High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 145

Kanzaki Mitsuya’s armor, was pitch black in color…but it was very different from the normal [Balance Breaker], used by Issei or Vali .

The armor was huge, and two metallic wings (similar to Vali’s but, bigger and black-purple in color), it was as if the being was something else .

The eerie and deadly aura, which shrouded him…it was definetily not normal, at the very least, his abilities were unknown, for what his scared gear can do, this was one of the reason why, Issei had his guard up…even if he is in his 50% strength, he was getting a bad presumption .

On the other hand, Basara was about to face off against two strong beings, Tsukasa Eishi and Anvil, looking at the foes in front of him, Basara takes out a cigarette packet takes out one and lights it up .

A smirk appears on Basara’s face, but the two of them standing in front, where feeling the pressure…his power was no joke to begin with .

The entire battlefield was silent, silent than the grave…the intensity was increasing, at that moment, Issei voice rung .

“Well, well…let’s chose our ‘dancing’ partners shall we? Kanzaki Vs me, Parallel Rias (white twin tails) Vs Suzune…Able Vs Mikasa and Dulio, Tsukasa and Anvil Vs Basara and Merlin Bayonetta and Dofflamingo will face off against the incoming army, how’s that?”


“Looks like it’s going to be one hell of a fight…and then there is the second devil, Abel as well” Michael speaks, while he watches Dulio departing .

“So…the blonde hair dude is Able eh, one of the first beings to walk on earth,” Azazel adds to what Michael says,

“Kachiou, I too know about Able from Bible, what are they saying about being second devil” Saji asks, he already was too full of surprises to be fed anymore…

“Indeed, even I do not know, Onee-sama? Do you?”

Sona asks, this to her older sister, Serafall, who had a serious expression on her face, replies

“The first Devil mother, gave birth to eighty devils, from which…you all know 72 clans, seven Devil Princes and one extra devil, who was supposed to be the first son of the Devil Mother, his name was Abel, from Bible…who was killed by his brother Cain”

“We were supposed to have a calm and quiet discussion and have a peace treaty, why are so strong people coming here?” Sirzechs speaks; his voice was filled with sadness .


“I look forward working with you, Mikaschan” Dulio says, as he steps near, the short black haired girl, who was looking towards the man, flying above…the second devil to be born, Abel .

“Well, Dulio, your skills better not be a joke” she says as, two dragon claws with a reel of strings appear on both the hands of Mikasa,



“The strongest swordsman, I always wanted that title, but then it’s you who took it…the traitor hero, I will have yourself defeated and take the title” the white hair man, Tsukasa points his long sword towards Basara, and beside him Anvil, prepares to attack as well .

Basara lets out a puff of smoke, and speaks “Remove [Limiters]”

<[Limiters] Removed, power at 55%> a woman’s mechanical voice was heard, from where he continues, his right eye, to his enemies it appeared as though green flames were burning…

“Well, then please come and take the title”


Looking at the sky, the trio leaders, Merlin, Bayonetta and Dofflamingo…watch the armies of beasts and devils coming, from a black spatial place,

“Too much work in hand today, Bayonetta…too much,” Merlin says, but she was smiling, to which she gets the reply, “Indeed, been a while I had a proper vacation, after this I will have my vacation in Ise’s bedroom”

Merlin’s expression turns that to an agitated woman’s “What do you mean? It is my turn, stay away from his bedroom…”

“What do you mean? I heard all of you girls combine, can’t satisfy him…I’ll take that role”

“No thank you, I am more than enough”

“Is that so?”

“It is”

“Ladies! We will talk about your overflowing libidos later, right now I think we have a task at hand” Dofflamingo speaks, his voice was filled with anger, watching two women fight .


“It’s come down to us eh, Suzune” Issei speaks in a seductive tone, but he only gets reply in a cold tone, “I’m doing this for the sake for the agreement, that’s all”

“Aren’t you a tsundre!”

“Do you want me to burn you?”


Watching both the strong foes fooling around, Parallel World Rias, looks towards the other Rias (Crimson Hair) and speaks in a cold manner towards her,

“I wasn’t born with crimson hair, I was discarded by my own family, and by my own older brother…I killed them! I killed them all! Therefore, when I came to this world for the first time, I thought I would fight you .

However, you are so pitiful! So weak, so weak that you don’t even have the strength to fight Kokabiel…it was so disappointing, must be the reason why your family wanted to get married…you are weak”

The words she said were like a thousand needle poking Rias’s heart .

“What kind of master are you? Your pawn is by far stronger than you, pathetic, you should drop the name Rias, and perhaps kill yourself,” the parallel Rias continues .

Unknown to anyone, Sirzechs’s eyes, became immensely cold, given the chance he was just prepared to kill the other Rias .

Rias was about to break, the words weren’t coming in her lips…

At that time she heard a familiar voice, the voice brought back the courage in her,

“Bucho, this bitch lost it because she never got the love of her family, you are different…each and every servant of yours support you, your brother loves you an adores you…and yes, you are weak…

But this does not change the fact that you are training to make yourself stronger, so instead of listening to her bullshit, try thinking what kind of lingerie you will wear while you sleep”

Listening to this, she looks around to see; everyone was smiling at her, a single man save her yet again…

She smiles back .

While the battle was about to occur, out of nowhere a small girl appeared, she was even younger than Koneko,

She was wearing a black uniform, with black skirt, her skin was pale and she looked weak, she even had black circles under her eyes .

Issei looks towards the girl and appears to be surprised, “Aychan? Why are you here?”

“Your opponent, Kanzaki Mitsuya…is considered a Level 3 threat; you are to speak those words”

No one was getting what the girl was speaking, but the members of {D x D} instantly understood .

Issei’s armor disappears, while floating in mid air, a grim appears on his face,

“Kanzaki Mitsuya, you are the first one after all this time…who made me remove my first [Restrainer] . “

Issei then puts on a blank expression,

“What memories! I can smell everything…!

A dead dragon…a fallen beast,

Rather be a god or devil…I am just a bird, bird of Hermes . “

He then puts on a lecherous and sinister face, “The bird of Hermes is my name…eating my Wings to make it tame”

The girl, whom Issei called Aya, lifts her hand and says, “You are tamed…restrictions removed! You are now allowed to use, 70% of your strength”

After saying, the girl disappears again,

“[Crimson Cardinal Drive]” a new armor takes place, which appears similar to Kanzaki’s but crimson and red in color, he then explains, “Since I cannot use my normal [Balance Breaker] when my first [Restrainer] is removed, so I use this form…I hope you are strong Kanzaki-kun, because from this point on, you will know what it is to be…

Facing against a being, whom you can never defeat”

. . . … . .

The battle which was about to occur, three spectators were on it, watching .

The man, who speaks in a distorted voice, was bare chest, his skin was violet in color, he had black hair till his shoulders and a mask covering his face .

The other two spectators were already broken into a cold sweat; both of them were none other than, Dante and Virgil .

The man looks towards the duo, then flies away .

“Why was he here?” Dante asks,

“If he tries to do the same things with Issei Hyodo, what we are trying…it will turn badly” Virgil replies his eyes were filled with anger and despair .

“The ‘Testament of Truth’ is upon us, we need Issei Hyodo, we need to contact him before the ‘Horsemen’ do” Dante replies, he knew what his brother was thinking .

“I hope so brother, I hope so”

… .

“Well, then Kanzaki…let us begin”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 146:- Ultimate Duo- Red Dragon & Priestess of Incineration- 2

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