High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 134

Currently Issei’s mind was filled with only one thing, Akeno’s two big and soft, just as marshmallow naked breasts on his chest . . .

Those size and softness could actually rival Esdeath’s breasts they were that big .

“Akeno-san, are you sure about you know, what you’re doing now?” Issei asks, because he was taken aback, by her actions .

“Don’t care anymore~ how about it? Want to sleep on my lap, I can assure you its quiet soft~ Ise-kun~” her expression becomes seductive as she forcefully puts Issei’s head on her lap, while her breasts being exposed . . . not that Issei minded it .

Akeno is ruffling Issei’s hair giving off a seductive look, well Issei didn’t hold back either he moved his fingers through her thighs, which made Akeno moan slightly . . . it was indeed the feeling she took interest in, the feeling of the man she fell of touch her, the warmth as if with each stroke she would melt .


“Am I interrupting something?” a sudden voice came from the entrance door of the shrine, a crimson hair girl was standing, her cheeks were red, she showed the signs of anger . . . being none other than Rias herself .

Instead of scolding anymore, she only speaks, “Ise, did you receive the sword?”

To which he replies, “I did”

“Good then, do what both of you please” after speaking she leaves, her lost in interest indicated that she was indeed angry, with both of them .

“Ara . . . looks like we made her angry, now that’s a rare expression that I see on her face” Akeno speaks with a smile .

Issei get’s up and bows, indicating that he was leaving, he rushes near the stairs where Rias was walking, she stops in her tracks to look behind . . .

Issei was right behind her, who happens to be apologizing, she only tells, “Well, I no longer care what both of you do; I will head for the meeting with my Older Brother, this is where we part ways”

She speaks after which, Rias walks the other way . . .

However, when she spoke those words, Issei felt like they were going to separate their paths forever, somewhere in his heart, he felt the pain . . . but did not want to realize it .

‘Our paths are different, I don’t care what you do, just hand me down the power of Red Dragon Emperor’

A memory flashed through Issei’s mind, and suddenly he gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with anger, he then murmured to himself,

“When it comes to love, all women are same; whether it’s Haruka Shirina or Rias Gremory . . . they just look for their benefit . . . if I get the chance I will eradicate the word love . . . , girls like Asia and Merlin are pretty rare”


A woman’s mechanical voice was heard .

A blue colour [Limiter] appeared on Issei’s forehead, unlike normal [Limiters] it had more numbers in it and was rotating at high speed .

Issei takes a deep breath, and lets out a sigh . . . his left eye glows blue and then reverts to normal .


Issei ponders for a while after which, he thinks about the girl surrounding him,

“I’m such a hypocrite as well . . . but who cares” after which he spins his finger and points towards the sky, suddenly a saucer came down, from which a projection of human brain, blue in colour appears, this was none other than Tatsuya himself .

“You called me?” the projection speaks,

“[Weapon Wheel: Ascalon]” Issei speaks, and then the sword which was given to him by the Chief of Angels, Michael .

He holds the sword and puts it under the saucer, then continues, “Use it to complete [Galatine], speed up the process I want that weapon ready by the next month”

“Got it,” the projection replies as it disappears in the sky, with the sword .

. . . . .

Issei walks back to the club room, to his surprise Kiba, Xenovia, Koneko and Asia were present there as well, the other member who was present even before them was, Gasper . . . even though he was sitting inside of a box and still scared, he did come to the clubroom .

“Well, looks like you are becoming a little social Gasper, that’s good, you should talk to your club mates even more” Issei speaks after taking a seat in the sofa,

Gasper replies with a little cute smile as well, “I-I-I-I-I will do my best”

Everyone broke into a laugh .

. . . .

At night, Issei was casually sitting on his bed looking outside the window, the sky had no moon whatsoever, the sky was just black, suddenly a quote popped up in his mind, that he speaks to himself,

“There are three things that all wise men fear: the sea in a storm, a night with no moon and the anger of a gentle man”

Ddraig speaks; his left arm just glowed whenever Ddraig wanted to speak .

“Well, I am that kind of man, my sense of justice is 0, neither negative nor positive, I just do what I fell is correct, even though it might end up hurting people around me”

“Surely you jest, Ddraig, I still haven’t achieved everything, I want a harem . . . filled with one of the most beautiful women, I want to taste the finest wines and I want to do all of this while the world is in peace”

Issei makes a disgusted face, after listening to Ddraig’s question,

“Ddraig if you are joking then please stop”

“Look who’s talking, among the Heavenly Dragon, you were supposed to be one born with curses and hatred and yet you preach about love?”

“I’ll prove you wrong, that I will never fall, a bet it”

After which, Issei proceeds to sleep when he hears a knock on his door,


Two girls enter his room, wearing see through gown, they were none other than, Rias and Akeno themselves .

Issei thought it was a little weird for being Akeno here, after all, she did not live here and Rias was angry on her sometime ago .

‘Looks like their friendship is strong, that’s why they are together now, even after that small fight’

Rias speaks, “Akeno and I were in a meeting, and since I thought it’s late, she should come and spend the night here, I offered her a different room, but she insisted upon sleeping with me and you”

“Is-is that so?” Issei felt a little pressure by the sudden appearance .

“Well, I will make myself at home~” Akeno speaks in a seductive manner as she pushes Issei onto the bed holding on to the right arm . . .

“No fair, he is my servant” Rias didn’t hold back either, she held on to his left arm .

Both, Rias and Akeno used each of Issei’s hand to pull him closer, it was just like tug of war, the only difference was each time Issei was pulled in any direction, he would hit the boobs, which he rather enjoyed .

At that moment, even Asia got inside the room, when she heard sounds,

She got teary as she too jumped stripping her pyjamas, “Ise-san, no . . . I’m here too”

That’s how his night was spent .

. . . . .

The next day at school, Issei was walking through the corridor, when suddenly his friends, Matsuda and Motohama ran across him,

“Hey! Where are both of you going?” Issei yells, to which Motohama replies, “Magical Girl, has visited our school, she is in the auditorium” after completing both of them ran away,

“Magical Girl? The fuck?” Issei thinks, as he too heads towards the auditorium,

When he gets to his place, he is shocked too, he finds a pretty girl with black twin tails, her dress was pink in colour with many pretty design, she wore short pink pants and multicolour stockings, she had a cute hat too, and a staff with a star in it .

Her belly was shown a little, she exactly looked like a magical girl from the anime, she then makes a ‘V’ pose and says,

“Welcome, I am magical girl Levi-tan☆”


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 135:- The Three-Faction Meeting, Begins!

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