High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 130

An hour later, Issei regains his senses, the moment he wakes up . . . his mothers hugs him tightly, and she appeared to be crying . . .

He looks around, the place he was currently in was the Infirmary that Zeref runs, in the main building of the {D x D} HQ .

He then manages to speak, “Mom, I’m fine . . . I just, what happen there?” Issei asks looking for an answer . . .

Merlin walks up to him and then speaks, “Look for yourself” she then waves her arm and a huge screen appears on the roof of the Infirmary, the place she was currently showing was the Training room where Issei was there some time ago .

The spatial dimension was shattered, the entire training ground had turned to dust . . . nothing remain, the power was so tremendous than, people from Realm 8- reported events of a severe earthquake, which spread through the entire realm .

Not to mention, the entire Realm 9, was shaking furiously, maids working in the {D x D} alliance even thought that the realm would meet its end . . .

What dangerous was, this power was unleashed without any [Restrainers] being broken, but if something like that occurs, Merlin didn’t had any words to explain what would occur .

“It’s all good mother and father . . . and you guys as well . . . and ‘Brain’ too, thanks for helping me” Issei replies with a bright smile . . .

“Well no harm done” Merlin says and then continues, “So the next thing is . . . why I can’t sense any angelic or demonic powers from you?”

Issei replies, “Probably because I am a Nephilim, one of the passive skill is no one can sense my powers . . . that’s an advantage I have”

“How are you feeling then?”

“Balanced . . . would be the right answer”

“Also there is a tattoo on your back, tattoo of wings, probably which represents your Nephilim wings . . . I would say Ise, those wings are rather unique”

After listening to Merlin, Issei looks towards his parents, and then speaks, “Both of you saw something too right, please tell me what it was”

After some time, it was Issei’s dad who spoke first, “Just like in the ‘Gremory’ family the lineage ability is [Annihilation] , in the ‘Bale’ family it’s [Destruction], in the ‘Abbadon’ family it’s [Hole], in the ‘Astoroth’ family it’s [Greater Barrier] . . . similarly in the family of ‘Lucifer’ it’s [Shadow Nova] .

An ability like black hole, which can absorb anything . . . power of eternal darkness, ability to devour . . . also, the ability can act as an projectile, when shot at an enemy . . . it will disappear like, he never existed .

This power played an important role when my father killed the God in the Bible . . . but-“


“This power was never inherited by any member of our family, father only had it . . . according to him, unless a body is strong enough, [Shadow Nova] won’t hold in . . . but in your case-“

“I have cultivated my physical strength to Celestial Level, that’s why my body can hold the power of [Shadow Nova]” Issei completed his father and looks towards his mother,

She too then sighs as she speaks, “The halo that formed behind your back, is something that I got from my father, [Bolt] also called true lighting . . .

Pure lightning strong enough to vaporize anything, and you inherited it”

“So, due to my body’s physique reaching celestial state, these things are possible, eh . . . interesting very interesting . . . “

After speaking Issei looks towards Merlin and speaks, “Recreate the spatial space, and rebuild the training space, you have five minutes, go”

Without saying anything back, Merlin nods her head and goes do the task given at her hand .

“Mother, I need to speak something to you”

“What would that be son?”

“Listen, Zorro here will be going to Olympus, to collect the fee for our latest task, I want both you and father . . . to go and visit Zeus”

Listening to Issei’s suggestion, both of the parent’s became shocked . . .

Issei’s mother was about to speak something, but his son raised his hand indicating that he’s not done speaking,” Mother and father, just like you are my parents and worry for me, he is too a parent and worries for you . . . at the least speak truth to your father” after speaking Issei gets up, and hugs both of his parents . . .

“Let him see his daughter and son-in-law, if he is angry face it together”

Van and Thalia both understood what their son wanted them to do .

Honestly, this kid is already so matured, both of them couldn’t help but think something like this . . .

“Alright, Lady Thalia . . . your father won’t kill you, but I’m not sure about myself”

“Well . . . I don’t know, some meat of you will remain, I guess”

“Some meat . . . eh . . . should I change my mind?”

Both the parents fooled around a little, then Issei gave Zorro the instruction and the three of them head to Olympus .

. . .

Issei was currently at the new built training hall, Tatsuya was monitoring his movements,

“Listen Ise, [Shadow Nova], is something that even Silva and Van Lucifer couldn’t do, surely . . . it will take a few months for you to master . . . it? and you did it just now?! What?”

Merlin was lecturing about how Issei would need to train, but even before, she could complete the sentence; his arms covered with black sphere from which smokes were generating . . .

After using, that ability, which literally eradicated or rather, its existence, vanished whatever the black substance touched .

“Alright on to the next one!” Issei manipulated the white lighting, and easily controlled it, it was as if he is an natural . . .

“What’s my stats?” Issei asks this to Tatsuya,

“Well judging by your new abilities, you can pretty much be considered the strongest, I have adjusted new limiters for you, since you are already familiar with magic you will be freely use it . . . since it’s a body of a Nephilim, you can use both holy and demonic attributes .

After your affinity return, you can now master [Nen] and [Maken] as well I will make a regiment for you at a later date”

After speaking, the voice disappears . . .

“Alright, I’m ready to learn new stuff . . . “

“You do remember that you need to visit Rias now right”

“Oh! Shoot! Come with me . . . “

“Ok, ok”

. . .

The entire Occult Research Club, including Merlin, was standing in front of a door at the Old School Building . . . which was chained down, and locked to boot . . .

Issei already received his lecture of why he came late and now, all of them were about to see the another [Bishop] . . .

Rias unleashes the door and the entire lock falls down, she slowly opens the door . . . which makes a creak sound,

Asia sticks closer to Issei after listening to such sounds, even Xenovia . . .

A large royal bed was kept and something was moving under the covers, slowly two bright red eyes came to view . . .

Everyone kept quiet, as Rias walked near the bed . . .

After unravelling, what Issei, Asia, Merlin and Xenovia were expecting, like a dangerous creature, it didn’t appear rather . . . rather, a cute crying girl with short blonde hair, and deep red eyes . . . who appeared to be crying . . .

She was wearing Kuho Academy’s first year uniform as well . . .

“My, goodness . . . such a cute girl” Issei exclaims,

“Indeed, he’s cute isn’t he?”

“Yes . . . wait, bucho . . . he?”

Pulling that child closer Rias speaks, “This is Gasper Valdi, a half-vampire my another [Bishop] and a boy”


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 131:- Problems of a Shut-in

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