High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 139

The sky was blue-white, but to Issei’s eye, it looked as the crimson sky .

A man in tattered robe, whose face was hidden, looked at the lad who was heavily bleeding from his body .

The lad was none other than Issei himself .

He tries to move his arms, but he fails to do so, he did not have any spec of energy left .

“Have I been bested? I even went all out and didn’t hold back, so there are much stronger beings than us, eh?” Issei speaks cough another mouthful of blood .

The man spoke, “Indeed kid, I consider you the strongest…but you, in the end were no match for me”

“A strong battle, is what always kept me alive…that is also the reason I am willing to accept death, at the least I’ll die with honor”

“Kid, if that’s what you want- I shall give it to”

The man walks near almost dead Issei, lifts him up and drives his hand through his heart .

. . . . . . . . . . . . … .

“K-kill my mother, you say?” Vali’s eyes were wide open when he listens to Issei comment .

“Indeed, I know her whereabouts, I know whom she married, and she has two kids on girl another boy, your step-siblings I presume”

“Why? Why would you do such things?” Yumeko asks, barely getting up .


“Why is Ise-san . . . saying such things?” Asia asks, her eyes showed that the current Issei was distant from them,

“Ho~ he is making Vali angry” Azazel replies,


“Indeed, sacred gears respond to feelings, depending upon the feelings, the power will rise or fall greatly” Michael adds,

“He is on purpose, making Vali angry, in order to have a good fight . . . what do you know, Ise is a battle maniac” Sirzechs exclaims, at that moment a crying voice was heard,

“Noooooooooooooooooooooo—- pleasssssssssssssseeeeee let me gooooooooo” it was none other than Gasper, Merlin was dragging him,

“Merlin-san, what are you doing?” Rias asks,

“I am taking, this kid with me for five minutes~ you don’t mind do you”

“But, he is my servan-“

“You don’t mind do you” Merlin’s hostile aura was so strong that, Rias turns and says,

“Let’s continue to watch the battle”


“No~~~~ . . . . Bucho~~~help~~~”

“Come on no~ Onee-san~~ is going to love you a lot~”


“Why would I do? Let’s see . . . to plunge Vali into despair so that at the least, our fight becomes interesting, after all if I kill your family, you will become an avenger right?”

“Stop it, my family has nothing to do with it”

“Their screams-“


“Their cries in agony”


“The despair in their faces when I rip of their life”


Enormous amount of aura radiated from Vali’s body, which was now covered by the balance breaker armor,

“I will show you, just how strong I am,”

“Oh~ really?”

Vali was furious; his strength was rising as he chanted,

“I, who shall awaken,

I am the Heavenly Dragon who has taken the principles of supremacy from ‘God’

I envy the ‘infinite’ and peruse the ‘dream’

I shall become the White Dragon of Supremacy

And I shall take you to the limits of white paradise”


Huge blast occurred as the aura erupted from Vali’s armor .

His armor grew twice as big, the golden horns on his helm grew bigger, his wings too increased in size .

The aura he was now radiating from every ounce of his body, a feat even ultimate class will fail to achieve .

Issei, feeling the strength under his skin, he commends, “Indeed, you are strong enough to take down, two or three Ultimate-class warriors”

“Shut up”

At that very moment, Vali dashes towards Issei, instead of holding back anymore, all ounce of strength in his right arm and directly jabs, Issei on the face who showed no intention of blocking or dodging .


That punch contained absolute power, multiplied by the power of his demonic strength .


“That punch, would you like to take that head on, Azazel?” Sirzechs asks,

“Eh? Are you kidding, I’ll take heavy damage, anyone will…even that Issei Hyodo…?”


All eyes were suddenly on the action in front of them, Vali’s punch packed with power and demonic strength, which Issei took head on .

The punch was still on Issei’s face, but he was not thrown aback or bleeding, instead he just laughs and says, “Disappointing”

Vali’s eyes were filled with shock, as he dashes back to his location, and roars, “Impossible, how-just what”

“I thought the way you used the pressure and the strength, it would do some damage, but my expectations keeps on getting betrayed”

“But- I have still touched you, as long as I touch any opponent, I can divide their strength, using by ability [Divine Divide], and since I am in my [Juggernaut Drive], my power increases tenfold”

Vali raises his hand towards the sky and uses his ability,

“[Divine Divide]”

… . ?

“What’s going on? [Divine Divide]! [Divine Divide]! . . . . why is it not working?”

“What do you mean?”

< [Divine Divide] can half anyone’s power, and convert it into yours, but the opponent in front of you, his power is too great to be divided, we cannot…in simple terms, he is at a level where our [Divine Dividing] won’t work >

“Im-impossible, all that and for nothing”

“Indeed, all that for nothing, surely your power isn’t limited to this much, use the power of the [Path] . Use it now” Issei speaks, expecting a tough fight, with determined eyes,

“[Path]? What is that?” Vali seems to be unaware listening to what just Issei said .

“Come on now, back in the era, dragons walked through [Path] of life, determining how strong they will become, but it is not necessary that we choose the same as well, when you choose a path you become stronger, so use the power of the [Path]”

“I-I have not walked through any path”

After listing to this Issei sighs, and talks to Ddraig,

“Ddraig, you told me that the Vanishing Dragon, Albion rivaled you…which meant the user should rival me, what is this?”

“Well true, now Vali it’s my turn” , Issei prepares his fist, Vali could feel the tension on his skin, this punch will most probably will make him a vegetable or dead, he cannot escape it . . . nor he can dodge it .

Take the attack head on and live . . . not possible .

Beg for my life? . . . he declared to kill my mom if I don’t go all out, that is out of question .

Any hidden trump cards under my sleeves? None . . .

Death awaits me .

At that instant, Vali understood, his life was in danger . . . he always awaited an amazing battle, like Issei he was a battle maniac himself . . . but he never expected to be beaten without doing anything .

At the least, he always hoped that he was willing to accept death, as long as he gets the battle of his life . . . but today was different .

He could not even make his opponent use his scared gear, let alone [Balance Breaker] .

‘I accept death’

Vali, well prepared his heart .

“Oye, Vali . . . you won’t die . . . yet” a voice was heard, a female seductive voice .

“Well, well looks like she is here” Issei speaks,


The entire isolation barrier broke down .

A beast was flying over the sky, which came into view it had a longed majestic, serpent body, and colossal wings, on its head a person was standing .

Azazel exclaimed when he saw the beast, “Its Quetzalcoatl, The Winged Serpent, one of the 10 strongest beasts”

But watching the person, rather the woman who was on top of the beast, Sirzech’s aura was increasing, it became that of a hostile one…but it wasn’t just Sirzechs, even Grayfia and Serafall’s eyes became cold and hostile .

The others didn’t even know what was going on, but when Rias saw the woman, she felt like she knew her, yet didn’t .

She looked like Sirzechs and Rias, but prettier, he breasts were huge and she had long crimson hair, she was wearing a battle armor, and had a seductive smile on her face .

She exclaims, “Zechs-chan! Gray-chan! Serchan! How are all of you, oh my Ritan! Look how much you have grown, and so pretty as well”

“Onii-sama, who is that woman, why does she feel so familiar?” Rias speaks, her eyes stuck on the crimson haired woman, who just jumped down from her beast .

Sirzechs sighed as he spoke, “It’s no use of hiding it now, Rias, let me tell you…one of the reason why the New Devil Faction won greatly was because there was one, monstrous devil on our side to destroy the enemy…but she actually turned traitor .

We were powerless to stop her, she was just too strong .

First daughter of the New Generation of Gremory family, a mutation among devil, a strong adversary…

The Crimson Empress of Extinction, Eleonora Sofya Gremory . “

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 140:- Battle of Annihilation- Red Dragon Vs Crimson Empress

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