High School DxD / High School DxD Volume 23 afterword


This is the second volume of the final arc. Hello, this is Ishibumi Ichiei.
The story this time was centred on Asia, Xenovia, and Irina and their future promises with Issei. I think that some descriptions are still inadequate, but please continue to pay attention to their relationship with Issei from now on. Well, although this is the final arc, this is similar to volume twenty two in maintaining the initial feeling of DxD, and the remainder of the final arc will be written in a similar fashion. Next is a commentary on volume twenty three.

[King] — the growth of the high-class Devil Issei and the President of the Occult Research Club Asia
This time, rather than fighting, there was more focus on youth in sports. So far, I’ve always written about Issei’s physical growth, so I’ve focused on the mental aspect this time and described his growth as a senior high school student. While planning the final arc, I had already decided to have Issei lose one time, but in that regard, a plain loss would have been meaningless. So the development of the story involved the mental growth of both Issei and Asia, as well as their future development.
A year ago, Issei tasted defeat in a game and felt disappointment after facing a formidable opponent. A year later, facing those who have experienced the same defeat, he understood the disappointment of his junior and subordinate, so Issei said something that Rias and Azazel normally would have said, and this allows readers to feel his growth.

[Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth] team, about the new members
First is Elmenhilde. Because I had long wanted a vampire girl who liked Issei to be in the group, I spent a long time but I’ve finally written it. From now on, please take care of Elme!
Next is Nakiri Kouchin Ouryuu. In reality, he and Millarca use their phones (which should now be smartphones) as the male and female protagonists in Ajuka’s ‘Game’ (Ajuka and Tiamat are also important characters). But the related setting is still not in perfect shape, so their characters have appeared in DxD first. Nakiri and Millarca’s story will be published in the future. Of course, Issei and the others will also appear. Please patiently wait. He is not the protagonist in DxD, but a supporting character who respects Issei from the bottom of his heart.

Bina and Mr. Black’s true identities, as well as the addition of Roygun and His Eminence into the battle!
First off, the true identities of the [Queen] of the [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth] team Bina Lessthan and the [Pawn] of Rias’ team Mr. Black have finally been revealed. I’m sure some readers would have guessed it already. There are still many mysteries surrounding Grayfia’s actions. They will be explained one by one in the future. Secondly, Strada has joined Rias’ team. Because he was too strong, I didn’t originally intend to have him re-appear in the main volumes…but it would actually seem unnatural if he didn’t participate when there were god-class beings participating in this exciting tournament, so I decided to let him join. Last is Roygun Belphegor who approached Issei because she wanted to become his vassal. Issei is beginning to become surrounded by onee-samas filled with charm like Grayfia, Tiamat, and Roygun.

[Trump Card of Heaven] team, regarding Dulio and Rudiger Rosenkreutz
This time, I was finally able to introduce the Aces of the reincarnated Angels. Aside from Irina, the group of three Aces will occasionally show their faces in the future.
—The players of Dulio’s team didn’t fall despite seeing uniforms being ripped apart, they are powerful warriors who have undergone strict training, so although they are troubled by it, it is very difficult for them to actually fall. Irina…perhaps she still needs a lot of training.
Appearing as the supervisor, Rudiger had already appeared once as the referee during the battle between Gremory and Bael in volume ten. He has always been a frequent topic of discussion ever since his debut. I was finally able to complete his introduction this time.
As for the Rating Games, I think there are still many contradictions and loopholes because I wrote very energetically, so I would be grateful if readers don’t mind the details too much.

Acknowledgements and future developments!
Next are my acknowledgements. Miyama-zero-sama, Editor T-sama, I’ve been in your care every time! The upcoming twenty fourth volume is the final volume of the Tournament’s preliminaries. There are terrifying groupings like Rias’ team VS Vali’s team, and Issei’s team VS the Next Generation Chief God’s Alliance team! After these two games conclude, the Tournament will officially move into the final knockout competition.
The next book to be released is volume twenty four…I really want to say that, but it will be DX4. But, volume DX4 which will be on sale next is a special new story as it will involve the ‘Sairorg team VS Cao Cao team’ chapter as well as the ‘Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth team VS Sitri team’ chapter, two particularly special chapters!
The events occur in between volume twenty three, so it could in fact be considered to be volume 23.5. This will not be a youth sports volume, but one in which hot-blooded battles are the main theme. It will be a confrontation of power and technique as well as a showdown between the old and new Student Council. —Of course, if it was only about battles, then it would be a bit monotonous, so if there is still room, the usual flirtatious day-to-day life of DX will also be included. Although it is part of the DX series, volume DX4 can also be seen as part of the main series, so please stay tuned!

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