High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 137

Nature has a way of doing things that is how it maintains its balance, since ancient times scared gears users were hated .

However, Longinus and high-tier scared gears, hated even more by humans or by Gods .

What made these ancient artifacts of dangerous?

It multiplied ‘humans’ strength to the point that it could even rival the ‘Gods’ .

What made these more dangerous?

Their special ability called [Balance Breaker], in the name and functioning it increased the power of the user ten-ford, but-

That was not it .

The ability had a deep meaning behind it, the ability to influence nature and break the balance, that’s why it was termed [Balance Break] .

“What just happen?” Rias asks who is holding on to Issei’s arm .

Except for Kiba, Xenovia, Irina, Vali, Yumeko, Issei (and Rias holding on to him), Azazel, Shannot, Michael, Serafall, Grayfia and Sirzechs, leaving these people the rest in to room were froze .

“It’s Gasper” Issei states,

“Those of us with higher power were saved, Jamabe, Hyodo and I- our dragon abilities saved us, and the Holy-Sword users, their sword” Vali replies looking at the surrounding .

Indeed, Kiba was holding on to [The Sword of Betrayer], Xenovia was holding on to [Durandal] and Irina was holding on to [Excalibur: Mimic] .

The sky that was turned orange and violet actually was indication the place has been put inside an isolation barrier .

Multiple, orange magic was formed in the sky from where similar people who attacked Koneko and Gasper emerged,

Grayfia looks outside and exclaims, “Those are magicians, and Old Faction Satan’s devils as well, looks like this won’t be easy”

“But we need to fix others, and help in flow of time in this dimenshion” Rias speaks with worry on her face as she watches her comrades and friends, stopped by time .

Issei thinks this from sometime, “We can stop this, if Gasper activates [Counter Balance] of his scared gear, this can be turned back”

“But that would require him, some source of power to trigger it” Vali says,

“I have a plan” Issei then turns towards Rias and continues, “This school is still your territory right? This means we can use [Castling] and reach to their destination with ease”

Rias makes an understood expression, “Yes, Koneko is with Gasper, since she is my [Rook], we can do this then…Onii-sama, I will be going with Ise to save Gasper and Koneko”

Sirzechs smiles and says, “Go ahead”

“Meanwhile, the reaming two heavenly dragons and the swords users why not go and fight the enemies outside” Azazel makes this statement .

“”On it”” the handsome silver hair youth and the beautiful black hair girl, said it together as they walked out .

“We’ll do it, after all the three of us have fought together before” Xenovia speaks her voice filled with determination .

Irina looks towards, Xenovia bowing her head down she says, “Xenovia, I misunderstood you, please forgive me…I hope we can still be friends”

“What are you talking about? We are friends”

“Shall we being then” Kiba asks

“”Of course””

With the help of [Castling], Issei and Rias were teleported to the Old School Building, where Gasper and Koneko were located .

The moment the enter the room, Issei pushes Rias ahead, she doesn’t quite get it why he did so, but the next instant she understood why…a magical shot was thrown at them, to which Issei protected her .

“Would you look at that, the Gremory bitch is here” the cloaked woman speaks,

“Leave my servant alone, don’t you dare lay a finger on the child” Rias speaks in an angry tone…


A magical bullet was shot beside her, which showed the fact that she would attack if she moves any further .

“Stay there, if you want this little girl and vampire alive”

The shrouded girl spoke in a disgusted voice, then continues “Demonic filth, so dirty, I just want to vomit on your sight” she then spits right in front of Gasper .

“The only thing you are good for, is your ability or else I would have killed you the moment I saw you”

Rias was getting angry and impatient, but she was more annoyed about why isn’t Issei doing anything, if does so he can easily take down these bitches .

Instead, he walks near the table and picks up a knife then looks towards Gasper, and asks, “Junior, what do you want?”

“S-s-senpai, please…kill me, so that I can no longer cause troubles”

“Fool, if you want to rectify yourself do while you are still alive, tell me are you a male of the Gremory family or not” Issei cuts is arm with the knife and throws right beside Gasper and the blood sticks on Gapser’s cheeks .

“If you have determination, you can overcome anything…so what will you do, Gasper Valdi?”

That moment, he understood what he must do .

He took out his tongue and licks the blood that was on his cheeks, at that instant…his body rushed felt warm, the power of dragon rushed through his body, his eyes when the [Forbidden Balor View] activated…changed to red which was glowing .


Koneko suddenly appears, in Rias’s arms .

“What! It’s impossible, how did the vampire escape?”

“What’s going on, he has taken bat form is it balance breaker?”

Indeed the moment he licked, Issei’s blood, his vampire blood triggered enabling to shape shift .

Issei instantly knocked out, all the magicians present in the room .

‘It’s about to begin’ Issei thinks in his mind .


Vali knocks out, Kiba, Xenovia and Irina and they get smashed in the wall .

Both, Vali and Yumeko were using there [Balance Breaker] .

Both of their armor resembled Issei’s [Balance Breaker], but their appearance were different .

Vali’s armor was white, pitch white, and the color of his orbs were blue, his [Divine Dividing Armament] were his two large shining blue wings, which appears to be crystallized from his armor’s back .

Yumeko’s armor was silver, but it had a war maiden armor’s appearance, the orbs on her armor were blood red in color, multiple long swords were rotating near her hips .

Unlike Vali and Issei, her ability was to create swords, only swords that were strong enough to slay any being, even God class .

Gasper’s ability still had not faded yet; it still needs to take some time, the leaders of each faction came to the place, only to see the situation in front of them .

Another magic array was formed in the sky from where two more figures descended; the first one was a tall bespectacled woman with a voluptuous figure . She had tan skin with long brown hair tied into a bun with a headset and she had purple eyes . She wore an extremely low-cut dress and it had a high slit, which exposed a large portion of her breasts .

The other was a tall man, with a slim figure . He had fair skin and short black hair with green eyes . He was wearing a long black robe .

Among them, Shannot had joined as well .

Looking at the woman, who just descended from the magic circle, Serafall exclaims, “Katerea Leviathan? The descendant of the true Demon God Leviathan?”

“Indeed, Serafall, unlike you who took my mother’s name, I am a true Leviathan…and I must say… I hate the current Satans, because you all defile the name of Satan itself . “

“Is this the reason you are attacking us?” Azazel queries .

“No it’s much more, you all want to plunge the entire world into chaos and take control over it” Michael exclaims,

“Oh~ Michael nailed it… we wished to cause destruction and chaos to the world to rebuild it into a new world under the rule of herself and the other descendants of the original Satans with the administration meant to create a new world where the system, laws and doctrine suit the ideology of the Old Satan Faction . “

Katerea states, showing no signs of backing down, then continues “That’s why, I got a little help too, this man with me, is Klove Kradua, an Ultimate Class Magician, whose clan destruction occurred because of the New Satans, that’s why we aligned for the same cause”

The power of Gasper dismantled and everyone was able to move, Rias and Issei reached the room where their friends were located and gave them the explanation about what was going on, during that time…Issei was looking outside,

“Would you look at that descendant of the true Leviathan, Katera Leviathan is here, from the Old Satan faction…interesting” after which he runs out, followed by the rest .

“Well it seems both Vali and Yumeko are disappointed as well, after all Old Angel faction and Old Satan faction took away your name as well…isn’t it”

Both of them laughed from their armor .

While the rest who were there didn’t get what Azazel meant,

At that moment, eight bat wings from Vali’s back and eight pure white wings from Yumeko’s back swung open .

“I am Vali…Lucifer, the true descendant of the Demon God, Lucifer Morningstar, my mother is a human and my father, Silva Lucifer Morningstar…and since I am human as well, I was blessed with the power of White Dragon Emperor”

“Lucifer?!” Sirzechs exclaimed, after all he never knew another one existed .

“I am Yumeko Jamabe…Azarial, the descendant of Angel of Death, Azarial…coincidently my father is a human and my mother Azarial’s daughter…and thus like Vali, I was blessed with the power of Knight Dragon Emperor . “

“What about you Shannot? After all you were the daughter of Amaneidal, but your mother was the descendant of the ‘Dragon Eater’ Samuel, you have the natural ability to nullify the abilities of any dragon you come across to”

The woman only smiles and replies, “Indeed, I will avenge my father and that’s why, I will plunge the world into chaos”

Rias and Sona including her peerage were shock to hear such confession, while helping Irina, Kiba and Xenovia get back on their feet .

“Then let me guess, all of you put together and who could you be working for, what organization could it be huh?” While knowing the answer, Azazel makes a face like he knows nothing,

“How about I answer?” Issei speaks…

“Well…well Red Dragon, go ahead”

“Hmmm… . how about {Chaos Brigade}?” the moment Issei speaks, the three faction leaders were alerted, but then he continues, “But why? All of you are strong, you won’t follow a weak one, so who could be stronger than you…hmmm…Ah~ its Orphis…she is the one leading the Brigade right?”

The moment the name was heard, those who knew the name shivered .

Saji asks to Sona, “Prez, who is this Dragon God?”

She replies while fixing her glasses, “The Dragon God of Infinity, Orphis who according to the legends was banished from the dimensional gap after losing to Great Red”

“Correct, the true, one of the strongest begins” Rias added .

The magician, Klove points his finger towards the sky; the place starts to get, distorted .

From the distorted space, multiple Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils enter; they belonged to the Old Satan Faction, Old Angel Faction and Old Grigori Faction .

“To think you have aligned yourself with such people Vali, to think you would betray the poor me,” Azazel speaks,

“Indeed, but don’t mistake my aim as theirs, Jamabe and I only are in a group of strong people who wish to show their strength” Vali speaks through his armor .

“God! Desedant of true demon and true angel, half-human and Heavenly Dragon scared gears, both of you might me history’s strongest White Dragon Emperor and history’s strongest Knight Dragon Emperor” Azazel speaks, this time his tone had fear and disappointment in it .

“So, shall we kill you all?” Katerea speaks with voice filled with pride .

“Wait, if all of you the leaders of the faction fight these people and their armies, what it would indicate?” Issei asks, his question was replied by Sirzechs “It would mean, we have prepared for the war against the Old factions and the war would be triggered in the Underworld”

“In the Heaven as well” Michael adds,

“I will take all of them on, please ladies and gentlemen, and have some seat” Issei speaks as he walks forward,

“Ise? Are you stupid?” Rias rushed towards him, but was blocked by Grayfiya .

“Are you indeed stupid and have lost your marbles? Do you really think you can fight the army and us? Wait not just the army…[Summon: 1000]” the moment she does this the sky gets filled with dragons coming from a huge magic array .

“We intended to kill all the leaders here, so I brought my 1000 dragons as well”

Watching that, Saji exclaimed “WE are dead…!!!!!!!!”

“Well, indeed we are at a disadvantage” Issei spoke in a carefree manner, but he appears to be juggling something .

“What are you doing Hyodo?” Sai asks .

Issei stops and shows what he was juggling the moment the saw it, all of the pople present their…their heads were filled with horror .

What he was juggling was, Katerea , the Ultimate Class Devil, Klove, the Ultimate Class Magician and Shannot the Dragon Eater and Ultimate Class Fallen Angel’s each of their ‘head’ .

He…Issei Hyodo was juggling their head, that moment everyone’s eyes, went near the bodies, of those people…

In mid-air, from their neck, blood was flowing out like fountain and the bodies smashed down on the ground after that .

When did it happen?

When did he kill them?

Why did not anyone of us saw?

Is this some kind of illusion?

No, it is real he killed three Ultimate Class, even before the battle begun .

Issei throws away, the heads and speaks, “Kids, you started this make sure you all stand till the end”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 138:- The Man, Even Army Cannot Conquer

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