High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 150

The sky was crimson and violet, multiple beasts could be seen it was as if this place was different from the others, the atmosphere, the pressure…everything was different .

Mikasa, Dofflamingo, Basara, Bayonetta and Dulio got up and jumped out of Ziarmoith’s back .

“Don’t worry, all of them have returned to their bases, like we are going to ours” Merlin speaks sensing others, question after depart of rest .

Ziarmoith stops right in front of a gigantic castle, bigger than anyone has might have ever perceived…what’s unique about the place was dragons surrounded it .

Multiple dragons were flying around, western or Chinese…but they were only flying around in this castle, and not any other .

The moment Issei got down all the dragons flying around came to halt and came down, the put their heads down indicating their respect for Issei .

“Keep following Ise, please” Merlin speaks as she walks just beside Issei .

The large door of the castle swings open, making huge creaking sound, the moment it is open, both the sides of the way, maids were on their knees, bowing .

“””””””Welcome Home! Master Ise!””””””””

The maids voice rung in unison .

“I’m back ladies”

Issei smiles as he walks forward, the rest of them were at awe to see the huge castle; it was even bigger than the main branch Gremory and Sitri castle that is what Rias and Sona were thinking anyway .

They stopped near a dragon shaped throne, from where two large staircases began from both the side .

However, there was something ominous about the stairs .

Issei walks towards the throne and sat on it, he had expression of someone is gravely tired .

Suddenly out of nowhere, an old man, in butler attire appears right beside Issei, he had a single circular glass over his right eye, he was clearly over eighty by the look of the face, but from the posture of his body he was still very active .

“Your tea, master” the butler hands over a cup of tea to Issei, to which he gladly accepts .

The maids join in and offered tea to the rest of the visitors .

“Ji, why not introduce yourself” Issei speaks as he sips tea .

“Well, I believe Merlin and Suzune are quiet acquainted with me, I am the head butler of the Issei Hyodo faction in the {D x D} alliance, my name is Roland…but people usually call me Ji”

“Wait, in Roland as in the Hero Roland? The true user of [Durandal]?”

Michael responds to the butler’s introduction with a shocked expression .

“Indeed, Ji is the last descendant of the Hero Roland, and the true user of [Durandal], in his arms [Durandal] can even push me to such extent, I even need to go almost all out” Issei speaks calmly then continues,

“Ji, I want the report”

“Yes, so the conference room has been prepared .

From the Hindu Mythology, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva would be attending, as Mahabali, the Prince of Ashuras as their vanguard .

From the Chinese Mythology, Lord Tathāgata and Lord Sun Wukong, apparently the ‘old monkey’ doesn’t need any protection .

From the Japanese Mythology, Lady Amaterasu and her younger brother Lord Susanoo, their vanguard is of course is none other than Lord Genji himself .

From the Norse Mythology, Lord Odin and Lord Thor, and his third son Vidar as their vanguard .

From the Greek Mythology, your grandfather Zeus and her wife Lady Hera, with Apollo as vanguard and of course your mother and father will be arriving with them as well .

From the Irish Mythology, Lady Mórrígan with of course none as her vanguard .

From the Magicians faction, The Queen of Magic, Lucy Heartifilia with her attendants .

From the Vampire faction, of course Lady Cerez Victoria Hellsing,

From the Werewolves faction, King Jacob and his attendants and lastly,

From the western devils, Lord Ramusaus .

From the devils Sirzechs Lucifer and Serafall Levithan, their vanguard as Grayfia Luficage .

From the fallen angel faction, Governor General Azazel and

From the angel’s faction Michael, that’s all,” the old man gave the report, but pressure has increased .

“Issei, when you said other faction will be arriving…you didn’t mention such people will be arriving,” Azazel speaks, his tone was heavy and shocked,

“I didn’t, ah! I forgot, now-now, Ji will show you what you all should do next, I might as well take a bath,” Issei gets up and though the stairs, walks towards the second floor .

“He didn’t tells us that we would be attending a meeting, in between the God of Destruction, Queen of Destruction, God of Thunder and God of Storm…if we came out alive, I’ll proudly puff my chest and say, I sat with the ‘Kings among Gods'” Azazel speaks with a bitter smile .

“Of course, the guest shower has been prepared, men on that side and women will be led by our maids” Roland speaks, with an honest smile, but then Rias says something totally off the mark .

“I want to take a bath with Ise, I will go to him” after saying so she runs towards the steps, Roland tries to warn her by saying “Young Lady, stop…” but it was already too late .

The steps emit an unknown pressure after which, Rias was thrown aback…she was shocked, she couldn’t climb up some stairs,

“What-what’s going on?”

Roland was about to explain when, he and the others listen someone voice, which had coldness in it,

“The stairs to the second floor are guarded with [Worthy], a type of magic, which only allows strong people to pass through, you are not strong” the woman who spoke that was a beauty, with long blue hair and fair white no rather a snow white skin .

She was none other than Eseath herself, the expression she wore had disgust in face and coldness in her eyes .

“Who might you be weakling?” she asks in a cold tone,

Rias gets pissed a little by looking at her attitude, “I am Rias Gremory, Ise’s master”

Listeing to this, Esdeath laughs…”Ise’s master? You ? when he said he will be serving someone I thought, it would be a Demon God, but never expected, it would be a low class devil such as yourself”

The attitude of Esdeath pissed off, Rias and her peerage, with rage she fights back, “What gives you the right to speak in such manner, we all care about Ise, he does for us too”

“That’s where the problem lies; maybe he has grown soft…because no way, he will be subordinate likes of you”

“Your way of act…you make it show like you know Ise, better than us”

Esdeath’s expression changed, her coldness in the eyes disappeared a little, with a pretty smile she says, “Indeed, I know him better than you all”

”This isn’t going good” that’s what Merlin and Roland thought, because they very well knew what was about to happen next .

. . . . . . . . . . . . …

To Be Continued:- Chapter 151:- Gremory & Sitri Vs Esdeath

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