High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 144

A great magician, whose name was lost in the pages of history…split the world into nine realms, before he was sealed .

It was common for people to think that, only nine realms existed…unknown to anyone, there existed a parallel world, a world where tragic is much more fortune .

The normal and the parallel world were separated with the help of the ‘Dimensional Gap’ .

Unlike the normal world, the parallel one had seven realms, with no names, and no specific religion, gods, or demons existed .

Those who resided in the first three realms where the Gods and the ones who resided in the last three realms were the Demons and the Fallen Angels, only the middle realms belonged to humans, which was usually plunged into war .

It was not as if humans didn’t have any power, they did, but they failed in numbers that’s why either they were killed or, enslaved .

Longinus did not exist, mythical beast were as rare as a red leaf in a rainforest .

Among the humans, the one who cursed it the most was Issei Mitsuya, his parents already sold him to slavery, but he ran away…demons where trying to search for him .

His childhood was not what you would call normal, his parents since his childhood were at a lot of pressure since Gods, Demons would always fight, and humans were the one who suffered the consequences .

Since it was hard earning and all, in order to take out each of their frustrations, little Issei was always beaten, to a pulp .

His father without any mercy, would abuse his very own son and his mother would enjoy the show .

This went on until the age of fifteen when he was finally sold to demons, for some bits of money .

In the world of imprisonment, he met his cellmate and for the first time he could call someone his friend .

The name of the other pink haired boy was Kanzaki, he was sold to the demons by his older sister, who happens to kill his parents as well .

They were given quiet less food in the prison, but Kanzaki would always give some of his extra food to Issei, and always told him one thing, “You will look good you know, if you just could smile”

Issei could never reply, but he grew fond of Kanzaki .

Days passed, and their relation became stronger, even though Issei did not speak much…but his actions were enough for Kanzaki to think that his friend is enjoying .

However, good things never last long…do they?

A pair of demons thought it would be funny to hear a human scream, so they picked Issei, and started to punch and kick him, what was much worse…one of them brought acid and just below his left eye, the poured the acid .

It was hurting him, the burning sensation…he felt the pain, growing each minuet, they next thing the demons were about to do was…have him drink the entire bottle of acid…but then, it was that moment Kanzaki stepped him and held tightly to both of the demons .

“Run! Run as far as you can Issei, no matter what do not turn back, run Issei! Live!”

The demons were cursing Kanzaki, hitting him brutally…Issei wanted to interfere but Kanzaki’s eyes said something different, he mustered up his courage and finally ran away, he kept running .

He heard his first and only friend’s voice cracking, the pain and his screaming…the only thing he could do was cry, and run .

He hated humans, he hated gods, he hated demons…he hated everything .

He ran through the dark forest, he ran the only thing he could do…and finally he rushed inside a dark cave .

He did not know what to do, he took a few steps in and then, he falls down into a deep pit of darkness, unkown to him…he just kept falling and falling .

Issei thought, this was the end…he never had any friend, he never talked to anyone, he only had basic education…but soon, that privilege was taken away as well…perhaps death was all he wanted or so he thought .

He fell on the ground, with darkness surrounding him, he lifts his head only to find himself surrounded by a skeleton of a huge dragon, and he was at the center of it .

Issei hears this and looks around, but is unable to find the source of the voice .

Issei kept quiet, he did not answer, but he then counter questions,

“Who are you?”

“I am…Issei Mitsuya, I ran…away, was a slave to demons, hate them and all, and humans too, had once and only friend…died” his speech was not good, but still managed to speak .

“Black dragon…?”

Issei did not understood, he had heard about dragons, but he thought they were extinct or mythical creatures who were killed long ago .

Issei was surprised to hear such thing he managed to utter, “Why?”

Listening to that kind of answer, the only thing that Issei could do is to keep quiet .

The moment, Issei heard those words, he looks up…still unable to find the source of the voice, but keeps quiet .

Issei still kept quiet but suddenly…he was getting angry, yes…his normal and peaceful life was taken, why must other live in peace .

Issei did not know how much time had passed since he fell into the pit, but the past event left a grave impression on him…

Now, more than ever, he was the one who wanted peace and in order to do so, he thought of one thing…destroying other people’s peace .

“Dragon-san, need power to kill…please”

Out of nowhere, the voice was heard yet again,

“Want to kill and destroy…other…everyone, kill everyone…till I get…inner peace”

“Destroy…the other world as well…”

“Don’t care…power, give me, I destroy everything”





The voice chanted something after which, asks Issei once again, “Kid, tell me your name…once again”

“My name is Iss…no my name is Kanzaki Mitsuya” Issei says this, in order to honor his friend’s death, the unknown voice didn’t speak anything,



The skeleton of the dragon, started to glow, it starts to glow ferociously, as all of it crumbled, the darkness crumbled and all of the power forcefully invaded, Issei’s body through his heart .

Effecting his very soul, he could feel the large, the strong…the unfathomable black dragon, the power of corruption and darkness residing within him, his soul fusing his strength increasing .

The whole area was destroyed at an instant, Issei…no, from now on he called himself Kanzaki, and he saw just what just occurred, power was overflowing, his body was covered with an ironclad pitch black armor, he had a metallic tail from his nape and various orbs, which appeared as jewels . . they were pitch violet in color .

“What is this power? . . . wait, my speech!” Kanzaki was shocked, few minutes ago he couldn’t speak properly, but now .

Under the armor’s helm, Kanzaki revels, a sinister smile .

With his new powers, first he destroyed all the humans present in the realm, every one of them…significantly increasing his power, he instantly destroyed the entire realm, while he did so…he had no sign of hesitation on his face, rather he was enjoying it .

After which, he moved towards the first three realms where gods resided, they were living in so called ‘peace’, but that peace didn’t last long, because Kanzaki Mitsuya destroyed one by one, even ‘Gods’ were no exception .

. . . … . .

There was someone else too who bore the same hatred and desire for destruction

And, annihilation through every land, Rias Gremory .

Unlike other devils in her clan, she was born with white hair instead of crimson, and her powers were quiet low, than average devil and she was made fun off no matter where she went .

Her own parents, family, or so called friends…

One day she heard this news, about some man in Black Armor, destroying the realms of God and Human .

The man in black fascinated her; she loved him instantly the moment she saw that she knew very well, that now the only purpose of her life was to follow him .

In order to please that man, when he comes Rias did something, that was forbidden for any devil to do, kill their own .

With her own hands Rias killed her parents, her brother her entire clan…she felt the taste of blood for the first time when she assaulted her mother and killed her .

She liked it because, she too like Kanzaki Mitsuya, her dormant powers were unleashing by more slaughtering they do .

With this in mind, in order to get praise from the man in black, Rias continued to destroy each demon, each and every demon and fallen angel, till there were none left .

The day, the person arrived whom she looked up to, she bowed to him and showed that…just from him, she destroyed, her own family her own race…

Kanzaki, looks around and through that black armor spoke,

“You…fight very well, are you interested in destroying one more place, just like this, come with me”

The white haired girl, had teary eyes, as the man she admired invited her .

Thus began the destructive and evil journey of two abnormal begins, who were born in a parallel world…but they became destroyer of their own home, and began calling themselves, {First Dark}…which meant, the beginning to true horror and destruction started from them .

. . . . . . . .


Kanzaki had a smile, when he was looking at Issei…

Issei too had a smile; rather he was looking forward to it,

The atmosphere became heavy, the aura in the area intensified .

“[Yami Dragon:

“[Welsh Dragon”

Balance Breaker]]””

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

To Be Continued:- Chapter 145:- Ultimate Duo- Red Dragon & Priestess of Incineration

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