High School DxD

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My name is Hyuoduo Issei. I am a sophomore, and I hardly remember how it feels to have a lover. Could I expect to get lucky and get a girlfriend? Certainly, no! With her, I wanted to reach perfection and puberty, but she suddenly murdered me for no reason! We haven’t even quarreled!

Can anyone explain to me why I opened my eyes instead of arriving in heaven? Is there any divinity here?

When I woke up I saw Rias Gremory – the prettiest girl at my school who was a dream of every guy. She rescued me to turn me in a second Diablo as she was the first! Now as I should be thankful and can’t escape my obligations, I have to be her servant. Her words and body seduced me, so I agreed. The Academy- Love Comedy- Battle Fantasy promises to show passion and despair.

High School DxD

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