High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 133

“What does the chief of angels has to do something with me?” Issei asks in a carefree manner,

The girl who came with Michael, she gets pissed by the carefree attitude of the man in front of him, a lowly devil dare speak in this way to the Chief of Angel, she speaks in a tone of anger,

“Don’t get too full of yourself, lowlife” the black hair beauty speaks, that is in a rude manner .

“Yumeko, calm down, it’s not a big deal” Michael too speaks, with a carefree voice, he then looks towards, the lad in front of him and then continues, “We are here to discuss something with you, so please”

“I see, why not”

Michael, showed a faint smile , then he moves his arms in a spiral manner and another magic array is formed . . . from that, a sword comes down, a western sword which has a red hilt and grip, and a golden orb in the centre, the blade was glowing silver .

‘This is the dragon slayer blade, [Ascalon], interesting’ Issei thinks in his mind when the sword appears in front of him .

Michael speaks, “This is [Ascalon], and also known as the dragon-slayer, once used by Saint George, to slay the Evil Dragons . . . now before the three faction meetings I give this to you”

Issei did not know why Michael is doing this, well was it for kindness or something because only the current angels did not know about the {D x D} alliance’s head, this must also be one of the reason .

“Why are you giving this to me?”

“You, who is considered the strongest as the current Red Dragon Emperor, as the mark of peace we give this sword to you”

“I understand”

“You should be grateful that, you are receiving such kindness from Lord Michael” the girl, whose name was Yumeko, speaks in a haughty tone yet again, she doesn’t seem pleased by his master’s act, she then continues, “And strongest Red Dragon Emperor, what a joke! We can’t even sense a drop of demonic energy from you and yet you proclaim to be strongest . . . what a joke”

Michael could only show a bitter smile .

Akeno too kept quiet, she was thinking that if this girl knew about Issei’s true strength, her trap would have been shut, nice and tight .

Yumeko’s neck glowed, after which a pendant appeared, which was made up of tiny sword and its centre was a silver orb, it glowed and dimmed, after that it started speaking .

a mechanical female voice was heard,

Ddraig, Issei’s Longinus replies, after the gauntlet is forcefully summoned by him .

“Oh, I have heard from Ddraig, there was a female Heavenly Dragon as well, but the history didn’t write her . . . The Knight Dragon, The Dragon of Swords, Vannlyth . . . but unfortunately Ddraig killed you” Issei gave a brief explanation after listening to the short conversation between the two heavenly dragon .

Listening to her Longinus speak, Yumeko had a grim on her face .

Both, Ddraig and Issei kept quiet, both of them clearly knew who was strong so no point of doing useless arguing .

That moment, something flashed in Issei’s eyes, he wanted to ask something, he got up, holding the [Ascalon] on the other hand,

“Sir Michael, I want to ask something” when he completed his sentence a golden magic array was already formed beneath those two,

Michael replies, “Child, during the three-faction meeting, I will listen to you because unfortunately I don’t have much time in hand” after which both of them disappear .

The place became quiet again, leaving Akeno and Issei alone,

“[Weapon Wheel: Acceptance]” Issei speaks after which a red magic array is formed in his gauntlet,

<[Ascalon]! Accepted!>

The sword went inside the array . After the hoarse mechanical voice was heard .

“Does this conclude my visit?” Issei asks, after the sword enters the array, to which Akeno replies with a smile “Yes, it does”

She wanted to speak many things, but those words stuck in her neck, it did not escape her lips, the only thing she could do is show a faint smile .

“Would you tell me how are you related to one of the Governor of Fallen Angels, Barkiel?” Issei was the first one to ask, even though he already figured out the answer . . . he still wanted to hear it from Akeno, he figured out what was going on with her after the battle with Kokabiel .

At first she hesitated but then, Akeno thinks sooner or later she would tell him, and when he knows about the truth, he would probably hate her, so instead of later the best is now .

She turns and drops her top of the priestess’s attire; two wings came out of her back one was bat shaped, the other was black feather .

Akeno speaks, “My mother used to be shrine priestess, she once helped a fallen angel, and healed him . . . things just went on and they fell in love, I was a result of their love, a half human and half fallen angel .

However, the Himejime clan had different plans and banished my mother, and when they were about to kill her . . . my father did not come, all because my mother fell in love with a fallen angel .

See Ise-kun, I am actually a fallen angel, even though I am reincarnated as a devil, that fact does not change . . . perhaps I am telling you this because I wanted to be hated by you and Asichan as well .

Your deadly childhood and death of your sister, the cause of death of Asichan, was all because of a fallen angel, it would only be normal of both of you to hate me . “

Akeno completes her sentence and shuts her eyes, tears slowly fell . . . she was ready to accept the hate .

Suddenly she felt two war arms surrounding her waist, which even pulled her closer .

Issei had a bright smile on his face as he did this then continued,

“The fallen angel who was responsible for my past is different; the fallen angel responsible for Asia’s death is different, and you Akeno-san are different . “

The black hair beauty was at a complete loss for words, what she expected . . . she was getting a different result .

“I don’t care about your past, all I want is that you, to be yourself, a Senpai to me and Asia . . . both of us will never hate you because of your half existence of being fallen, it’s all good . . . you are you and not Amenadiel or Raynare, but Akeno, who is kind and gentle”

‘You . . . you, even though I wanted you to hate me’

At that moment, Akeno broke all the chains that held her feelings and turned to push Issei on the floor .

“All done, I . . . want to be your third”

Issei was taken aback; he did not quite get it “Third?”

“Rias . . . Asia, and from now me too”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 134:- Magic Girl At School

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