High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 140

The man took out his arm from Issei’s heart, his body turned black; to ash…he was about, no Issei Hyodo died .

The dead body fell on the ground, the man sighed, it was only reasonable, as he was the strongest being to ever exist .

The man existed even before time .

It was laughable that a kid challenged him, who only lived for seventeen years .





The man in the robe turns to leave, when suddenly he feels a tremendous pressure, when he looks behind, his expression turns to the one of the horror, the kid…the dead lad, Issei Hyodo was standing on his own two feet .

His surrounding aura had changed considerably, he was a all new different person .

For the first time in eons, the man felt a itch in his heart, a little fear…from a kid .

He lets out a laugh, and reveals his handsome face .

“Kid, to able to transcend death, what on the universe are you? Oh! My manners, the name is Shildarts, I used to be the Celestial King”

. . . . .

“We had an older sister, how come I wasn’t told anything about it?” Rias asks, her face was pale when she saw the woman in front of her .

“Rias, I will tell you everything . . . now it’s not the right moment”

“Then when is, Ise’s secret, I have an older sister . . . what else are you hiding?” Rias speaks, her voice contained anger in it .

To which Sirzechs only kept quiet .


“Red Dragon…Issei Hyodo, but that is not your true name right?”

“Ho~ what makes you think so?” Issei too, speaks in a seductive manner,

“When I was coming here…I passed through Olympus, amazingly I saw a convoy where a couple was seated, and it seems they were your parents Van Hyodo and Thalia Hyodo .

I did some research you see, Issei Zeus Lucifer”

The moment she, Eleonora uttered Issei full name, the entire place became silent, and then all eyes went to Sirzechs and Grayfia, who kept quiet, and calm…since both of them knew Issei’s true identity .


“You Sirzechs, I am already too full from today’s surprises, now what is this crap?” Azazel asks, his voice contained annoyance in it .


“How about I answer you, honorable useless Governor General Azazel, this kid, Issei belongs to the race called ‘Nephilim’, half demon half god .

His father, is none other than Van Lucifer Morningstar, the older son of Lucifer Morningstar and his mother, Thalia Lew Zeus, daughter of the elder three of Olympus, Zeus .

This is where it gets interesting instead of being completely born as a ‘Nephilim’, you were given birth by a human woman, using a forbidding technique .

Since you were born as a human, the strength you had was strong enough to attract the Red Dragon Emperor towards you, but looks like you lost those powers…

But, now you have gained all of your powers back I presume, this means, our battle is ought to be interesting”

Eleonora continues to speak in the seductive manner, while all eyes were on them, two monsters among monsters were about to face off, she then continues…

“Who is going to defend those kids there, if we would begin our fight- I brought Quetzalcoatl-chan with me, you know”

“If only you had brains, as big as those boobs…did you really think that I came alone, where is Merlin?” Issei speaks and turns, to his surprise, Gasper was missing as well…

‘That bloody shotacon bitch’

“I apologize, looks like my second plan of protection didn’t work…I still have a backup plan” Issei says, but there was a complete silence .


“I said, I have a backup plan”


A huge magic array, forms in the sky and a figure, well a huge figure shows up…

It was ten times larger than any average building, the skin of the creature was silver and gold, and his eyes pitch black, his power unbearable and his wings colossal, this generation’s Heavenly Dragon .

“That-that’s Ziarmoith, the Bringer of Death . . . Heavenly Dragon” Azazel exclaims his eyes were filled with excitement .

. . .

< Ziarmoith, looks like he has surpassed me and Ddraig, when we were at our prime, he is truly befitting for the title of the Heavenly Dragon >

Albion speaks this to Vali, who purged his armor and sat near Yumeko, he already lost and didn’t have a speck of energy .

“This is going to be a battle among monsters, Red Dragon against the Crimson empress, this will be the battle we must watch” Yumeko speaks, but she does not gets a reply from Vali .

“What’s the matter?”

“I was under the illusion, that my group that I created could be counted as one of the strongest…but to think my illusion will break this bad, that I will be unable to force my long arch rival to use his scared gear, I am just pitiful”

“That’s not true-” Yumeko wanted to speak more, but in the end even she knew that whatever she spoke, it would only sound as an excuse .

“Yumeko, do me a favor”


“Don’t tell my team about this loss, I want them to find out about this man’s strength first hand by themselves”

Yumeko looks towards the about to occur battle and replies, “Got it”


“So, the Heavenly Dragon and the Flying Serpent, and you against me…sounds fun”

Eleonora speaks, her eyes were glowing…her aura pikes, so does Issei’s .

“[Welsh Dragon: Balance Breaker]”

A large sound was heard and then within the glowing red light, Issei covers himself with the scale mail, the [Balance Breaker] .

“You are strong; I need to push myself a little further remove [Limiters]”

a mechanical woman’s voice was heard , then Issei’s right arm, and both of the legs, the [Limiters] broke and now he was about to go a little all out .

This piqued Eleonora’s interest as she too prepared for the fight .

At that instant, both of them disappeared, and the only thing that remains are the craters that are suddenly forming out of nowhere…

Those where nothing, but other than the forces of punches created by those two .

The impact was so much that even the school building and the nearby buildings were about to collapse, at this rate the town will be destroyed…or the unspeakable may occur .

At that moment, the sky got covered with another black-blue field, another isolation barrier, which was activated by Merlin…in order for them to freely fight, because just like those two,

Ziarmoith and Quetzalcoatl were at it as well, but it almost looked like it’s Quetzalcoatl who is being pushed around the corner, and getting smashed around .

“Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora”, Issei’s voice was heard, he was using punches at a high rate with unbelievable speed and strength, but also dodging Eleonora’s attacks, which was same for her as well .

Issei ducks and uses his left leg, which directly heads towards his opponet’s stomach but Eleonora dodges it and uses the power of annihilation directly at Issei, to which he dodges at the last moment .

However, this wasn’t it, the moment he dodges it, he uses [Dragon Shot]…Eleonara destroys the attack with her left punch and dashes, shortening the distance between her and Issei,

“[Full Penetrate Destruction]” she says, as she drives her right fist covered with crimson aura, directly at Issei’s armor in the process breaking it .

Issei coughs a mouthful of blood, but at that moment too, he turns and uses [Explosion], right at her chest pushing her back, she was bleeding from her nose and arm .

“[Full Mass Annihilation]” Eleonora uses her spell, both of her arms gets covered with intense amount of crimson aura, she puts her arm in the position of praying and a huge pillar of crimson light surrounds Issei .


His entire armor shatters, but without taking any lethal damage he dodges the attack,

“It’s been a while I have seen a beauty with strength, you are indeed strong”

“So are you, Red Dragon, but this is taking too long…I need to end this” after Eleonora says this, she takes out a red ring and wears it in her index finger and lifts it up,

“I am the Crimson Empress of Devastation,

To me whoever stands in my way, will return to what they were


Destruction and Annihilation, I command thee

Come together and perish the pitiful existence…”

Eleonora completes her chant, the ring glows and her body is covered with intense amount of energy, soon her body was wearing female warrior armor with a chain-mail helmet, the color of the armor was a mix of crimson and gold, and her long crimson hair flows in air .

“Now, now from now onwards, it will be an onslaught of destruction”

Everyone was silent, indeed this was their first time watching Issei being pushed into a corner, what would be his next move…but then the only thing the audience hears is a hysterical laughter made by Issei .

“Hahahahahahahahahahahaha . . . …indeed, let’s go all out… . let’s kill each other, without any trace of fear, with coldness in our eyes, with destruction in our way just us, just battle…just war”

Issei continues, he begins his chant,

“Determination that is incorruptible

From the other side

A terror to behold

Annihilation will be unavoidable

Every broken enemy will know

That their opponent had to be invincible

Take a last look around while you’re alive



This was Issei new under-progress mode, which he made after [Warrior Drive] .

When he uses [Warrior Drive], he gets absolute nullification against any attack, which is not physical .

In addition, his melee attacks power increases tenfold, but he will not be able to use anything other than physical attack .

However, it was different for his new mode, an exact opposite .

His melee abilities decreased, but his projectile abilities increases tenfold .

After the aura desiccated, a new armor revealed itself, instead of strong plating, it had turned to red long coat; his face armor now fits the size of the face perfectly and has a fedora on it, red one .

The armor consisted of few metallic plates and the rest, long redcoat .


Quetzalcoatl gets smashed by the ‘Bringer of Death’ and destroys multiple buildings,

Issei then says, “Their battle is reaching its climax, ours should as well” Issei continues by tapping his fedora, “Let the battle, begin”

Without speaking any further Eleonora, unleases her massive barrage of attacks, but Issei just walks, a little then takes the attack head on .

The attacks just went through him .


Everyone was shocked, what just happen .

Even Eleonora, she used multiple projectile attacks, but all the power just passed through Issei’s new armor, what on earth was going on .

“What, the! I see, should have guessed earlier, your new armor, also has remnant power from Limbo, Inferno and Purgatory, from those deadly locations, eh”

“Right you are, with my new armor, I can walk through reality and stay, in a parallel space, where I can walk with ease and not get hit by any of you abilities,”

“That’s like cheating,”

“Indeed, being overpower is cheating, now then…let’s end this”

. . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 141:- When They Arrive

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