High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 136

From the Devil side, Sirzechs Lucifer and Serafall Leviathan, their representatives, Rias Gremory and her peerage and Sona Sitri and her peerage,

[Longinus] – Issei Hyodo, [Boosted Gear Armament] Red Dragon Emperor .

From the Angels side, Michael, Chief of the Angels, his representatives, Irina Shidou (Human, warrior of church) and Yumeko Jamabe,

[Longinus]- Yumeko Jamabe, [Metal Gear Armament] Knight Dragon Emperor .

From the Fallen Angel side, Azazel, Governor General, his representatives, Vali and General of Fallen Angel regarding affairs Shannot Samuel,

[Longinus]- Vali, [Divine Dividing Armament] White Dragon Emperor .

The pressure in the room was too great, the people attending were not common, not even higher or ultimate class, and they go way up .

When everyone had entered, Xenovia was shocked to see that Irina was the one who came with Michael, she wanted to speak, but Irina on the other hand ignored her very existence .

. .

“That’s all for the report” Sona says as she returns to the position where she was standing .

“Good work, So-tan” her older sister Serafall says, her eyes were shining .

“Yeah-Yeah that’s right, one of my boys, Kokabiel caused you trouble, I apologize” Azazel speaks in a carefree manner, Vali and Shannot who were standing behind him, could only reveal a smile .

“That’s what we are here to discuss, after all it is a big matter, for someone who wants to trigger war” Michael states, then continues, “These kids have achieved tremendous feat defeating someone like him”

“Well, it’s true as it Michael, states” Sirzechs speaks, with pride filled in his voice .

“Well something tells me, if he knew that I was in the town, he wouldn’t dare to do such things” Azazel speaks,

“Well but he still dared to do so why didn’t you act then?”

“Michael, you made it sound like I did it, well I am sorry for not stopping my subordinate in time, sue me” Azazel waves his arm, then continues yet again, “How about it? Let’s ask our three Heavenly Dragon present here, regarding what they think of war, eh! Vali you go first,”

The silver hair youth then speaks, “I only care about strong opponents whom I can fight”

“Without a war, there are plenty of strong people out there, whom you can fight” Azazel replies to what Vali just spoke,

“Well, I suppose you are right”

“What about you? Yumeko Jamabe?” Azazel continues, as he looks towards the long black haired girl, who had a stunning aura surrounding her,

“Anything works” she listlessly speaks, and then Azazel turns towards Issei and asks, “And finally you, Red Dragon Emperor, what do you want?”



The room went into total silence, the hell did he say?

“Well, I don’t really like war and stuff- first,

I’m a S-class pervert- second,

Boobs, butts and thighs of girls is what I desire- third,

In short, don’t care about war, because I won’t get boobs during that time”

Issei states that clear, in front of High-tier class people, he states what he desires coolly,

Rias and her peerage could only sigh; they already knew that Issei was a pervert, openly admitting that he is one, now that takes some serious guts to do so .

“Hahahahahahahahaha . . . . you are interesting kid, aren’t you” Azazel states,

Michael turns towards Issei, and asks, “You, the Red Dragon Emperor, wished to ask something to be back then, I will hear it now”

With a smile Issei walks forward and says, “So, you did remember”

“I, made a promise, state what you want to ask, child”

“Even though, I have pretty much figured it out, but I still want to hear it from Michael-san, Asia loved God more than anyone, so why her of all people was considered heretic and was thrown out of the church?”

. . . . .

The Old School Building of the Khou Academy, where the Occult Research Club was located, outside of the building few people seem to move towards the building .

All of them were wearing cloaks, and their faces were hidden with hoodies, with a big eye on it .

The leader of the group who appears to be a woman had a grim on her face, when she entered the building .

Inside the room,

Gasper was playing games on PSP; on the other hand, Koneko was eating the snacks she brought for herself, at that moment, she sensed someone’s presence coming towards them .

‘Multiple hostile intent’ Koneko grabs Gasper with the box and puts him on her shoulder,

“Eh? Huh? Eh? Ara? Koneko-chan? W-W-W-W-W-What are you doing? Why have you lifted me?” Gasper speaks in a shaky voice, even before he got a chance to speak anything else Koneko dashed out from her room, the moment they got out, the room blasted, but there was no sound .

‘Sound nullification?’ Koenko thinks in her mind, when suddenly many dark figure approaches her, she dodges the magical attacks shot at towards Gasper and her, and tries to run away .

Gasper is terrified, he has once already experienced something like this happening to him, and now it’s him and his friend targeted he wanted to use his ability, but couldn’t he was too scared .

Alas! Koneko did not run not fast enough; the leader of the group then uses a capturing spell and binds her and Gasper to an orange magic array .

Koneko was turned upside down and placed on the wall

“Please let her go” Gasper cried, but the woman slapped him the next instant .

“Shut up filthy demonic kid, you dare to speak to me in such manner? The only reason we kept you alive because you are going to come in handy for our incoming plan” after which the woman takes out a solid bronze circular disk, and places it over Gasper’s chest .

“What-what are you doing? What is this?”

The woman ignored Gasper and continues, “Activate, [Force Balance Break]”

. . . .

The meeting of the Three-Faction was being held in the new School building,

Listening to such a question Rias holds on to Issei’s shoulder indicating that this is not the right time to ask such question, but he ignored her,

With regrets in his eyes, Michael speaks,

“After God was destroyed, only the [System] remained, the only thing that we had to do, in order to keep the ‘faith’ was to, provide divine protection, mercy and miracles .

Even with me as the centre, the church is barely functioning right now .

Consequently, there was a need to avoid anything that could negatively affect our [System] . “

“Well, knew it, you had to . . . I mean Asia could heal, devil and fallen angels on top of humans” Issei added,

Michael continues, “Indeed, the ‘faith’ of believers is the reason for those of us in ‘Heaven’ exist .

A threat to the [System], is a threat to our survival .

Therefore, anything that could negatively affect it had to be removed . “

“Of course, that’s why I suffered Asia’s fate too . Along with others who found out the truth” Xenovia states after taking a step forward .

Michael states, “Exactly, it was unfair, you were hardly heretics . We should have discovered another way . I ask your forgiveness . “

In all this talk, what Issei planned was going correctly, to fix Xenovia and Irina’s broken relationship .

And it indeed occur, with shock expression Irina thinks while looking at Xenovia, ‘So, she didn’t betray us’

“Apology accepted, Chief Michael . It’s interesting, I grew up in a church, so I must admit, I do a have few regrets . But to be perfectly honest, I am more than satisfied in my life as a devil . ” Xenovia states it with all honesty, the Gremory group smiled at her .

She continues, “I am sad though, for the other believers” after saying she averted her gaze, but her words had deep meaning behind it . . . in all this Irina started to feel guilty .

Asia then steps forward too, and when she speaks what she wants to, the Gremory group is even more pleased, “As am I, I am so much happier as a devil too, I have met people whom I cherish and they also care about me”

Michael lowers his head and replies, “Both of you are forgiving spirits and I am grateful for that”

Azazel makes a sinister smile and then speaks too, “Yes, I have heard about her . . . isn’t one of my underlings responsible for killing you”

A flash of past memories rushed through, Asia’s mind, her expression turned to that of the horror one, but then she felt a warm pat on her head, the person who did so was none other than Issei himself,

“Yeah, we know, don’t worry I killed her in return . . . it appears so, the fallen angels are only a bunch of weak crows, I presume” Issei states, as he walks near the table .

Azael, gives Issei a strong stare, but the only thing he could do is sigh .

“Naturally, I bear the full responsibility and I will make it up to you in a way, only I can” Azazel replies,

“I would like to know how” Issei takes another step, but at that moment Rias held on to his arm, “Ise, wait”


Suddenly something occurred, unknown to anyone . . . a strange presence, the sky turned orange and violet .

‘Things never go as planned . . . do they?’

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 137:- Interference and Betrayal

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