High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 146

Aya, who is she?

Occasionally a fateful encounter occurs, with such fate Aya was bounded to Issei no one knew who did this happen…but Issei one day figured out .

Aya was one of those lost girls, whom the society and family have kept, but discarded from their heart…they are treated as objects .

Such a thing is common, if you are weak, frail or quiet too much…people find it amusing suppressing you even more, they would react and call you a bully if you fight back…humans, are such hypocrites they abuse but can’t take being abused .

Aya was ignored by her father and step-mother, her mother died when she was young and so his father re-married, only to realize that the woman he married already had a son, too older than her .

Aya’s father was proud of his stepson, because he scored perfect scores in every exam and was on his way to Tokyo University…but there hid a dark side to him .

Every night, he would strip Aya, tie her up, gag her and punch her…punch her to his utmost pleasure, by saying the only thing Aya was born for was to become his punching bag to remove his stress .

This occurred every day .

She was also the main target of bullying in her school, putting blades in her shoes, shoving her head in the toilet sink, kicked in the stomach…feces all over her books and table .

This was an everyday occurring, Aya lived hell everyday…she still tried to keep a smile on her face, even though the whole world turned a blind eye to her .

However, one day it just went too far, the bullies at her school called over a High-school student, in order to see more fun .

Those couple of boys was about to strip Aya off her innocence and deflower her, she just couldn’t take it anymore as she ran away…

She just couldn’t anymore…school…home…no one…she was all alone .

She ran and was now standing at the top of the Tokyo Tower, her desire now has reached a different peak, and she now wanted to die .

She threw her bag off, and without a second thought in mind jumped off the tower, she just wanted to die .

It was around this time, there was also another person suffering with problems…Issei Hyodo .

With increasing in strength, the [Restrainers] were not doing a good job of keeping his strength at bay; it would go all out…

At that time, he felt a pain in his heart, a pain he never experienced before; his instincts were telling him to go to a certain place…which was none other than, Tokyo tower itself . . . he never in his life felt something like this, it was as if his soul was talking to him .

When he arrived just near the base of the tower right in front of him, a girl fell down, bleeding heavily .

Issei was shocked the moment he saw this, he rushed towards the girl, who…for some reason had a smile on her face, she looked at the handsome man who was holding her with a worried expression, and could only speak one thing…”Society…killed me long ago, I just died today”

After saying so, with that little smile the girl’s smile sapped away .

Issei didn’t knew who she was, Issei never met her, her death shouldn’t have bothered her…yet…yet he felt incredible pain in his chest, as if his own had died in front of him and he was unable to save once again .

The memories of his sister flashed by, when he realized he was unable to save a little girl .

However, it was fate that brought them closer .

Aya wanted someone who would care for her, she actually never wanted to die…at that moment, her soul bonded with Issei’s making her, Issei’s retainer .

Issei didn’t realize what occur .

Just tears fell from his eyes, crystal clear tear drops .

Ddraig speaks, even he didn’t know what could cause such sudden phenomenon .

“Why did it occur? And why to me?” Issei asks his eyes still moist .

Issei, with honor buried Aya’s body in Realm 9 .

Soon after, her soul began to manifest and take humane form…

Issei listened to her story of despair, after which he came to the conclusion…she went through the hell—same as him, the pain was same, it was probably due to that, what made her connect to him .

However, the real reason was still unknown .

Issei wanted to make those suffer, who made Aya suffer…but with a cute little smile, Aya says, “They are still, innocent as humans, please spare them”

Unlike others Issei wasn’t a kind type to let the ‘bad’ people get away, with Merlin’s help each and every person who made Aya worse, he planted their nights instead of dreams, nightmares…every bully even her family member who discarded Aya, to this date suffer from abyss of nightmares .

Soon the soul form Aya, became a member of the {D x D} family…where she was treated more like human than a useless beast .

With each passing date, due to Aya…Issei’s strength was kept at bay and controlled .

After which his strength was divided into four categories,

Level 3- allowing Issei to use 70% of his strength . In this state, he cannot wear normal [Balance Breaker], in this form he uses advance form of [Balance Breaker]…

[Cardinal Crimson Drive] .

Level 2- allowing Issei to use 80% of his strength . In this state, too his power rises and advances allowing him to use, [Cardinal Crimson Overdrive] .

Level 1- allowing Issei to use 90% of his strength . In this state, Issei now no longer covers himself with armors or gears, instead all of his Scared Gear capabilities are usable and Nephilim powers as well to the fullest form .

This form can only be use when Issei takes the form of little Aya, making his power stable .

Level 0- allowing Issei to use 100% of his strength .

This recording has not been taken, and is strictly prohibited to use .

Any information for it has been sealed off by ‘Brain’ .

… . . .

Kanzaki looks at Issei, whose armor was now same as his…but the intensity was much more, till today he never felt pressure like this before…but still, there is now way he would lose, that’s what was on his mind .

“Unlike yours or Vali’s, my gear’s ability is a little different, anything I pass my power…will be affected by the gear’s ability [Black fade] and will turn to ash…you can’t touch me you know”

“We’ll see about that”

Within a short speed, even before Kanzaki had the time to react, a direct boosted hit from Issei lands on his chest, the armor there shattered…unlike others, his armor didn’t break, but he still coughed blood and smashed on the ground .

“What’s that? Don’t tell me you are only capable of that-” Issei mocks, Kanzaki…

Kanzaki’s eyes were bloodshot, he drives once again directly aiming towards Issei’s abdomen, but his punch was blocked by him, with just a single hand .

“Impossible- there is no way you can sustain the pressure—what kind of armor have you equipped?” Kanzaki’s eyes were filled with both, surprise and horror…to have his strongest form blocked, and not even leave a scratch .


Another boosted hit, this time directly at Kanzaki’s stomach , this time his armor finally shattered, as he smashed down .


Parallel world Rias, was up against Suzune Himejima, who had a cold expression on her face, till now the only thing she was doing was dodging Rias’s attacks, but not countering them,

“I knew it, humans are weak after all…what makes you think you can defeat me, lowly human” after saying so, parallel world Rias, creates two massive orbs of destruction and aims directly at Suzune, this time she takes the attack head on…

“Dead are you?” parallel Rias, speaks with a lecherous tone, but her eyes were filled with surprise when she saw, unharmed Suzune .

Her priestess attire was burnt, but now she was wearing tight gym bra and pants .

Below her neck and above her breasts, there was a tattoo of sun, her long black hair was on fire, and so was her shoulder .

“What-what’s with that ability?!” parallel world Rias exclaims, as she looks at the sudden transformation of her opponent .

“There was once the top tire arch-angel, his name was Mael, he was blessed by the God, with a ‘[Grace]’ called [Sunshine], he actively took part in every war, and was also considered the strongest angel…alas, against a dreadful opponent he finally lost his life .

However, God in the Bible had different plans for it, along with [Zenith Tempest], [Telos Karma] and [Innovate Clear]…[Sunshine] became the fourth divine blessing from God, I am the current holder of the Divine Blessing, [Sunshine]”

Suzune explained, every eyes were on them…


She extends a fist filled with fire directly at the parallel Rias .


“Indeed, after all Red Dragon and Priestess of Incineration, know no defeat” Merlin says as she destroys another bunch of invaders .

“What do you mean by that?” Azazel exclaims as he screams towards Merlin, waiting for an answer,

To his question, Bayonetta answers after shooting another bunch of beasts,

“The Fog War, The Mist, The Ruin War…Third Great Magic War, Grand Hunter War and Vampire Lord Rebellion, theses sets of war, were fought by only two people, Issei Hyodo and Suzune Himejima”

After slicing another set of invaders, with his strings, Dofflamingo adds, “Indeed, they were termed the ultimate duo as well”



With another strike, Basara sword’s pressure pushes Tsukasa back; even Anvil was unable to lad a stead hit on him .

“What’s the matter taking rest?”


Dulio was making minor storms and Mikasa, was using her scared gear’s strings ability, to bind Able…but he was quiet and swiftly dodging all the attacks, in the last moment .

“Tough aren’t you” Dulio speaks with a bitter smile,


Kanzaki fixes his armor and gets up, to see his opponent who was flying in the sky, his helm hid it, but Kanzaki could sense his opponent was laughing,

Then Issei spoke, “Let me tell you something, Kanzaki Mitsuya, {D x D}…is not known defeat”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 146:- Best Plan For Now- Run!

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