High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 131

“He . . . boy? Are you sure? He looks; no I am entirely sure he’s a girl” Issei seemed confused and had a shock expression . . .

Even Xenovia and Asia were at a complete loss of words about this kid . . . who is actually a boy in girl’s clothing .

“Ise, even though he looks like this, he is most definitely a dude . . . ” Rias speaks as she looks at the Half-Vampire .

“Ki . . d . . . boy . . . shota[1] . . . shota . . . . kid ” Issei felt the erotic aura around him, he instantly understood what is about to happen .

This affection or rather the strange erotic aura being radiated from a certain girl, who is none other than Merlin herself . . .

Issei instantly understood what the situation is about to turn into, this was not none to anyone . . . anyone except Issei, Merlin might like or love Issei, she even had sexual relationship with him, but she had a bad side of her . . . that might get her arrested by the F . B . I .

The thing is Merlin is a shotacon[2], she loves small and cute boys . . . to the point that she almost loses her control and gets ready to do ‘Certain Things’ with them .

‘Shit, Merlin is about to lose control’

Issei thinks in his mind, after which, he watches Merlin slowly walking towards the Half-Vampire,

Rias is taken aback when suddenly Merlin appears beside her, she is even more shocked to see her face . . . it was red, her smile slutty, she was even drooling, she pats Gasper’s head and speaks in a seductive tone,

“Shotkun, Onee-san . . . will help you get accustomed to the surroundings, come let me hug you~” Merlin was about to hug, Gasper . . . who got teary eyes just by looking at her seductive expression . . .


Something happen, unknown to anyone . . . but Issei and Merlin saw everything .

Gasper, disappeared from his place, and hid inside a box near the room . . .

“What just happen?” Asia asks she was confused, so was Xenovia . . .

Rias laughs, the other members Akeno, Koneko and Kiba kept quiet, they knew about Gasper’s powers . . .

Rias continues, “Gasper here, has a scared gear as well . . . it’s-“

“[Forbidden Balor View], ability to stop time for a brief moment . . . interesting, very interesting” Issei speaks, as he too walks near Gasper . . .

With a bitter smile Rias speaks, “Ise, is there something you don’t know?”

Issei only smiles to Rias’s question, the then focus on Gasper and continues, “Kid, you are pretty interesting, you’re scared gear is also one of those, whose strength can rival a Longinus, I have taken an interest in you”

“Eh?” Gasper speaks in a cute voice, which even made Issei difficult to believe that he is a dude .

“Don’t worry kid, Onee-san likes you, come fall in my arms” Merlin dashes near Gasper once again,

“N-no don’t come near, you scare me . . . please don’t come near” Gasper is terrified to see Merlin in such form, who is chasing him .

He stops time again, and with his box, transfers him to the other side of the room, but this time something else occurred too .

The moment he arrived in the different location of the room, Merlin and Issei were already standing in front of him .

“Eh? How did you?” Gasper was shocked to see those two people in front of him, never in his life he was found someone who cannot stop or be in the standby position due to his abilities .

Even before Gasper has a chance, Merlin pulls him closer and hugs him tightly; he lets out a deep cry, indicating that he is uncomfortable . . . but Merlin doesn’t gives a damn, she loved cute little boys, she will keep loving them .


Issei uses a chop to knock Merlin out at an instant, he then picks her up and says, “Give me a moment, I’ll throw- I mean send her away, she has a little problems when around cute and little boys, she loves them a little too much that’s why”

Everyone was rendered speechless .

Issei goes out of the room and using a spatial teleportation, he sends off Merlin, but he using the teleportation, is not seen by the Gremory group, he still intends to keep this secret of his existence for some time longer .

He enters to room again, the once Gasper who was crying was now sitting quietly, and looking at Issei who just entered the room . . .

Watching Gasper’s expression Issei asks, “You want to ask something, right? What would that be?”

“How did you . . . not went into the state where you cannot move, when I stopped the time?”

“Kid, first of all it’s a basic misconception that [Forbidden Balor View] stops time, it actually creates an isolation barrier, in that you are able to freely control time .

Now, if this area was your isolation space, why didn’t Merlin or I froze, pretty simple . . . there are two reasons, you still haven’t honed your skills and abilities to its finest, second Merlin and I, are just as strong as the current Devil Kings, who have massive power, that’s why your ability has no affect on us . “

Everyone, except Gasper no longer felt any shock, yes they did had the jealous feeling of not being able to compete in strength, but they were glad that he was in their side .

“I didn’t ask, what is your name?” Gasper makes the first move for conversation, Rias is taken aback, the child who never made or rather didn’t even try to make conversation . . . talked to Issei, at that moment something flashed in Rias’s eyes, she thought the only person who could help him right now is Issei .

“The name’s Issei Hyodo, the pawn, and second year in Khou High School, and what about you?” Issei asks with a bright smile .

Gasper’s eyes sparkles watching such handsome and dashing devil in front of him, who was strong as well, basically the kind of man he wanted to be, to too replies with a small smile,

“My name is Gasper Valdi, it’s pleasant to meet you, I am first year in Khou Academy, though I haven’t attend a single class”

At that moment, Rias remembers something and then makes a devilish smile and then she speaks,

“Yuuto, come with me, the Demon Lord, wants to meet you especially he is interested in your new sword, and Akeno you come with me as well, the rest of you except Gasper and Ise go and work to get pacts”

“What about us?” Issei asks,

“Get to know each other well”

. . .

After which both Issei and Gasper were left alone in the room, Gasper still stayed inside the box, he was still afraid to make any more conversation .

“You’re a shut in aren’t you?” Issei is the first on to speak,

Gasper stays silent, “Gasper, how about you tell me what problems you face?”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 132:- Chief of the Angels

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