High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 147

Tsukasa Eishi, termed among as the strongest knight with the title of ‘White-Knight’, and whose current companion was the Beast-God, Anvil who had immense power within him both of them can easily defeat anyone…even the strongest in Gods, yet today a single swordsman was suppressing them .

Anvil, uses physical modification magic and, his arms were covered with aura that took shape of claws, he instantly shorten the distance between him and Basara, and was about to drive his arms towards his chest .


At that instant, Basara cuts off both of Anvil’s arms, he screamed in pain…but taking his shoulder at support, Tsukasa jumps in the air and increases his aura,

“Take this head on, if you dare!!!!! Tojo Basara!!! [White Slash]” after saying, his sword glows…white, as he drives the sword directly towards his opponent…but at that moment, when he was almost about to strike he realized he made a big mistake .


A direct slash towards, the chest plate of Tsukasa’s armor, it shattered, and even before, he got the chance to correct his mistake it was already too late…

Blood gushed out from his wound, as he dropped on the ground, watching this Anvil very well knew, that stood no chance…even if using his regenerative capabilities he grew his arms back, he would still lose, such was his opponent .



The heavy impact of flames, which Suzune used were completely overpowering parallel Rias’s attacks, her demonic powers were being destroyed by her opponents attacks,

“What the- Are you really a human? Someone with such strength, can’t possibly be one”

Parallel Rias speaks with a disgusted voice, after all mostly it is thought that a human can never suppress super natural begins .


The enemy in front of her, is her- an unreal monster,

“I wish to show you a little more of my strength- that’s why” Suzune speaks as she turns towards Issei, who has been beating up Kanzaki,

“Oye- Ise, want to use that?”

Under the armor, a grim appears on his face,

“Alright let’s go with that,” he replies, then looks towards Basara .

At first, he did not quite get it, but then he realized what he meant,

“The fighters and Ziarmoith, return to defensive positions, protect the ones who were not fighting, create [Immense Barrier]” Basara screamed,

“””””Roger That”””””


Dulio and Mikasa who were up against, Able…who has been quiet keeping up with both of the strong ones, has now finally starting to get sluggish, his attacks were being dodged and he was taking damage, not to the extent where he would be considered beaten up, but the duo’s was doing great .

The result would have been different, if both of them had either faced Able alone the result would have been defeat that’s the reason Issei chose both of them to fight against him .

“The entire battle, he kept quiet…it kinds of pisses me off” Mikasa says to Dulio, who had suspicions of his fellow opponent, ‘Something about him, doesn’t fits well’ .


Except for Issei and Suzune, the rest formed a circle and were covered by a barrier made by Tojo Basara,

“What are they going to do?” Azazel asks,

“The reason, they were termed as the strongest duo” Dulio replies with a grin on his face,


All the enemies had their eyes set on two people in the sky, Suzune Himejima and Issei Hyodo, they were flying, back against each other,

“I am the Dragon of the Heaven”

“I am the Maiden of the Earth”

“I devour the skies”

“I protect the land”

“It’s life, but mostly death in it”

“It’s death, but mostly life in it”

“Anything it touches”

“Anything it passes”

“”Turns to ashes””

“Neither of Heaven”

“Nor from Earth”

“”Absolute Destruction, is its birth””

“”[Way of Incineration: The Pressure of Heaven and Earth]””

The whole land and the whole sky were covered with one huge yellow magic array, and then…


As if hundreds of volcanos have erupted together, the whole place was covered in a large-scale pillar of fire .

No, matter who it was, living or none, they were turning into ashes…from the magic spatial dimension where the beasts and the invaders were coming, those got incinerated and destroyed…even Quetzalcoatl, a heavenly beast…one of the top ten strongest beast, was its prey…even his body turned to ashes .

The only thing, Anvil and Tsukasa could do to use their fullest strength to block the attack, the one who was hiding under them was Haruka, because she very well knew the power of this ability .

Able did not appear like the one he cares for others, but he used his strength to protect, Vali, Yumeko and Eleonora (who was heavily injured, against her battle against Issei) .

The fire disappeared, the armies, the beasts and the entire school, everything had turned to ashes…the magic was so strong that even the nearby realms were feeling the tremor .


“Ar-Are they beings of this world? Are you sure they can be called devil and a human? Wait, can you people even be called normal?” Azazel exclaims, he could not hide his surprise and inner feelings, of what he saw…

Everyone felt the same .

Truly, what are the members of the {D x D} alliance .

“I wonder…what we are, sometimes even I find myself unable to answer that, are we normal begins or are we different? Alternatively, an abomination? A mutation perhaps…but who knows” Basara answers, his eyes looking at the two figures in the sky, who were descending down .

They were none other than, Issei and Suzune .


The opponents, were all on their knees, they had taken heavy damage, the best option for them now was to run away, exactly run away…

Able created a teleporting spell, and spoke,

“This time, it’s our defeat, until next time”

“Issei Hyodo!!!! I will make sure!! I have something you will want soooooo badly!! Next time I will destroy you!!!!” Haruka Shirina screamed at the top of her voice .

Issei kept quiet .

Nobody noticed, no one! That Merlin had disappeared from the battlefield .

The teleportation spell was about to be activated,

“[Acid Touch]


Out of nowhere Merlin appears, and puts her right palm on Haruka’s face and left index finger on her neck…

And then teleports away,

The only thing that could be heard when they departed, was Harkua’s shrieks…

Merlin did, that she always wanted to, she burnt Haruka’s face and distorted her voice, even if it was a small punishment she made sure that even [Phoenix Tears] can’t heal it .

“A small punishment for you little bitch”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

To Be Continued:- Chapter 148:- Welcome To Our Diabolic Paradise

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