High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 135

“Magical Girl Levi-tan?” Issei was at a complete loss of words, the only thing he saw, was the Magical-Girl posing and ‘heard’ of boys taking pictures of the girl . . . but soon all of the guys, were taken outside the hall because the Student Council entered the hall .

From the council, the president herself, who was none other than Sona, the Vice-president Tsubaki and finally the chancellor Saji .

“So-tan!!!” the magical Girl says in a loud voice, it’s filled with joy and excitement as well, she rushes towards Sona and hugs her tightly and jumps . . . but this action of hers, was not much liked by Sona, as she made an angry face .

“Wait! Could she be –”

“Yes, she is Serafall Leviathan, one of the Devil-Kings and also Sona’s older sister,” Rias completes Issei, who just walked beside him .

“She, appears to be a little different from what I, imagined she would be” Issei speaks as he looks at the ‘Devil-King’ jumping up and down holding Sona’s hand .

Both Issei and Rias walk near the scene and Rias speaks, “It’s been so long, Lady Serafall, how you have been?”

Serafall turns towards Rias and does the ‘Magical-Girl’ pose once again and speaks, “Hello Rias~ I have been magical”

“I-I see” Rias makes a bitter smile after listening to Serafall’s reply, she then turns towards Issei and speaks, “You~ must the Red Dragon Emperor~, nice to meet you-“

“Yes, I am, it’s a pleasant to meet you, Leviathan-san” Issei replies after which he turns towards Saji and speaks or rather whispers, “Have you met her before?”

“No, I have heard a lot . . . but this is my first time seeing her in person”

“I see”

“Onee-sama, why are you here now? Weren’t you supposed to arrive at night, directly attending the faction’s meeting?” Sona roars in an angry voice,

Making a cute and sad expression Serafall says, “Bu-but-but I wanted to meet you, So-tan~ your one-chan misses you so—-much~~~, come here gimme a kissy~” Serafall leans, thinking that she would receive a kiss, but at that moment, Sona pushes her and runs away with tears and embarrassment, “Onee-sama, you big idiot”

“EH???!!!!!!!!! So-tan!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait!!!” after her Serafall runs as well, seeing the situation Tsubaki and Saji decide to rush as well, leaving Issei and Rias behind, both of them could only sigh, watching a little sister and her older one having massive sister-complex .

. . . .

It was evening, outside the clubroom . . .

Issei was training Gasper, how to properly control his power, beside him Kiba was standing as well . . .

What Issei was doing was, he was throwing ball in mid air and Gasper has to stop it, so that Issei could check for how long he could hold up . . .

However, he usually could hold up his power only for a minute and that is all, after which he drops down and cries that he cannot do it .

“Senpai—-I cannot do it,” Gasper cries, yet again . . .

“Goodness Gasper, it’s just one ball, you just need to concentrate your power, and well I can see that you are wavering”

“Should, I tell you some good ways to help you?” an unknown voice was heard, the person who came walking towards them, had blonde touch to his hair, mostly it was black he had a goatee, he was wearing a kimono and over it a brown coat .

The person was none other than Governor General of the Fallen Angels, Azazel, who had a grin on his face .

Naturally, Gasper was unaware of his identity, but Kiba prepared a sword, he very well knew who the person in front of him was,

Issei listlessly replies, “I know what you would say, use Vitra’s flame to balance the power or make the vampire drink my blood, which has the power of dragon in it”

Listening to this Azazel laughs aloud, and replies . “Indeed kid, you saw through me, [Boosted Gear Armament], [Sword of Betrayer] and now [Forbidden Balor View], the Gremory household has interesting members in it”

Azazel suddenly disappears and appears right behind Gasper, “But, I am a little more interested in you, kid” Azazel speaks as he extends his arm towards Gasper .

“Well, I would like for you to stop” Issei extends his arm and blocks Azazel’s, he too appears behind Gasper to stop him .

‘So fast . . . I could not even see both of them leaving there place, and I am a [Knight], my speed should be top notch, yet these people’ Kiba thinks in his mind, as he stares at the two figures .

Gasper has already broken into tears; he stammers and speaks, “Wh-wh-wh-wh-what? Drink blood? I-I-I hate the taste of blood, pleasssssssssssssssssssssse noooooooooooo!!!!!!!”

Gasper moves towards the tree and hides behind it .

“Hahahahahahahah . . . . interesting kid, I’m not a fool like Kokabiel, to challenge you to a fight, I love my life . . . later tonight then”

After which Azazel walks away .

“Come on now Gasper, don’t cry, he won’t bully you again” Issei tries to console his junior .

. . .

Near a high-class hotel, a woman with blonde-long hair, appearing in her late twenties, blessed with a beautiful body, had a worried expression on her fair face, that expression calmed down a little when she saw a man walking near her .

“Azazel-sama, where had you been, at the least inform me!” she screamed at the top of her voice .

“Oh, Shannot, great time, I need help from you”

“What would that be?”

“We got some supply stock, [Phoenix Tears] right?”

“Indeed we have some, but why?”

“Have the medical team ready, I want an operation done”

“Operation done . . . on whom?”

“On me” after which Azazel extends his right arm, on the surface it looked fine, but then, Shannot touched it, her faced showed the expression that of the horror .

“How-What just happen to you? The bones in your right arm crumbled to dust, your veins and other vitals in the arm are not functioning anymore, and we need to amputate it-

Just how did this happen to, of all people you?”

“I- just ran into a strong kid and perhaps pissed him a little, that’s all . . . hahahahahahahahahaa”

” . . . “

. . . .

Inside the Occult Research Club, the entire club was present and Gasper was sitting inside the box,

“Alright, we all would be heading for the meeting, Gasper and Koneko, I am sorry to say this, but both of have to stay behind since Gasper still isn’t used to meet new people”

To which Keneko replies expressionlessly “Don’t worry Gysuke [1], I got you, I have brought different snacks as well” she puts a crate of snacks, filled with it .

‘Is it for Gasper or for you?’ Issei could not help but think in such way, he then pulls out a PSP from his pocket and hands it over to Gasper, “Here, play with this, it’s yours from now on”

Gasper’s eyes glitter as he takes the console, “Is it senpai?! Thank you!!!!”

“So then my adorable servants, let’s head towards the meeting”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 136:- Things Never Go As Planned

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