High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 143

Six column of light interfered the battlefield, their strength were off the charts,

“Did we make it in time?” this was said by Tojo Basara, who steps out of a light column, and then all the figures comes into view .

Tojo Basara one of the founder, and with him Bayonetta (real name Cereza), a woman with busty figure and black dress, fair skin and was wearing red spectacles, she was also the leader of the Tojo Basara faction in the {D x D} alliance .

The other one with black hair till shoulder girl who had a busty figure as well, with tight pants and short shirt was Mikasa Ackerman, one of the founders and with her the leader of her faction Dofflamingo, a young man with a tall height who wore a loose shirt and short pants and had a pink fluffy overcoat over his back,

In addition, wearing black sunglasses as well, this hid his eyes .

The other man too, was a founder of the {D x D} alliance, with messy blond hair and green eyes, his name is Dulio .

The other woman, who came out of the sixth pillar of light, had a figure similar to that of Akeno, she even resembled like her, but an older version and prettier…she too had long black hair tied, and was wearing shrine priestess attire .


Looking at the new figure that descended, Akeno became at a complete loss of words,

“Onee-sama? Is that her?” Akeno manages to mutter that out,

“Onee-sama? Who do you mean, Akeno?” Rias asks,

“She is my older cousin and the current head of the ‘Himejima’ clan, Suzune Himejima, but what is she doing here?”

She wasn’t the only one who was at a complete loss of words, the other one was Michael as well, he became extremely shocked when he saw the messy blonde hair boy, who had a priest’s attire walking towards them,

Dulio speaks, “Michael-sama, are you all right?”

“Dulio? What are you doing here? Moreover what’s going on?”

“Do you know him, Michael?”

To Azazel’s question, Michael replies, “Just like devils have peerage, and they are based on the chess pieces, similarly in the heaven peerage exists as well, and they are based on deck of cards…and Dulio is the member of my peerage, he is the [Joker]”

“Very correct, I am an angel, but before that I am a founder of the {D x D} alliance as well, sorry Michael-sama, I never told you, but today is a fine day, so I thought why not revel it”

“Is that…Tojo Basara?” Azazel asks, his eyes were strongly looking at those lads, who just arrived,

“Yes, he is” Dulio replies and then continues, “One of the two people who can rival, Ise-san, at his full strength”

“Onii-sama, who is Tojo Basara?” Rias’s curiosity piqued,

“Well, he is one of the three head founders of {D x D} alliance, also known as the strongest swords man to ever born”

“Indeed, wielder of the strongest sword [Bryhinder], he is second to no one when it comes to sword mastery” Sirzecs says and then Dulio continues,

“But why are all of you here?” Azazel asks,


Tojo Basara turns towards, Issei who was on his knees, his expression was that of agony and pain, at that moment…Basara did, what he found fit, a straight punch on his face, Issei falls down, bleeding from his nose…this action of his, all eyes were on him…

“You show me something pathetic Ise, aren’t you suppose to be a harem king? A single bitch’s face caused you to fall on your knees?”

*POUND* Basara lands another punch,

“This isn’t you; you need to remember that, no matter what she did…she still controls you, if you fail like that”

*SMACK* Basara lands another hard punch, this time Issei starts bleeding from his lips,

“What happen to your glorious dream? What happen to being a leader? Are you going to throw all of it? You don’t deserve your titles”

Basara lands yet another punch,

“You bloody oppai-loving playboy, come back to your dirty senses

That moment a punch is landed on Basara’s face,

“You shit fuck- sis-con nipple sucker, I am still your leader, and don’t you dare bullshit on me” Issei speaks, clearing the blood on his face,


“Looks like your condition is back, oppai loving freak”

“Looks like I owe you one, sis-con nipple sucker”

“The fuck you call me?!”

“You wana go at it?!”

“Boys!!” Mikasa’s voice brought both the arguing lads, back to their current situation .

Both of them, then turn towards the enemy, Issei looks towards Haruka and says, “Well Haruka, never got a chance to say this to you but, I don’t think my big dick can fit in that little slutty pussy of yours, which is just as little as your attitude and brain”

Listening to this, she makes a bitter smile and says, “Looks like you made it back, so what makes you think this is the end”

“Indeed, what makes you think this is the end?”

A different and evil intention filled voice was heard, from sky a black distortion was formed,

“Oye, Suzune, is that the person you were chasing?” Issei asks,

The woman, in the priestess attire, who walks near them, spoke in a cold tone, “Indeed, they have arrived here as well”

From the distortion, three figures came into view, one was a man with long blode hair wearing a black armor, and another was a woman with white twin tails and black armor, who looked exactly same as Rias .

Lastly another man, he was wearing a black shirt and black long pants, but there was one thing rather different about him, he looked exactly same as Issei Hyodo, but instead of silky brown hair he had black, his aura was evil but the portion below his left eye was burnt .

“Ara, looks who is here, and just how are you…Kanzaki?”


“That person looks like, Ise-san and that woman, just like Rias onee-sama” Asia states,

“Don’t get it wrong girl, he is nothing like Ise nor the girl is like Rias Gremory…both of them are pure evil, both are pure form of darkness”

Dulio replies, his eyes were cold and ready for battle,

“Who are they?” Michael asks,

“The only available information is, he was never born in the realm, he does not belong any where here…the only thing we know is his name is Kanzaki Mitsuya, one of the leaders of {Chaos Brigade}…but not from this word”

“What do you mean not from this world?” all the eyes were on Dulio’s explanation,

“He comes from a place called, {First Dark}, according to which, the place is a parallel world…to our realm system”

“Wait, from a parallel land?” Azazel exclaims

“The woman, who looks like Rias Gremory, unlike this world’s, she killed her own family and she single handedly destroyed all the devils and fallen angels .

The man, was also the reason for the destruction of his own world…in that place; he used to be known as the ‘Black Dragon Emperor’, Issei Mitsuya who destroyed all the realms from his world…alone”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

To Be Continued:- Chapter 144:- Creation of {First Dark}

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