High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 142

Huge crimson aura just radiated through the place like it was nothing, it forms a huge pillar, by that time all the eyes were on both of, just what kind of future was about to be created .

Rias and her peerage had their trust on Issei, and believed his strength, only hope remains about what will occur next .

At that moment, the crimson pillar of light decapitates, and breaks down .

The image currently in front of them was quiet clear, Issei was still standing while, Eleonora was throw at a distance, she was bleeding heavily, from all the places…her right arm, which had the ring was blasted to piees, and she lost her right leg as well .

she didn’t even had the energy to speak .

In this process, the Rosairo Cross from the Gremory family got destroyed as well, it was shattred into pieces .

“In the end, even you weren’t match for me, but you certainly gave me a good fight that I had in ages, looks like we are done here”

Issei turns but at that moment, he hears something, a familiar voice, a voice strong enough to make his eyes go wide, and his face shuttering,

“It’s been a while Ise, how are you?” a sweet female voice, when he turns around, his heart rate went faster, his face became twisted and he froze on his spot .

A blue haired beauty, with long hair appears right beside Elonora, her big breasts were gigglng when she walks near her .

“He’s strong right” the blue hair woman speaks, as she looks towards the fallen Gremory, and then faces Issei once again,

“Come on, Ise- say something, is this the way you would treat your former girlfriend, tell me”

Yes, the girl who just came through the blue magic array was no one other than Haruka Shirina, the current head of the Shirina clan .


“Why, what is Haruksama doing here?” Tsubaki asks, her face was filled with tension when she saw her ‘former’ clan, but the current leader standing on the side of the enemy .


“Shocked, Ex-boyfriend? I thought you would have some kind of good reaction, but what’s this? Aren’t you happy to see me? See for coming in front of you, I even joined the {Chaos Brigade}…even my mother sends her regards to you, come on now”

Issei’s mind went white, filled with pressurized emotions,

<> a female mechanical voice was heard, from Issei’s body,

‘I love you, I Haruka Shirina love only you, Issei Hyodo’

‘Did you think that I was saying the truth-I will never love you, someone of an inferion race, I mean the only thing good about you is your Longinius, that’s all’

‘I want to be together with you’

‘Together, now one can stay together with you, you filth’

‘I’m Haruka’s mother; I hope you take care of my daughter,’

‘My daughter did take care of you didn’t she, now then, your powers…hand it over to us’


‘Hey~ stick with me forever ok, never leave me alone’

‘Just die in a bloody hellhole you useless fuck’

‘I love-love you’

‘I hate you to your guts’


‘I feel bad, for your kid sister, you know I hope we can see her grave together sometime’

‘Your sister? Irony Ise, my mother led Amaneidial’s research, so I already knew what happen to her, she should have been raped more and killed off, good thing she died’


Issei falls down on the ground lifelessly, his physiological conditions getting worse, as suddenly the train of past thoughts rushed through his mind .


A huge explosion occurs right near Haruka which startles her, when she looks where the explosion came from; the one who attacked her was one other than Merlin .

Her eyes were filled with rage and agony, she was prepared to the fullest, the next time she sees Haruka, and she will kill her .

“Finally bitch! I see you, I have waited for this time for so long, looks like I will get to kill you today”

Merlin takes her stances and creates multiple magical arrays, on the sky all of them ready to pour down on Haruka and it did,

But, even before the attacks had the chance to reach all of them got destroyed in the mid air

Then two figures showed up, one was wearing a white armor with a red cape, he had blue eyes and snow skin and white hair as well .

The other one was wearing a black kimono, his black hair reached till his feet and he was wearing half-mask and half of his face visible .

(The first man’s existence has been hinted in Chapter 120, with Eleonora and the second man’s was hinted in the Chapter 126, with Haruka)


“Th-those two are, from the Hero Clan, White Knight- Tsukasa Eishi, and the demi-beast God, Anvil the Half, what are they doing here, don’t tell me they are a part of {Chaos Brigade} as well?” Azazel speaks in a fearful nammr,

“This is indeed bad, those two are just like Eleonora, stronger than us…this is going to get messy” Michael added,

“We came for the peace treaty, but-now” Sirzechs speaks too,

But among these, it was only Rias and her peerage, caring for Issei’s current condition,


Merlin very well knew, the current her cannot defeat the current them, and to put cherry on the top…they have brought an army as well, she knew this time…

It will be her defeat if she doesn’t do anything quickly .

The sole reason why {D x D} alliance existed to this date even against strong opponents, due to leadership of the three head founders and the ability to survive .

When Issei started the alliance, he made one thing clear, the only way we can reach till top is to trust in our own intuition and ability to survive, the reason why alliance will never failed lied in that .


Six pillars of light appears in the admits of battle field, from the pillars people came out, each of them were oozing with deadly aura .

“Did we make it in time?”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 143:- When They Arrive- 3

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