High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 148

“AAAHHaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! FUCKING YESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The feels, the feels when the fucking bitch . . . gets what she deserved, yes!!!! Ahhh! It almost feels like I achieved maximum level orgasm, god I want to treat her like this more!”

Merlin was yelling at the top of her voice, she was satisfied at the maximum, even her face was red . . . this is what she truly wanted to do .


“Um, guys . . . the school is kind of, turned into pile of ashes” Kiba speaks, with shocked expression,

“Don’t worry, by tomorrow morning, everything will turn back to how it originally was” Issei speaks, his tone was calm .

“It’s been a while, I had so much exercise” Basara states, clutching his fingers . . .

Suzune, walks towards Issei, “Are you sure you just want ‘that’ as the ‘fees’ of joining the alliance?”

Issei smiles and replies, “Yes, only that”

Suzune was about to speak, when she senses multiple Himejima clan’s members magic array, and multiple people arrive out of it .

The lead who was walking was an old person with grey hair, who was wearing white miko attire, for male .

He had a disgusted expression, but when he say Suzune, his expression changed . . . he continued . “Suzune-sama, let us return, I believe we are done here . . . I can’t stand the filth of a fallen-angel, who turned into a devil”

Akeno already had her head bowed down, listening to this, her eyes turned moist . . . Rias wanted to interfere but, looking at Issei’s expression, she backed down .

“Yes, yes Helmhart-san, the only thing I want to discuss here is, is Ise sure he wants that?”

“That’s the only thing I want”

“Alright then, as the mark of our alliance, Akeno Himejima” Suzune speaks, and turns towards her,

Akeno lifts her head, she was scared,

“From now on, you are free to visit your mother’s grave, Shuri Himejima, and all the accusation on your mother and you will be removed with honor, please…will you forgive us for our wrong” Suzune bows down, as the mark of apology .

“Wh-wh-wh-what on earth are you doing, Suzune-sama!!! How can someone like her, a useless heathen to our clan, be respected, and you are doing this because of this Issei Hyodo, right, I will kill him”

The old man extends a spear towards Issei, and that moment the spear is broken to pieces…

He did a mistake .

He found people surround him at an instant .

Dofflamingo’s strings broke the spear, and his right arm was near the old one’s neck, “Ojiji [1], you have guts to attack our leader, I give you that”

Bayonetta’s guns were right on the forehead of the old man,

“Guts are a small word Doffy, really small”

“Makes you wonder, does it not?” Merlin speaks, her pals where read to attack,

“Do you really believe you have what it takes to kill me?” Issei speaks, his friendly manner turned to a cold one .

“Years ago, an injured fallen angel was almost near his death, a certain someone found him and healed him .

That fallen angel was none other than one of the leaders Barkiel, and the certain someone was Shuri Himejima, Akeno-san mother .

After a while, they fell in love, and you know Akeno-san came along .

Things were going great until you people found out, about the fallen angel’s hideout and existence, that moment you went and killed Shuri Himejima, you were planning to kill Akeno-an too, but she escaped .

After sometime, you find her too, and were about to kill when the Gremory interfered right?”

The old man kept quiet, and then spoke, “Indeed, she is a heathen, and she still deserves to die”

“What a bloody hypocrite, you are!” Issei exclaims, as he puts his index finger up, then continues,

“The other side of the story was, Shuri Himejima, did come to you and stated about what she did, and she even asked that she wishes to quit the clan,

But you old man, were feeling too much horny, didn’t you, you asked her if you let her do those kinds of stuff with you…you’ll let this off the hook, but as the woman who held dignity first slapped you and returned .

That hit your gut didn’t it?”

The old man’s face was being filled with disgust and anger, but what he was stating; he knew it was the truth…

“She was about to escape with her daughter, when you attacked and killed her…but her daughter escaped”

“W-Who told you this, this is not possible-I-didn’t—it was her fault”

The old one was trying to make excuses,

Suzune’s anger was swelling up; she very well knew the truth but she forced herself to keep quiet till today…

“You wonder when did we plan all this? It was just before you were about to capture Akeno-san, and kill her…”

“But- that’s ages ago, when she was eight, so was Suzune-sama”

“Do you not remember- a masked boy, who broke your arm and defended Akeno?” Suzune speaks,

“I know, there was this masked kid, who even came to us telling about Akeno’s location, when I was just the same age as Akeno- how do you know that?” Rias exclaims,

Suzune puts up a pretty smile and looks at Issei, “Gee, I wonder who the masked boy was?”

All the eyes were on him, “Wait! Ise-kun, was that you, who saved me from my own clan members, that day”

“Might be”

Akeno tears up, not only the man she liked, is nice…she met her ages ago, it was as if they were destined to meet again…

“I met Ise, that long…” even Rias went into daze,

“Let’s cut to the chase, here’s the payment, Akeno Himejima’s honor has been restored and Helmhart Himejima’s death” Suzune speaks as she moves towards, the old man .

“No-please…what I did was for the clan- she was filth—her mother was slut—”


The old man’s entire body was set on fire, he screaming in agony, his bones were turning to crisp…finally returning to being ash .

“The rest of you return at once, I will be back”

The rest of the members of the Himejima clan just nod and departed .

“So, before anyone else speak anything, Sirzechs Lucifer, Serafall Leviathan, Michael and Azazel, I- Issei Hyodo, leader of the {D x D} alliance, wish to invite you, to the all mythology peace treaty- meeting to be held at our base in Realm 9, which will be after two hours, would you like to come with us?”

Issei asks elegantly, and looks towards them…

“All mythology? Every representative?” Azazel asks,

“Indeed, would you all like to?”

“This would actually be a good chance”

“Yes, if all mythology understand the peace treaty, it will be helpful”

“Yes~ I’m in”

Sizechs, Michael and Serafall immediately agreed, as for Azazel he too agreed,

“Ziarmoith, take all of us back to Realm 9, ‘Gremory’ and ‘Sitri’, you all come as well” Issei speaks, as he jumps on the back of the huge dragon, followed by the other members of the {D x D}, soon the rest boarded the dragon as well…departing towards Realm 9 .

. . .

Soaring through the skies, Ziarmoith crossed through Realm 1,

Issei and Basara were reading files handed to them by Bayonetta, they had the serious look,

“Fuck this shit! I am so tired of this filing and bullshitting, I need some rest…later” Issei speaks, throwing away the file, which Merlin catches .

All of the people, were on Ziarmoith’s back,

“Ise, at the least don’t throw the files,” Merlin says, with a sigh .

“I want to ask, why did the incident regarding Akeno’s past occurred, just now?” Rias asks, she was curious .

Issei gets up, he sighs and continues, “When someone joins our alliance he or she or they have pay certain amount of pay, just like our older brother did .

They give either heavy amount, or something of equal worth .

Well, I asked for that old man’s death and honor to Akeno-san’s family, and it was done that was all”

When Akeno listens to this, her heart moved…she felt like she has been given another chance .

Xenovia gets up, she wanted to asks something for some time now, but she finds this time to be correct one,

“Ise, how do you feel? In a world where God doesn’t exist?”

Listening to that, all eyes were on Issei, waiting for an answer,

Issei turns towards the Ziarmoith’s head, and stands there, he speaks…looking at the dark sky,

“Do you think a world without God is wrong? Do you think a world without God would decay?

I am sorry to say but that isn’t the case .

Me and you, all of us are healthily living like this—The world moves, even without a God”

Issei raises his fist in the sky and continues, “I don’t need miracles, and my fists are strong enough to create miracles .

I don’t need blessings, my intellect is enough .

I don’t believe structure of rocks present in church, temples or shrine, I believe in my own justice .

Once you do believe in yourself,”

Issei turns towards the audience, with a bright smile he says,

“Even God, can be blown away”

Everyone was moved, even Michael, he understood what that lad says .

Everyone was seated, Michael and Azazel were talking, the Gremory and Sitri group were discussing something,

“I’m hella bore— Su~zu~ne~-chan~, do you want to have sex?” Issei states, who was lying down, except for the members of {D x D}, the rest of them looked him, with shocked expression .

Suzune who was reading a scroll was well acquainted with Issei’s nature, she replies,

“I’m not an exhibitionist; I rather do it in a place where we would be alone”,

“Eh~ but I’m bloody horny, Merlin at the least you come here~”

“Nope~~~ if it’s us, then alone”

Merlin replies,

“How-the hell can the discuss something like this open, they are so cool” Xenovia exclaimed,

“Well, the reason he’s like that because he represents, ‘Lust’ in the {D x D} alliance, one of the seven deadly sin”

Dulio replies, to which he gets a question from Michael, “Dulio-kun, what sin do you represent?”

“Me? I represent ‘Sloth’, by the way Basarsan represents ‘Wrath’, and Mikassan represents ‘Greed’, as for the rest of them, you all will meet them soon”

“Alright! Since there is sometime before we reach our destination, how about wine and songs! Bartender…pass us the drinks” Issei speaks, after doing a back flip,

“Coming right up!” everyone’s gaze turned towards the voice of the ‘bartender’, it was none other than Dulio, his priest attire turned that of a butler, and out of nowhere alcohol creating base and a bar was formed on Dragon’s back, whom they were riding .

At that time, Merlin created a orb which was emitting different shades of light, which turns out to be a disco ball,

Tojo Basara held on to a trumpet .

Issei using his magic, takes out a mic, and with his voice starts to sing…

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is Issei Hyodo

One, two, three, four, five~

Everybody in the car, so come on, let’s ride~

To the liquor store around the corner~

The boys say they want some gin and juice~

But I really don’t wanna~

Beer bust like I had last week~

I must stay deep because talk is cheap~

I like Rias, Akeno, Asia and Xenovia~

And as I continue you know they getting sweeter~

So what can I do? I really beg you, my Lord~

To me is flirting it’s just like sport, anything fly~

It’s all good, let me dump it, please set in the trumpet~

A little bit of boobs in my life~

A little bit of butts by my side~

A little bit of sex is all I need~

A little bit of pussy is what I see~

A little bit of sexiness in the sun~

A little bit of bondage all night long~

A little bit of ecstasy, here I am~

A little bit of you makes me your man~”

Issei’s voice was top notch, everyone was enjoying it until the last verse struck, but now all of them became so familiar with his way…that instead of talking, all of them started to move and dance…

Even Sona and Irina, Michael and Azazel…even Grayfia .

Out of strict orders, the only ones who didn’t drink the top-class wine made by Dulio were the Gremory and the Sitri group, Rias really wanted to taste the wine…but her Onee-sama, Grayfia didn’t approve it .

However, she was still happy for the current moment as she stood near Issei and danced with him,

“Jump up and down and move it all around

Shake your head to the sound

Put your hand on the ground

Take one step left and one step right

One to the front and one to the side

Clap your hand once and clap your hands twice

And if it looks like this then you doing it right

A little bit of boobs in my life

A little bit of butts by my side

A little bit of sex is all I need

A little bit of pussy is what I see

A little bit of sexiness in the sun

A little bit of bondage all night long

A little bit of ecstasy, here I am

A little bit of you makes me your man

Trumpet, the trumpet!

A little bit of boobs in my life

A little bit of butts by my side

A little bit of sex is all I need

A little bit of pussy is what I see

A little bit of sexiness in the sun

A little bit of bondage all night long

A little bit of ecstasy, here I am

A little bit of you makes me your man

Do all to fall in love with a girl like you

‘Cause you can’t run and you can’t hide

You and me gonna touch the sky~”

The musical was amazing and everyone enjoyed it, it was really a fun experience .

Issei’s smile was bright .

At that moment, from bright smile his smile turned to one of the sinister, as he looks forward,

All of them entered Realm, 9… .

They were at an awe to see, the crimson and violet sky, different dragons and beasts around… .

There were forests, the scent of the place was different it was demonic but angelic at the same time, you fear it…yet you carve it more,

A little further ahead, they saw

A large tower and seven huge castles rotating around the tower…

“Welcome, to our diabolic paradise”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 149:- Progress Report- by Tatsuya Shiba

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