High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 141

Realm 9- The Broken Realm,

One of the top three founders, Tojo Basara was standing outside of the main HQ looking at the sky; something didn’t felt quiet right to him .

He didn’t like the current way he was feeling, it was giving a signal that something bad was about to happen .

His trains of thoughts were interrupted when, other two founders of the {D x D} alliance, Mikasa and Dulio arrived behind him .

The blonde messy hair, with green eyes, Dulio asks, “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t feel good, something is telling me, bad is about to happen in the three factions meeting”

“Well, according to Merlin’s message, the {Chaos Brigade} has already interfered, and Ise is easily dealing with them” Mikasa says, keeping her face expressionless .

“Yes, I don’t think anyone has the strength or brains to defeat, Issei Hyodo, you are thinking too much,” Dulio too care freely replies .

But Basara puts on a serious expression, “Indeed, when comes to strength and brain, he is unrivaled…but what about emotions?”

The moment Basara puts emphasis on the word ’emotions’, both of them understood what he was trying to convey .

Basara turns and commands, “Both of you, get ready, Mikasa call Dofflamingo with you, I’ll call Bayonetta, the five of us will immediately depart for Realm 1…also, the moment we leave, stop the functioning of the teleportation within this Realm, make sure we get no invaders”


… .

Issei, under his armor claps his hands and uses, his first attack spell, “[Millennium Rain: Holy Spear of Light]”, the moment he says those, the sky gets filled with, thousands, no—ten thousands of light spear in the mid air, and all of them rushed down towards Eleonora .

She very well knew that she wouldn’t be able do dodge any of it, so she created a whirlwind of crimson annihilation barrier, but the moment the spear came in contact with the annihilation barrier, it burst into, turning it into a huge explosion…which even Eleonora couldn’t dodge, her right arm burnt and her nerves starts to ache .

Slowly the pain increases, it was this moment she realize the armor’s pressure is increasing and that her body won’t hold for much longer if not removed .

The ring was created by secret technology, but to able to use it two conditions were to be met,

First, the user must have the ability of [Annihilation] and [Destruction], and must be able to use both of it .

Second, the user’s body must be trained till Celestial level, in order to sustain the powers of the ring .

The ring had one huge flaw; it’s time period and the essence it absorbs the user’s stamina and blood .

Elenora, overcame all this, but what she anticipated that she could easily kill off Issei Hyodo, but then this occurred…Issei is starting to overpower her, and he isn’t even going all out…he was toying with her to begin with .

‘If push comes to shove, then it’s time to use that!’

“I commend you Issei Hyodo, guess I need to use my fullest ability, which is why~ I’m going to use this”, Eleonora takes out something from her chest, it was a small cross, silver Rosario Cross, silver in color and its center a orb, red in color .


Looking at that Rosario Cross, a chill went through Srzechs’s bone…he then screams towards Issei, “Ise-kun, come back here that Rosario is a heirloom to our family, that is a weapon of mass destruction which Eleonornee stole before running away, that weapon has the ability to destroy this entire country”

The matter suddenly turns very serious, but Issei just smiles care freely, gives them the leave it to me look .

“Sirzechs wasn’t joking kid, if you want to escape or beg for life, now is the time” Eleonora says as she lifts the Rosario Cross,

“Do you know, I never fear anything, if that’s what you want I will destroy that attack head on”

Quetzalcoatl on the other hand found himself being suppressed by Ziarmoith, he was just too strong to begin with, at that moment Quetzalcoatl saw, Issei Hyodo, who purged his armor walking towards, his suppressed master, at that moment the huge creature dashed towards Issei, making sure his master is unharmed .

However, that was a bad move from his side, the moment the Flying Serpent got near Issei, he received a heavy kick and was thrown right near Ziarmoith,

“Oye! Ziarmoith, don’t send your playmates here” Issei screams in a loud voice to which, Ziarmoith replies,

Ziarmoith drags Quetzalcoatl and smashes him on the other side .

While Issei, continues to walk towards the injured and tired Eleonora, who still threatens to use her ultimate weapon .

Issei walks and holds the Rosario Cross as well, his cold eyes, his hellish smile…his sadistic expression, at this moment Issei Hyodo’s face, his expression…Eleonora was drawn into it, she always searched for a perfect man…never found one, but today…the look in the man’s eyes, was enough to give her panties a case of the waterfalls .

While looking at him, a thought passed by which she held close now,

“You’ll die, because and everyone here, once I trigger this Cross”

“Let’s see, who is stronger, the cross or me…destruction or me, death or me”

Eleonora blushes, he cross is activated, at that moment she speaks…”If you survive this, I want to have your babies”

The next thing was a huge blast .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 142:- When They Arrive- 2

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