High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 151

Esdeath’s attitude made Rias and her peerage furious, but her taunts made Sitri peerage furious al well .

“Ahem” Roland coughs and the furious eyes were now at him, he continues,

“There is a rule, if you have a problem among each other, the best solution is duel, and all of you can fight here, while the other may prepare for the meeting”

Rias had her eyes filled with shock,

With a smile Sirzechs says, “Indeed, if you have feelings deep down, the best way to end is a duel, what don’t you all settle this” after saying, Sirzechs, Grayfia, Azazel, Michael and Serafall followed Roland, who was about to show the guest bath .

Suzune and Merlin sighed and walked towards the second floor where Issei went .

“So, useless Sitri and weak Gremory, how about it? Will you face me or just walk away, like the weakling cats you are”

Rias was emitting crimson aura, with voice filled with anger she speaks, “If I win, you won’t bother mine and Ise’s relationship”

“And if I win, you will release him from being your servant” Esdeath speaks her voice was cold, but her face showed a smirk, she continues, “Bring it, I will take both the squads on”

“Well, Sona I would like to ask, for your help…is that fine” Rias speaks, as she takes a battle stance,

“Well, even I don’t like her attitude, so I will help you out”

“Yuuto-kun, Xenovikun and Tomoe (Tomoe Meguri, shoulder length reddish-brown hair and a [Knight] in the household of Sona Sitri), use your [Kinght]’s abilities and put her to bay”

That moment, the three of them rushed towards the snow-skin beauty,

Xenovia pulls out her [Durandal], and covers her with holy aura and with all her might uses it to strike Esdeath,

“Huh- too easy, [Freeze Bone]” Esdeath blocks the [Durandal] with her palm and covers it with ice .

Xenovia’s instincts kicked in, she let go of her sword, before the ice reached her hand,

“I’ll give you that, your warrior instincts saved you, [Shatter]” the holy sword [Durandal] broke to pieces .

“No way, my [Durandal]…what, how?” Xenovia was at a complete loss of words, of what just occurred, her indestructible holy sword was just destroyed, with a single attack?

What was that?

“Your abilities with [Durandal] does not hold a candle against Ise’s, you really thought your sword could cut me”

With an anger look, Xenovia bites her lips .

This moment, Kiba acted quickly wittedly, he created four Holy-Demonic swords, his balance-breaker [Sword of Betrayer] and passed two of them towards Xenoiva,

Without a moment’s haste, Sona gives the second term of orders, “Tsubaki, quickly engage her in the close combat, Akeno use lightning magic and your demonic abilities to fight her from afar, Gasper-kun stop the time, to make sure Akeno’s attack hits”


Without any further hesitation, Tsubaki draws out Naginata (A traditional Japanese weapon, which is similar to pole weapon and a curved blade) .

Sona makes a beautiful smile and speaks, “Tsubaki is a master in Naginatajutsu, enhancing it with demonic abilities, makes it much more deadlier”

Tsubaki, Kiba and Tomoe started attacking simultaneously, but Esdeath easily dodged it all,

“Is that all you got?”

“Is it?” a voice came from behind, it was none other than Irina, she used her Holdy-Sword, [Excalibur: Mimic] to attack from behind,

“[Pillar]” with a palm strike straight, Irina freezes in a pillar of ice…


Tsubaki extends her weapon with all her might, to which the result it gets destroyed by a single kick,

Nevertheless, that did not stop Kiba and Tomoe from attacking at once, Xenovia joined them as well…with increase speed, the three of them were top-notch swordsmen, but they still held no hope .

“[Pillar]” with another palm strike, the rest of them…Tsubaki, Kiba, Tomoe and Xenovia froze in the pillar of ice, similar to Irina .

“It’s easy to give orders standing back, glasses and red-tits, how about you come up and figh-“


Out of nowhere, a straight punch on Esdeath’s head making her fall in her knees,

“What on earth are you doing?” a rough male voice, which belonged to a man wearing a green kimono, with three katana on his waist, he had green hair, none other than Zorro himself .

“What are you doing-? I’m teaching this little cunts-” Esdeath retorted, but was interrupted by Zorro,

“You aren’t, you are just forcing yourself on her, because you cannot accept the fact that they all hold a special position in Ise’s heart”

Listening to this Esdeath makes a bitter expression,

“Ask this to Ise, yourself…get the answer, don’t cause unnecessary troubles for our guests”

Esdeath gets up and without uttering any more, walks to the second floor,

“Geez, woman and Ise” Zorro, looks towards the ice pillars, he pulls out a little bit of blade and puts it back to the scabbard .

This is what it looked to others, but at an instant, all the ice pillars broke, freeing the ones who froze inside them .

Zorro does a small bow towards Rias and Sona, “I apologize, it looks like there was some problem with our Esdeath, hope you forgive her”

“It-its fine, I was out of the line too” Rias speaks while stammering,

“These guys, just what are they, speed of blade which-not just cannot see, it wasn’t even felt”

Sona speaks, she just like the others were shocked,

“You all should follow the maid, to the guest shower” Zorro speaks after which he moves towards the second floor as well .

From the first door, multiple voices were heard as well, those people were walking in (Issei’s team, Rindou, Kaori, Zeref, Hisoka and Kaneki) all of them walked past the group towards the second floor .

“W-who are they?”

“They are the members of the Issei Hyodo, faction in the {D x D} alliance,” the blonde maid replied .

“Please, ladies and gentlemen, follow me”

Rias and Sona explained what happen to the people who were frozen inside the pillar, and how they got out .

“It’s embrassing, and I even lost my [Durandal]” Xenovia made a sad and disappointed face,

“Do not worry, Xenovisama, our blacksmith will fix your sword, I will report this to Ise-sama…please be at ease” the maid said with a determined face and a smile on her lips .

“So . . so, will I get it early?” Xenovia asks, since her hope have risen up,

“Indeed, it will be over before you know” the maid spoke .

Soon they arrived in a hall, with two endings,

“The right side is for men, the left for women, others are already in there, you all should hurry as well”

The maid left after she completed her task .

The group did as the maid told them and were separated into two, Kiba, Gasper and Saji went to the boys side, while the others went to the girls .

Beautiful, naked body…of different shapes and size (of course girls) entered the bath, the only two people present there, were Grayfia and Serafall…but for some reason there faces were deep red .

Rias found that strange when she entered, with her piquing curiosity, she asks “Onee-sama, why your face is red? Is it because of the hot-bath?”

The next moment, all the girls knew what was the reason .

“Push it harder, more~~~ make me cum~~~~more~~!!!”

“Now-now Su-zu-ne-san, has your butt ever been used?”

“What do you-don’t you dare-“

“I’ll take that hole then”

These were voices of Issei and Suzune…well, moaning anyway .

Suzune turned and wrapped her hands around his thick cock . She gave him a few strokes, which made Issei harder .

She then proceeded to sensuously kiss his entire shaft in a teasing manner . She felt that, she should give him a lesson of his own medicine, so she lightly licked over his shaft as she stroke him faster .

“Oh~ Suzune, don’t torture me” Issei grunted .

Suzune let out a devilish smile as she licked away the back of his dick on the top . She slowly opened her waiting mouth to take him inside .

Issei felt like heaven as his cock heaven as his cock entered her warm mouth . Soon he felt his cock striking the back of her throat .

He couldn’t help but grab the back of her head to take the control of the situation .

Suzune was surprised at the next moment, Issei started fucking her mouth like it was her pussy . He stroked in and out rapidly sliding inside her mouth .

She felt she was going to gag as a moment later, he stroked deeply to the end of her throat . He continued to push inside her mouth and she started feeling tears in her eyes .

“God”, Suzune let out a breath of relief as Issei let go of her head just as she was about to faint .

“You don’t like teased,” Suzune looked up at him in his eyes as she rose from her knees . The next moment, she moved her arms around his neck to pull his head for a kiss .

For a minute they were lost in the mouth of their kiss broke when she felt his haed on getting impatient .

“Greedy as always,” Suzune said in a teasing smile feeling as she stroked his throbbing cock .

“No time for more foreplay” Issei pushed her on the wet bed .

Indeed, Issei’s private bath had a wet bed in it .

Suzune opened her knees in anticipation as Issei slid his cock over her clit before pushing inside her in one stroke .

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Suzune released a loud moaning as she felt him stretching her inside . His warm cock was pushing inside her limits like never before .

“You do know, our guests are the floor below, and the bathrooms are parallel, the will hear easily if you moan so much” Issei spoke to her as he stroked in and out of her slowly .

Suzune, bit her lips to suppress her moans but the power of his thrusts increased .

She found it harder to control her moans as Issei started fondling her tits while his cock rammed in her .

“Oh god!” Suzune wrapped her legs around him as he thrust inside her .

“Gods dead Suzune, the only thing inside you is junior Ise, treat him well~”

The girls the bath, floor below…everyone had a red face, Xenovia too had one…but she looked excited .

On the gents side, Azazel and Saji pushed their eyes directly to the wall above them, to make sure they hear everything clearly .

“Michael, you should hear it too, the kid’s got great moves” Azazel speaks,

“No- I do not wish to fall, thank you” without a second thought Azazel was turned down .

“Stop…oh fuck!,” Szune cried as the orgasms hit her body . She was soaked in sweat, weather it was the water from the bath or her sweat, she didn’t know herself .

Her boy was trembling as the orgasms took over .

Issei lowered his head on her breasts as he increased his pace inside her .

Suzune felt him ramming inside her, Issei thrusts five more times before he pulled out .

“Why?” Suzune muttered .

At that moment, Suzune shuddered as she felt Issei’s fingers inside her pussy .

Hr went his fingers from her juice and then his fingers moved on her ass .

Suzune didn’t dare believe her guess . The next moment she felt a wet finger lubricating her anal opening .

Suzune trembled as she felt his cock up her ass cheeks .

Suzune had sex with Isssei multiple times, but has never gone for anal…this was her first…she wanted to say no, but his fingers had already done the magic .

She gripped the wet bed sheet tightly and tried her best not to scream as Issei spread her ass cheeks wide . She clenched her body muscles in order to stop his invasion but it proved futile .

Suzune felt the tip of Issei’s cock entering her tight ass . She felt pain but also another sensation she has never felt before .

“Ohhhhhh fuck!!,” Suzune’s eyes were filled with tears as more of Issei’s dick barged inside her . She felt she was going to black out as stars and fireworks were exploding in her eyes .

Finally, his entire shaft entered inside her and she shuddered . The burning sensation made her eyes wide open .

Suzune tried her best to fight the pain .

Issei took full advantage of the situation as he grabbed her hips tightly and rammed his cock deep .

“Ahhhhh!” Suzune felt a sensation of both pain and pleasure inside her .

Each thrust felt like a trip to heaven . She was turned on but also afraid as Issei continued to tear her ass apart .

Suzune’s eyes closed tightly as an intense orgasm blinded her senses . She used her lip to bite the bed sheet as strong as she could, while Issei’s cock moved fiercely, and her ass contracted around his cock .

“I’m cumming as well,” Issei said . The sensation of her tight ass has brought him to climax .

Suzune’s body shook as she felt Issei’s dick erupting inside her .

The trembling she was desperately controlling after the orgasms gripped her body .

“Ooooooh God!,” She felt violent tremors inside her as Issei’s cum trickled out of her ass . Exhausted she fell down .

Issei blows a sigh of relief, but that moment he finds someone holding tight to his dick .

Merlin, Esdeath, Rindou and Karori had surrounded him .

“”””It’s my turn now, right?””””

“If I must”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 152:- Future Preparations

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