High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 132

Gasper Valdi, was born in the Noble Family of Vampires, the Valdi, in Realm 6 .

His mother was human, his father was a vampire, the thing is, and his story starts from the day he was born .

Something terrible happen, what the human mother gave birth to, did not have any humane shape or size of baby, pitch-black aura was radiating from his body . . . just from the sight from the baby’s aura, his mother and multiple vampires died .

His actual body did not show up until two weeks, of his birth .

He was considered threat the moment he was born, but he was not killed .

Gasper’s father thought he could be used as a weapon in the future that is why he was kept in confinement, given basic education and basic training .

At the age of six, something much more deadly was found, the kid, who was named Gasper Valdi, was born with scared gear called [Forbidden Balor View], ability to stop time (explained in the previous chapter by Issei) .

Strange abilities and a scared gear, he could have been a threat, which is why his father decided that this kid must be roughed up and taken under control, which is why under the Head Valdi’s command, the other vampires bullied Gasper .

But, not everything was bad in Gasper’s life, from one of the Day-walker vampire clan, called the ‘Tepes’ one of the girl, who was half-vampire and half-human as well, took care of Gasper, the name of the girl was Valierie Tepes .

She was the only one in the entire Realm who looked at him with kind eyes, but fate had different plans due to a uprising, Tepes family had to fight against the Hellsing family who were considered the strongest among the Vampire’s race .

Then a message came to Gasper, due to the dispute Valierie Tepes was also killed, at that time he couldn’t understand what was right and wrong, and went berserk, killing almost half of his clan .

The Valdi Family head finally came to a decision, which was to eliminate Gasper Valdi .

Gasper heard about, even though he was just a kid he had the will to live, he ran away, he ran as far as he could but failed, his own father and the elites from his clan went after him, and he was killed .

The last thing his father said before letting him die was, “You can at least see the sky before you die”

At that time neither Gasper nor his father knew, that letting him watch his own last moments will be the reason he will be saved, fortunately a crimson haired girl was running through the place with her horse, she stopped near where Gasper died .

Her hair blowing through the wind, crimson in colour, she was none other than Rias Gremory and the reason why Gasper is still alive today .

. . . .

Even though Gasper said all of these to Issei in a low tone, it still contained deep feeling . . .

Issei understood, the reason why Gasper wavers around people is that he cannot trust other due to the treatment he has went through, Issei exactly knew what to do .

“Gasper, you are stupid” Issei speaks, his voice indifferent .

“!?” Gasper is shocked and taken aback as well .

“Gasper, listen the thing is you have shunned yourself from other thinking that they might act the same way like the vampires did to you, but that will never be the case . . .

If you come out of the box, and walk out of this room, this will only give you much more hope, you can have friends who care for you .

Always remember its okay to trust others, sometimes you will find yourself in the darkness, alone that time-“

Issei extends his hand towards Gasper and continues with a bright smile, “That time extend your arm towards any speck of light you see, and you will find yourself surrounded by people who care about you”

Bright and Kind .

Gasper’s impression, he never met any man like the one in front of him, perhaps he might change, and perhaps he will trust people yet again .

He holds on to his hand and gets up .

At that time, Issei get’s a call from Akeno .

“Hello, what is it Akeno-san”

“Ise-kun, please come to shrine at the end of the town”


Issei did not ask much, but agreed to meet up at the location .

Before leaving, Issei looks towards Gasper and speaks, “If you think you can trust me and other who were here sometime ago, when I return, I expect you to see sitting in the club room”

. . . .

It was almost evening,

Issei walks towards the shrine, which was located at the end of the town . . .

‘Looks like the shrine has been abandoned, but even though, it’s a holy place . . . why can I enter, ah- must be because this place must be considered a special case, that’s why’

Issei was thinking about how devil are able to enter the holy-place such as shrine .

While climbing the stairs, Issei saw Akeno standing near the entrance, in her shrine-maiden attire,

“You made it,” she says with a smile,

“Who wants to meet the worthless me?” Issei asks,

Akeno only laughs, and indicates that he should follow her .

. . .

Inside the shrine, the place which was actually empty,

‘This presence,’ Issei thinks in his mind, when he sense a strong holy power,

A huge golden-white magic array was formed from where two people came down .

The girl who, came first from the magic array, was wearing battle armour white-and golden in colour, she had long straight black hair, and deep red eyes, with fair skin and a golden halo on her head .

The other man who came down from the array, he had long golden hair, and ten golden-white wings sprung from his back, he had a halo on his head as well, the man speaks,

“Hell Red Dragon Emperor, I am Michael otherwise known as the Chief of the angels”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 133:- Be You

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