Heavenly Calamity / Heavenly Calamity Vol 1 Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Astonishing Hit

From just this initial probing attack, they knew that the steel skeleton was undoubtedly powerful.

The powerful ranger class skill【Wind Cut】allows the user to instantly rush to the front of the target and attack with a strong slash. Sun Bing’s shield, which had been through many battles, had little durability remaining, so the heavy blow had finally broken it.

The【Earth Splitting Strike】was also extremely powerful. Since the attack travels through the ground, it wasn’t easy to avoid, and it even dealt a large amount of damage.

The steel skeleton’s health points and defense weren’t low. When combined with its two powerful skills, its strength had already exceeded the skeleton mage’s.

Leng Yun hurriedly went to Sun Bing to heal him.

The steel skeleton raised its axe to attack.

When Fatty saw this, he immediately used Brutal Charge, but the outcome was unexpected. The steel skeleton nimbly dodged Fatty’s charge, and because he couldn’t turn while using Brutal Charge, Fatty could only keep charging in a straight line for a hundred meters until he crashed into a wall, sending rocks flying with loud crash.

“This thing is very nimble!”

The steel skeleton’s agility shocked the others.

Zhang Mu charged quickly, his blade quickly blurring into action with two ‘dang dang’ sounds. His sword struck the steel skeleton’s helmet, causing sparks to fly and inflicting 20 points of damage. The steel skeleton quickly reacted with a sword thrust, but Zhang Mu was well prepared and he immediately dodged sideways, the sword barely missing Zhang Mu’s stomach.

Nevertheless, the shockwave still left a shallow scar on his leather armor. Zhang Mu feinted with his sword towards the steel skeleton’s breastplate, the steel skeleton quickly raised its axe to counter. Instead, Zhang Mu sent a kick to its side, making the steel skeleton stagger back  two steps.

Zhang Mu attacked relentlessly, his two swords piercing through the steel skeleton’s armor.

Whether it be skill or experience, Zhang Mu had reached the pinnacle. Even with his prodigious fighting ability, it was useless in the face of overwhelming power. The steel skeleton was stronger than Zhang Mu in every aspect. Just two of the endless attacks from the steel skeleton’s sword and axe forced Zhang Mu to retreat. The steel skeleton raised its axe again as it began glow crimson, preparing to use a skill.

“Fierce Wind Combo Slash!”

Zhang Mu launched a storm of attacks; five rays of sword lights immediately formed and slashed towards the skeleton’s skull. The steel skeleton raised its sword forward, blocking one sword light.The other four landed on its body, but it only caused 42 points of total damage.

Fierce Wind Combo Slash dealt more damage than just attacking repeatedly, but the total damage it dealt now was comparable to normal attacks. The steel skeleton’s defense was just too high to easily damage it. The steel skeleton swung its axe towards Zhang Mu, while Zhang Mu hurriedly jumped back to dodge it.

Leng Yun shot an acid bomb at the steel skeleton. While it only caused 8 points of damage, the acid managed to corrode the skeleton’s armor. At this moment, Chen Ling shouted loudly as she thrust her sword towards the steel skeleton’s breastplate. The  two handed attack caused 22 points of damage.

“Whirlwind Slash!”

The steel skeleton swung its long sword in a wide arc.

This skill was extremely fast; even Zhang Mu couldn’t dodge it, let alone Chen Ling, so she was hit by the sword. Chen Ling screamed as she fell to the ground. A deep cut appeared on her stomach, and since she didn’t have any armor, her life points plummeted.. Luckily, a swordsman had a large amount of health points, otherwise her health points would have been completely depleted.

The steel skeleton raised its sword and axe, preparing to deal the final blow.

Chen Ling turned pale from fright, Zhang Mu hastily attacked with his swords, dealing 3 points of damage. The steel skeleton countered immediately, Zhang Mu dodged its sword but he could only block the axe, since it was too fast. However, the steel skeleton was extremely powerful. Zhang Mu was pressed down by its strength, and the axe eventually cut into his shoulder, a quarter of the axe was embedded on his bone!

If he hadn’t been protected by his leather armor, the axe would definitely have severed his entire left arm. Zhang Mu’s health points decreased by 48, just one hit had actually depleted most of his health points.

The steel skeleton’s eyes pulsed blue without any emotions, its long sword began to glow as it prepared to use a skill.

An ice arrow suddenly pierced through the steel skeleton’s breastplate, causing 32 points of damage. The frost effect spread through its body, greatly slowing down the steel skeleton. A 30 centimeter hazy green wind blade landed on the steel skeleton’s helmet, making it stagger and causing 45 points of damage.

An elemental mage’s damage was extremely high, the steel skeleton’s hostility immediately turned to Leng Yun.


Fatty roared loudly as he charged from the back, taking advantage of the situation while the steel skeleton let its guard down. He attacked the steel skeleton’s head, a flurry of sparks accompanying the skeleton’s fall to the ground. Fatty rushed forward, raising his sword to strike the skeleton, but it swiftly moved out of the way, causing Fatty to plunge his sword in the ground. While the steel skeleton was trying to stand up, Zhang Mu suddenly launched himself from behind Fatty, using Fatty as a springboard for a high jump. His two swords heavily landed on the steel skeleton’s shoulder.

The steel skeleton’s bones cracked, and its weapons began to glow brightly as it attacked Zhang Mu. Left with no other options, Zhang Mu entered invincibility. After the sharp attack was blocked, he immediately used【Fierce Wind Combo Slash】. After the storm of five attacks, the【Skeleton Soldier’s Sword】 weaken curse effect activated!

“Curse success, steel skeleton is weakened.”

After the steel skeleton entered a weakened state, its attack points, defense points, power, and vitality all suddenly decreased. Leng Yun immediately shot an acid bomb, reducing the steel skeleton’s defense again. Fatty and Chen Ling attacked together, so now there were three people attacking the steel skeleton. The steel skeleton blocked a portion of the attacks, but most of the attacks still landed on its body Its health points slowly fell, eventually decreasing to 20%.

As Fatty attacked again, his set effect activated, doubling his attack damage to 52 points.

The steel skeleton’s body was covered in sword scars. When its health points became low, the blue soul flame within its eyes suddenly changed into a sinister red, giving out a powerful yet berserk feeling. The bones from its body suddenly glowed red, and its attack and defense, as well as the other four attributes, was suddenly increased greatly.

“This is bad, this is soul ignition!”

Soul ignition was a powerful ability of the undead class, by quickly over drafting their soul flame, they would obtain an enormous boost in attributes. This skill didn’t cost any mana and had no cooldown, but it used the user’s health points while activated. The steel skeleton hacked the ground with its axe, sending a shockwave towards the others.  The three attackers were forced two meters back and were immobilized by the stun effect. The steel skeleton was extremely fast, while Sun Bing was too far away to use Taunt, the steel skeleton had already swung its sword towards Fatty and drawn blood in an instant.

At this moment, Sun Bing’s taunt finally arrived.

The steel skeleton used【Wind Cut】to charge towards Sun Bing with a ghostly speed. Sun Bing had already experienced this powerful skill, but since his shield was now broken, he could only use his battle hammer to block the attack. Even though the battle hammer didn’t have any defense points, at least it could still block the sword and prevent it from splitting him in half.

“-90!” Sun Bing was sent flying by the attack. Fortunately, Leng Yun had healed most of his health points, otherwise that attack would’ve killed him.

Although soul ignition was extremely powerful, it constantly consumed health points. The steel skeleton’s health points had dropped to less than 15%, and was still falling. Leng Yun shot an ice arrow while she ran towards Zhang Mu, dealing 39 points of damage.

The steel skeleton grew more and more frantic as its health points got closer to being depleted; it suddenly raised its right hand and threw its axe.

“Get down!”

Zhang Mu yelled loudly.

The steel skeleton used a throwing skill —— Cyclone Throw, and with the skill’s damage ability, Leng Yun would definitely die.

Leng Yun threw herself to the ground desperately as the axe quickly approached. The axe barely missed her, cutting a lock of her jet-black hair as it drew an arc in the air and flew towards her again. There wasn’t anything nearby to use as cover, and standing up would take too long, so Leng Yun could only stay on the ground.

The others were too far. They couldn’t save her!

A death scene was going to appear!

In that split second, Leng Yun raised her magic staff and shot a wind blade. The wind blade soared through the air and hit the spinning axe.


After a brief clash in the air, the wind blade was destroyed by the axe But the force from the wind blade had also made the axe deviate from its path, instead streaking over Leng Yun’s shoulder and embedding itself within a huge boulder. The power from the axe split the boulder in half. Leng Yun was frightened, her right shoulder had been only been grazed by the axe, but it had cut through her robe and left her with a bone deep wound.

It was too dangerous!

It was too close a call.

Leng Yun had reacted in less than half a second, had she panicked or hesitated, or even had her wind blade failed to deflect the axe by just a little bit less, the axe would have definitely cut her head off!

The steel skeleton failed to kill Leng Yun and had even lost its axe. With only a single weapon, its fighting abilities had dropped by 50% and its right side was now full of openings. Zhang Mu launched another round of attacks, depleting the steel skeleton’s health points. The steel skeleton fell to the ground and moved no more.

“Leng Yun, are you alright?”

Zhang Mu didn’t even look at the items; he went to Leng Yun and helped her stand up.

Leng Yun suddenly embraced Zhang Mu, her body trembling as she stuck to Zhang Mu. Zhang Mu slowly calmed her, periodically stroking her back. Leng Yun was still in a state of panic, that wind blade was like a gift from god, a purely reflexive motion. If the same thing happened again, Leng Yun wasn’t sure if she would survive.

“It was too scary, it was terrible!”

Leng Yun had continuously striven to maintain her smart appearance, but now it had completely collapsed. The fear of death had overwhelmed her, and only by hugging this man could she stop the trembling in her heart.

Zhang Mu soothingly said: “It’s all right.”

Leng Yun took a few deep breaths and slowly calmed down.

At this moment, Fatty yelled loudly: “I, your father, am half dead, and you guys are hugging, this is great! Nurse, you need to heal me now… … Aiyo! My intestines are falling out!”

Leng Yun left Zhang Mu’s embrace, but she was blushing slightly. Her originally calm heartbeat began to speed up again, when she had seen that Zhang Mu was worried about her, she felt an unprecedented feeling of satisfaction and security… … was this the feeling of happiness?

“He… … is he concerned about me?” Leng Yun couldn’t help clenching her fists tightly.  She felt a little excited, “but he’s an extremely cold and logical person, does he really have emotions?”

In fact, she just misunderstood.

Leng Yun’s actions were shocking, Zhang Mu could see her potential. This woman’s future achievements might even eclipse Fatty’s. Becoming the best elemental mage wouldn’t be difficult for her, so she was someone worth training. If she had died, it really would’ve been a waste.

Therefore, Zhang Mu showed special concern for her, but he didn’t really think about the matters between men and women.

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