Heavenly Calamity / Heavenly Calamity Vol 1 Chapter 7

Volume 1: Chapter 7 – Trouble with murderers

It was a model 64 revolver, normally used by the police force. The bald fellow had most likely acquired it from a policeman in the midst of the disaster. Despite how good Zhang Mu was, he was still only level 2 and was only ten meters away from the bald thug. There was no way the bullet would miss, and this was enough to be a fatal threat to Zhang Mu and his remaining 13 points of life.

The Baldy pointed the gun towards Zhang Mu shouting, “Good skill, kid, but if you move again, I your father will riddle you with holes!”

Fatty fell to the ground shouting, “Look! Clearly, we are not monsters!”

The bald thug said, “You led so many monsters downstairs; are you fucking trying to kill us?!”

Zhang Mu deliberately assumed a very weak expression. With his eyes half-closed, he feebly said, “These monsters can’t come up here. If you shoot, it will only attract  more distant monsters. Then we will all die.”

The bald thug angrily snapped, “Boy, don’t even think about fooling with me!”

“Brother Hei!” One of the thugs wrenched the axe away from fatty and passed it to the Baldy, “This axe is a piece of equipment!”

“Fuck your mother! That is mine!” Fatty angrily cried.

“Get lost!”

Baldy used his leg to kick Fatty. His thugs joined in and viciously bashed Fatty, leaving his face covered in his own blood.

“Not bad!” Baldy was extremely satisfied with the two handed axe, and fiercely stared at Zhang Mu, “Do you have any other equipment?”

Zhang Mu had long ago kept his dagger inside his backpack before the hooligans had burst in, so his two hands were empty. He purposely pretended to be fearful and angry, as he yelled, “Rather than joining up to attack the monsters outside, you would rather attack your fellow humans. Are you guys even human!”

“Fucker, you also want to join in to lecture me?!” Baldy viciously shoved him, causing Zhang Mu to “seemingly” fall heavily to the floor. Upon seeing this, the Baldy sneeringly laughed, “Truly a waste of space! Tie them up!”

Fatty’s two hands and feet were tied up and dragged away by several thugs. Meanwhile, Zhang Mu briefly pretended to put up a struggle before his hands and legs were tied up. Thereafter, the two of them were brought out of the private room and into another room.

Zhang Mu silently studied his captor’s situation. In total, there were about nine thugs; Their leader was the Baldy named Brother Hei, and he had a pistol, while the rest of the thugs held weapons like machetes. The majority of them had killed monsters, acquiring player qualifications and enhancements from choosing jobs. This fighting force wasn’t weak.

Zhang Mu’s right arm was injured, and his hitpoints had dropped to dangerously low levels. Fatty was even worse with half his body paralyzed. It would be irrational to try to resist right now. They were better off pretending like they weren’t a threat. Besides, his dagger was in his backpack, so he could take it out and cut off their restraints at anytime. As long as there was an opportunity to get close to the Baldy, Zhang Mu could quickly attack and kill him off in one strike.

The bald thug was extremely cautious, standing behind the two of them as he forced them into the room at gunpoint. As he was standing in Zhang Mu’s blind spot, he had no way of taking action.

The ground of the other room was covered in a pool of blood. A uniformed young man laid in the middle of it, his face distorted and eyes bulging. He was dead long ago. This policeman had been hacked to death by machetes with at least twenty slash wounds on him. The corpse had barely become stiff, with blood still oozing out from it.

Two women and a man were huddled in a corner, their hands and feet tied up, and they were most likely suffering from shock. Their faces were as white as sheets, and they shivered non-stop.

Brother Hei grinned as he laughingly said, “If you guys aren’t honest, you will soon end up like him!”

Zhang Mu and Fatty were pushed into the corner to crouch with the other three people.

At this moment a beady-eyed rat faced minion asked, “Brother Hei, how should we deal with these people?”

Brother Hei coldly laughed, “Just leave them for now. The monsters will be attacking soon. We can use them as a distraction first.”

The three people’s faces turned a shade whiter. One of the women, dressed like a student with short hair, shouted, “If that big brother policeman didn’t come, we would have been eaten to death long ago. Just because he had a gun, you slashed him to death; you really are a beast!”

“A beast huh? Well today, I, your elder, will let you see what a beast really looks like!” Brother Hei did not get angry but laughed instead, his eyes swept across the bodies of the two women, “I haven’t had a proper “meal” in several days. Today all of us will have a taste!”

“Hahaha, thank you big boss!”

One of the thugs pointed at a long haired girl beside Zhang Mu, saying, “This woman is really impressive, even more beautiful than some of the celebrities on television while this cow is almost like a grapefruit. Her ass is so round and supple, and she is even a doctor. Boss why don’t you choose which one you want.”

“Well, let us do as you say, Ha-ha-ha!” Brother Hei laughed . “Go! Remove their pants. Today we will have a nice long time.”

The long haired woman’s face was blocked by her hair, so her expression could not be seen. From the slight trembling of her body, however, it was possible to see how fearful she was.

Zhang Mu could see from the corner of his eyes that the woman’s hands were tied behind her back, and she had a piece of glass held between her index and middle finger. Because the force used was too large, her delicate white fingers had been cut open as she tried to cut open the rope. Unfortunately, she was too late. Several hooligans walked over and held her as Brother Hei forcefully pulled down her waistband.

At that moment, the sound of shattering glass echoed from one of the nearby rooms, vaguely mixed with the meows of several Cat-men.

Brother Hei’s expression changed like a bucket of cold water had been poured on his face, and loudly shouted, “Fuck, monsters are inside already! The two of you guard these two, the rest of you follow me!”

Brother Hei left two thugs to guard the hostages and brought the seven other minions with him out of the room. As the two were distracted, Zhang Mu retrieved his dagger, quickly cutting the rope. The seven fellows had just stepped out of the room, leaving the two men feeling frantic and scared by the abruptness of the events.

Zhang Mu cut open the ropes on his legs and leaped up from the ground!

He was like a cheetah that had been poised to strike, violently swooping towards its prey. The dagger flashed with a breathtaking coldness!

The two thugs turned their heads too late; one of them had his throat violently slashed open, his blood splattered all over his companion’s face. The other man had a horrified look on his face, his eyes went wide and before he could yell for help, Zhang Mu pulled out the dagger and turned to attack him.


The blade moved like a flash of thunder; and a cold light swept past his neck.


The man grasped at his neck as he fell backwards. Fresh blood gushed out between his fingers, his carotid artery and vocal cords had been severed, leaving him unable to shout for help. Zhang Mu strode over in a flash, rapidly stabbing three times, piercing in, pulling out and piercing in again… The thug’s life quickly dropped to zero and he fell to the ground as his breath gradually subsided.

Zhang Mu’s actions were extremely fast and ruthless. The whole process took two seconds, killing the two men in the blink of an eye, his actions were ten times more ruthless than a fierce executioner.

Fatty, who had been beaten half-dead, wanted to shout excitedly.

Zhang Mu shot him a glare.

Fatty understood and hurriedly shut his mouth.

Zhang Mu walked over and quickly cut open the ropes of the captives.

There were three people. One was a short haired student who looked as if she was ten years old, she had a short body with extremely fine facial features; she looked extremely adorable. There was also a woman who looked about 24 years old, her long black hair covering her face, making it hard to see it, but her skin was extremely white and tender. Her chest was extremely voluptuous, and her body was slender and lithe with a firm, round bottom that streamlined out her graceful plump figure. There was also a dark brown skined 30 year old man who was around 1.9 meters tall and built extremely sturdily, his face showing an honest and simple expression, portraying a humble middle-aged man.

The adorable student trembled as she spoke, “You killed them…”

The three people had a fearful light in their eyes.

Zhang Mu’s image could only attract reverence from others, as small and large wounds crisscrossed over his body, blood coating his body, his hair disheveled and clothes charred with burn marks, his face covered in dirt and blood. His sudden action of leaping and killing the two men in the blink of an eye was even more terrifying to other people than his current look.

“Good riddance!” Fatty gleefully spoke, “Those motherfuckers deserved to die!”

“They will be back very soon.” Zhang Mu asked the three, “Who has not yet obtained an initial skill?”

The tall, plump young woman whispered, “I haven’t.”

Her voice was extremely alluring and extremely soothing to the ears.

Zhang Mu noticed that the woman’s fingers were dripping blood and her fists were tightly clenched. Under these circumstances, for an individual to exhibit no panic but instead strive to survive, he felt that this woman was definitely not simple.

“What is your name?”

“Leng Yun”

“That small piece of glass won’t be able to hurt anybody, you might as well get rid of it.”

Leng Yun took a step back, she seemed a little nervous, but did not discard the piece of glass.

Zhang Mu felt his admiration towards this woman increase, she seemed a lot more reliable than Fatty, and he immediately took out a blue ball of light from his backpack and handed it to her. “Luckily I have a skill sphere. There is no point in keeping it, so I will pass it to you.”

Leng Yun studied him for a while, then with eyes glistening, she whispered, “Thank you.”

[Healing Hand, Level 1], D ranked skill, maximum level 5, consumes 1 mana per second and the target recovers 2 health points per second, maximum distance 0.5 meters, no cooldown.

[Leng Yun], elemental mage, level 1, 8 health points (80%), 30 mana (100%), 4 strength, 4 vitality, 4 agility, 11 spirit.

Zhang Mu said, “This is a pretty good healing spell.”

Leng Yun seemed to have become a lot less cautious towards Zhang Mu, “He has a gun on him, are you sure you can deal with them?”

Zhang Mu nodded his head as he spoke, “Just because they have a gun, doesn’t mean they are invincible.”

Leng Yun walked forward, white light emerging from her palm shimmering and glistening as it flew through the air in patches of white before scattering on Zhang Mu’s body. His wounds visibly sealed as his health points quickly recovered, and within 6 to 7 seconds, Zhang Mu’s body was woundless, his health back to 100%.

Fatty’s eyes went wide, “This skill is really good! Little lady can you heal me too?”

Zhang Mu nodded his head as he spoke, “I’ll need a helping hand, heal him too.”

Leng yun used about eight seconds to fully recover Fatty and the originally beaten half-dead Fatty immediately revitalized, like a living dragon or a fierce tiger. [Healing Hands] was a very practical skill, especially since there were no potions in the early days of the calamity. Therefore, Leng Yun, who had learnt this skill, was essentially priceless.

Outside, the sound of battle eventually died down. The Cat-men outside had been dealt with, so Brother Hei was returning with his men.

Zhang Mu gestured with his hands, “The three of you go and hide properly.”

After the three people had hidden behind a desk, Zhang Mu stood at the side of the door while Fatty stood in front of the door, waiting for the footsteps to get closer.

Brother Hei’s gasping voice rang out from outside, “Damn it, such bad luck, we won’t be able to stay here for long. After tonight, we will move away!”

“I’m sure everyone is bubbling with anticipation, so tonight we must use those two ladies to extinguish that fire.”

“Well said.”

Brother Hei spoke as he pushed opened the door and because the lighting was extremely poor, he was unable to see the situation clearly, he could only see the emitted energy that coated Fatty’s body. The light illuminated the entire room revealing Fatty, poised in a charging position and ready to strike.


As Brother Hei raised the pistol to shoot, the edge of a dagger flicked from the left, slicing through his right arm and causing him to scream in pain.

“Brutal Charge!”

Fatty erupted with a roar, his feet stomped hard as his body was wrapped in an oppressive red energy. With the shocking force of a runaway locomotive, he bulldozed through the mass of people. It was as if an explosion had occurred, the steel frame of the door was ripped open, Brother Hei was struck with the full force of the blow and was sent flying five or six meters. After crashing into the wall with a strong impact, he slid off the wall lifelessly, all of the bones in his body broken.

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