severe wound, the fierce ache, surpasses the average man to imagine simply.





The fatty  yelled: “I really cannot bear, can the eldest child, knock down me!”



Zhang Mu shook the head saying:”We become moment of player, the body was strengthened and has transformed, so long as also has the life value, will not die, cannot easily the stupor. However, no matter multi-severe wounds, so long as has not died, quick will restore.”Saying, the hand moves out of the way from the chest, the wound has not bled.



Leng Yun the magic value is precious, must save each point sparingly, so as to avoid when the urgently needed use, to avoids meets the predicament of not to having magic value. Therefore, everybody can only bear pain.



Probably passed for dozen minutes, the pains withdraw gradually.



Leng Yun face is pale, she  leans right up against the wall to sit down, the full  chest, with the deep breath, is fluctuating slowly, also is painful but she is not making a sound  compared with the fatty who everywhere sways back and forth, ,for now supports. In her beautiful body,  thin perspiration was densely covered, the black eyebrow  is wrinkling tightly , making person seeing feels to  pity, the star bright eye pupil,  stares at Zhang Mu does not wink.



Everyone knows that Zhang Mu pain that bears is not less than the fatty , he was also burnt by the large surface area, the ice arrow creates to pass through the chest wound, but he sits cross-legged in situ , from the beginning to end, his brow does not wrinkle half. Leng Yun the heart was touched probably, a respect arises spontaneously.



Zhang Mu feels to almost  restore, goes to pick several types of spoils of war.



The skeleton mage blows out a skill book, a reel, armor , two spear skeletons blow  armor  , two white bone accessories.



[F+ level skill book, wind edge], Study conditions: The spirit is bigger than 30. Occupation limit: Elemental mage .



[Skill promotion reel LV1], Promotion LV1 skill reel.



[Magi long gown](Excellent black iron), 5 levels of long gowns, defends +5, Magic defense +11, spirit +3, life +15, durable 30,



[Soldier armor](Ordinary black iron), 5 levels of armor , defense +16, Magic defense +5, physique +1, durable 30.



[White bone necklace]: attack +4, defense +4, durable 20,



[White bone necklace]: attack +4, defense +4, durable 20,



Process a little bad risk of this fight, the final spoils of war satisfy people. Skeleton mage  strongest magic arts[Rupturing fireball]Has not fallen, but actually blew out[Wind edge]The skill book, the attack of wind edge is higher than the ice arrow, in the fight is stronger than the ice arrow effect, actually a very good skill.



The magic long gown is an excellent drop , attribute exceptionally high, not only increases the defense, increases the spirit and life, the things of these two mage most demands, are best quality goods equip!



The skill book and long gown, all assign to Leng Yun.



Soldier armor defends high, but Heavy A only limits the knight and shield fights the use, Sun Bing  does not have the armor , therefore assigns to him. Two white bone necklaces, collects three pieces for a set to Sun Bing, the other one to the fatty , increases the striking power.



As for the skill reel, Zhang Mu took.



[Strong winds combo slash LV2], The FF level skill, highest rank LV3, the eruption cuts to strike continuously, causes the damage of 65% striking power +80% strength values each time ,attack number at least is not lower than twice, most not over six times. Consumption 5 magic , cooling time 45 seconds.



The skill promotes, the attack ability increases much.

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