High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 138

Fear, it is just one word…but its ability can cause tremors that can shake the foundation of any person .

A feat, which is impossible to achieve, killing Ultimate-Class enemies with one attack, and so fast that no one did not even see what occurred .

“am I looking at some kind of illusion?” Michael asks, he could feel the tension in his skin .

“No… . it’s quiet true, he…killed three of them without us knowing what just occurred, is this the definition of overpowered, I must say Rias Gremory, your [Pawn]…just what is he?” Azazel speaks; his tone hinted that even he was fearing him .

“I-I do not know” Rias could only mutter to herself .

At that moment, Issei’s voice is heard, he appears to screaming towards Vali and Yumeko, their skin went into shock when he calls out their name, “Both the heavenly dragons, stay there…alright, increase your strength, I on the other hand, let me warm up, I’ll destroy this army, just rest there and wait for me to come, K!”

Issei speaks in a joyous manner, as if all of this is just fun to him .

“Ddraig, how about I use-“


A huge fireball hits Issei, and an explosion occurs, after which multiple fireball attacks landed on him, all of these attacks, were the actions of the 1000 dragons .

The dragons were making such remarks,

“Stronger than a S-class dragon, don’t joke…you all are lower than C-class”

Issei’s voice was heard from the smoke, after which his figure appeared, totally unharmed, even his clothes were intact .

“Listen dragon kids, this is what a roar means, [Welsh Dragon: Heavenly Roar]” the moment Issei says that, a red orb forms near his mouth, and then…



An insane amount of red aura, in the form of a dragon’s roar emitted and broke through the isolation barrier, actually destroying the barrier .

The force was so strong that it went out of the realm as well .

The land near him shattered, and within the dust, all of the dragons killed .

(Chapter 87, first time where Issei used [Welsh Dragon: Heavenly Roar)

“Well…that’s that” he speaks in a carefree manner, as he shrugs his shoulders .

“A thousand of dragons…”

“Dead…no eradicated at an instant”

Grayfia first speaks, her eyes wide open, which is continued by Serafall, whose eyes…were wide open too .

“I’m putting him under rank one of top 10 people I will never piss off, even if I die” Azazel speaks, he too continues, “From him to agreeably become a servant, that’s what I feel…isn’t right”

Indeed, it is common for people to feel such a way, since a strong would never follow the lead .

“My, my I destroyed the Isolation barrier, I need to fix it again” Issei looks back, actually looking at the top of the building he screams, “Merlin, mind fixing the barrier”

“On it” a woman’s voice was heard, at that moment all eyes looked towards the voice, a woman with long black-violet hair, wearing only jacket and panty and nothing more…who is none other than Merlin herself, but there was something different about her…

Twelve white wings, swung open from her back .

She floats in the middle of the sky and restores the isolation barrier .

“Who is she, I have never heard of any other angel in the human realm with twelve wings” Michael exclaims when he looks at the woman at the sky .

“That is the girl I wanted you to meet, Chief, she is the true daughter of ‘God in the Bible’ and a ‘human’, her existence was hidden by her father himself, I will explain it to you later” Issei gives a brief explanation, after which Merlin nods her head towards Issei and flies off .

Already they had received too much of a shock to see Red Dragon Emperor’s strength, but to think there is an Archangel level, angel wandering on the realm, that is something staying unknown from the heaven, that’s impossible .

“Red Dragon, I would like hear the details about her in a later date”

“I will”

Issei turns towards the two heavenly dragon, who were already pressurized by his strength, he looks at them with a grim on his lips, and speaks, “Both you increase your power, while you have the time to”

They did not quite get what he was getting to so they waited for further explanation .

“See the army, these people will be my starters, I will have both of you as my main dish…so please do not disappoint me” after which he turns towards the army, who already were afraid to face him .


The only word that would perfectly describe, Issei Hyodo and his existence .

The others, the three leaders, the Gremory and the Sitri group tried imagining themselves in the opponent army’s shoes…hell and heaven, NO! No more, imagining!

“[Weapon Wheel: Durandal]”

Usually when Issei uses weapon wheel a red magic array forms, which is just the size of his arm, from where he uses the weapon .

However, when he uses top tier weapons, a large magic array appears in the sky, when the weapon is bestowed .

From the magic array that was formed in the sky, a chained sword came down…it was none other than [Durandal] itself that Xenovia uses…there was a slight difference, it was twice as large as the one used by Xenovia .

Looking at the sword, Xenovia exclaims, “That is [Durandal], but how is that possible?”

“That is perhaps one of the two real [Durandal]s, Michael?” Azazel asks .

“That is probably true, judging by the aura and the size of its blade” Michael replies,

“Wait- Lord Michael, then the [Durandal], I have-” Xenovia asks, her eyes filled with intensity .

“The [Durandal], you have been passed down, is the replica of the real [Durandal] once used by the Warrior and the Hero Roland . The real [Durandal] was broken into two pieces and then created into two different swords, one of the sword’s owner is Vasco Strada and the other was, what we thought lost…but to think Issei Hyodo held it”

Michael gave them the explanation what they were looking for .

“But it’s strange isn’t it” Azazel says,

“Yes, from what I have heard the ‘real’ [Durandal] piece which was later created into sword, weighs about 100 tonnes, to have the strength to lift it with two arms, in an achievement…but to wield it using one arm, even Ultimate Class devils will fail to do so” Sirzechs replies to Azazel’s statement .

Issei heard this, in his right arm he was wielding [Durandal], indeed with rigorous training…and perfect balanced diet, which he did…but he gave a rather, unique answer…

He looked at his peers with great intensity and replied, “Yes, since the age of six, till two hours ago, twenty four times a day- I masturbate using my right arm, that’s the reason…I can lift any weight-“



The fuck?

In the middle of a battle?

Masturbate to increase power?

“So will my right hand get stronger too if I masturbate too?” Xenovia puts up a serious face,

“No- he’s joking” Rias stops Xenovia’s trail of thoughts,

“Yes, I am joking, you need to train to do so…I thought I would just lighten up the mood you know” Issei says, with a carefree smile .

Please do not do such things; everyone’s mind was filled with such thoughts .

“Alright, Old Angel, fallen Angel and Satan factions, please prepare yourselves, I am about to start, you see…this blade hasn’t been used in a while, it just might get rusty, so-“


He disappears, actually he rushes so fast that even the high-tier warriors cannot see, what just happen .


A grand slash, using the [Durandal] and half of the army blows away, into pieces…literally into pieces, blood spurted everywhere…it was actually a fatal blow with no mercy, strong enough that even Serafall felt like she was about to vomit .

“The moment you all knew that I was your enemy, you all should have ran away while you had the chance…but now…no one except me can save you all pitiful souls” Issei speaks in a cruel manner, then voices were heard,

“Please spare us”

“We won’t hurt anyone anymore, so please”

“Just let us leave”

“When the other innocent ones were screaming in agony, did you all spare them? When the little children, no connection to war begged for mercy…did YOU ALL SPARE THEM . Then why should I?

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…an evil for an evil” Issei lifts up the [Durandal] and smashes it once again, destroying the entire area in the process…and the entire army was now only a pool of blood .

Two solid smash, just two solid smash taken by Issei Hyodo…destroyed an entire army .

The roar he used before, killed all the dragons, all except one, the grey colored dragon’s wings and tail were burnt to crisp, he barely managed to doge it…his eyes drives near the lad covered in blood walking with a sword in his right arm, that expression…that strength he had seen it before .

Yes, he had seen that man…destroying beings, with mustering up energy the grey dragon speaks,

Every ear, was now attentively listening to the dying dragon .

The moment, the name Hellsing was heard, Gasper’s body shivered…he had his past friend lost due to this,

“Gasper, it was true indeed…I met a dying girl, whose name was Valirie Tepes, when I came across her…she did mention your name”

Issei says straight looking at Gasper’s eyes; tears fell down from Gasper’s eyes as he asks, “So you saw her die?”

“No, she actually lived, we saved her” the moment Issei spoke that Gasper’s tears stopped, as if he got a new hope, and says “Is it true senpai?”

“It is, junior”

People were only keenly listening to what the dragon had to say, at that moment…Vali interrupted, “Wait…that’s impossible, all this events were caused by, the leader of the {D x D} alliance, who should have appeared for the meeting, how in the earth Issei Hyodo did it”

that was the only sentence the dragon could manage to utter after which, it went in for eternal slumber .

That sentence was strong enough to cause a havoc among everyone, but Azazel, Sirzechs, Serafall and Grayfia remained quiet as they already knew about Issei Hyodo’s identity .

However, Rias Gremory and her peerage’s head were under turmoil .

The strongest being in the existence, one who surpasses Gods and even higher beings, is her servant?

What on the realm was going on?

She looks towards her older brother who did not have much of a reaction, she immediately understands .

“Onii-sama, did you know about Ise’s identity?” the moment Rias asks this question all eyes went on him .

Sirzechs smiles, “Indeed I knew, but I thought till the right time I must keep quiet, and this is it”

“So this is it Vali, Yumeko now that both of you know about my true identily, let’s not hold back” Issei returns the sword back to another dimension, then continues, “Both of you are my main dish, please let me enjoy it to the fullest”

“Fahahahahaha… . wonderful! just Wonderful! I never expected that I would encounter the leader of the {D x D} alliance, but since I have, I will defeat you here”

“I will fight with you, Vali” Jamabe adds, when Vali challenges Issei .

“Bring it”

Both of the rushed at the same moment, both in their [Balance Breaker] state rushed towards the figure .


A straight punch at Vali and another one at Yumeko, instant their armor shattered, they spat blood and were smashed against the building destroying it in the process .

“Come on now, the army couldn’t conquer me, at the least do something”

Vali stood up again, his legs were shivering but his face had a bright smile, Yumeko got up too…

They took their [Balance Breaker] state again and attacked continuously but it all failed,


A straight jab right at Vali’s abdomen, this time after his armor shattered he even bled from his nose and mouth as he falls down .

“Shit, I never expected I have to use this but, [Compulsive Gambler]” Yumeko says, as both Issei and her were suddenly inside a golden ring, and a box in front of them .

“This was a special ability I was born with, you can say a unique ability passed down to me, after the previous angel of death, [Compulsive Gambler] when activated, both of us are under the rule that none of us can attack each other or doge the projectile from the box .

The box contains a sword, which will be launched randomly, to me or to you, dealing a fatal damage .

I never once lost, in this game of luck; I will defeat you Red Dragon . ” Yumeko, exclaims as she thought that her victory was assured…but then,


The sword did deal a fatal wound, but to Yumeko herself, she could not understand what occurred as she falls down, sword pincer through her stomach .

Issei says, “Your ability [Compulsive Gambler] is deadly, that weapon could have dealt a lethal blow to me…but the biggest flaw in your ability is, it’s solely based on luck…whose luck is superior, this means only one thing…my luck is superior”

“I-Impossible” Yumeko says that as she coughs more blood, the moment she took out the blade from her stomach .

At that moment, Vali gets up too, somehow…even though pain rushed through his body .

This was the voice of the White Dragon the dwells inside Vali .

“S-So what, as long as I can fight strong opponents-“

Even before Vali could complete what he wanted to say, Issei interrupts,

“I never expected the White Dragon to be this, weak I am not satisfied…I know a way to boost your power, how about it Vali?” Issei reveled a sadist and an evil grin,

“How about I kill your mother?”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 139:- Crimson Empress of Extinction

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