High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 152

The women, other than Grayfia and Serafall, stayed inside a little longer in the bath after which, they came into terms that no one would discuss what they heard, to Issei .

After getting dressed, they went for the main hall guided by the same maid…the moment they enter, what different about them was the atmosphere that surrounded them .

“They are serious, it’s best that we keep quiet, in meeting like this a single mistake would cause, I am unable to put it in words, the simple would be if someone is offended, it could lead to war…quiet quickly” Sona states, watching the pressure, each of the faction leader were emitting .

The pressure became more intense, when from the second floor, Issei and the members of his faction walked down .

Issei wore a black shirt, and a long red overcoat with red shoulder plates and arm plates, his brown hair was tied to a ponytail, a pitch-black jeans, the allure was enough to give ladies orgasm .

Unintentionally, except for the leaders of each faction, the rest who were present in the room, bowed Issei by falling into their knees .

Even Rias Gremory, who was his master, bowed the aura and radiance of the king forces the individual to bow .

“[Shadow Hole]” Issei mutters to which his shadow turned into circular shape .

Except for Zorro and Merlin, the rest of his group jumped into the shadow hole .

“Well, you are taking your whole team?” Azazel asks, but instead of playful tone…he was rather serious .

“Yes, there is no secret among us, but taking my whole team would be problematic, so I use [Youjutsu] (A . K . A demon arts) abilities to hide them” Issei replies,

“Well, I believe it will be another secret, how you are able to use [youjutsu], which can only be used by Youkai” Sirzechs asks,

“Indeed, let’s keep that a secret”

After which, the entire lot moved out of the castle, and walked near the entrance of the main tower .

“Take them to the library” Issei speaks to the maid, indicating that they should go any further from here,

“As you command, my lord” the maid replies, and ask the rest to follow her while, the faction leaders followed Issei .

Conference Hall, {D x D} HQ…

The first people who were present in the hall were, three young men, one had sleek long hair, tied and the other had blue-black hair . The third one however was armed with high-tier equipments, and had brown skin .

These three were none other than, two from the ‘Trimurti’ of the Hindu Mythology, Shiva and Vishnu, the armed one was none other than Prince of Ashura, Mahabali .

“What gives? You all arrived first?” another carefree tone was heard, the two people who entered, after the convoy of Hindu were from the Chinese mythology,

An old man, with a good height, and a staff on his arms, his face was that of a monkey, with a long light brown beard and beige skin .

The man was none other than Sun Wukong, and the one who walked with him…the current head of Buddha Gods, Lord Tathāgata .

“Oya, the old monkey looks fit, despite his age” Shiva speaks, in a carefree manner,

Sun Wukong gave Shiva, the quick reply “Rich coming from someone who, is par older than me”

“Now-now, gentlemen, age has got nothing to do with how fit we are” an elegant lady, with pitch black long hair, she had an elegant, yet dangerous aura surrounding her .

The lady was none other than, Lady Amaterasu…from the Japanese mythologies, followed by her little brother, who wore a straw hat and a blue kimono, Susano .

Their vanguard was a man who was wearing silver, full plate armor, with a Japanese sword, and radiating green aura, the man was Genji .

“Well, that aside it pleases me that, at the least Ise, called me himself” Shiva speaks in a dignified manner .

“Well well, the main people have arrived eh! Not like that Red Dragon brat respects me or anything…among gods, the only one he cares is for that monkey, Sun Wukong and Shiva . . . ” the old man who spoke these, was wearing a long blue robe, and his white beard was till his feet, and a golden eye patch, the person was, Odin .

Followed by his two sons, Thor and Vidar .

“My-my, indeed for inviting all of us, his methods of sending invitation are rather bias” the woman who spoke, was another elegant lady, but the aura surrounding her was rather sinister, although it wasn’t hostile…it wasn’t too good either .

Her long hair was white and her bangs, golden in color…she is, Lady Mórrígan, from the Irish Mythology .

Two groups enter after the conversation among the arrived ones were over, they were emitting hostile aura against each other .

The woman and her attendants, had red eyes, pitch red and flare cut blonde hair, with a voluptuous and buxom figure, wearing a military tight outfit .

The woman was current leader of the vampire faction, Cerez Victoria Hellsing .

The wan who was giving the vampires hostile aura, who had a handsome face and a well build body is the current head of the Werewolf pack, Jacob .

The western demons, the Akagami clan, a well shaped demon, with brown skin and red hair who was wearing glasses arrived, he was Ramusaus .

Zeus, his wife and Apollo joined as well .

Finally, {D x D}, leaders of angels, fallen angels and demons joined as well .

The place where Rias and Sona and her peerage went was the library of the {D x D} alliance where all the records, books and stuff were kept .

“Except for the restricted area, please feel free to check out anything” the maid spoke, keeping her elegant demeanor and continues, “your refreshments will be brought soon”

During that time, something caught, Saji’s eye, that is why he thought about asking, “Maid-san, what’s the huge glass shelf for?”

The maid suddenly had a bright smile on her face, she replies, “That, is where the recordings of war, and achievement of the members of {D x D} alliance kept, all of them are in the form of videos, fell free to see…by the way, the shelf in the top, belongs to Ise-sama”

The maid replies, so she asks for her departs, after leaving, ‘Please call me, if you need anything’ as her departing words .

The eyes were now on the top rack of the glass shelf, Issei Hyodo’s achievements .

What did he do…how did he manage to…become the strongest one?

. . .

The conference meeting had already begun,

Ise: What I want to know is how did someone like Kokabiel get accesses to ‘Netherworld’ and use Cerberus, especially from Hades?

Zeus (With firm expression): I don’t know, link from Olympus to Netherworld has been severed by Hades months ago, reasons unknown .

Tenma: We have strong evidence, which might lead that, Zeus, your brother Hades is related to {Chaos Brigade} .

Zeus keeps quiet .

Shiva: From my point of view, I believe, the amount of traitors are about to increase .

Ise: It is just as you say; the amount of traitors will increase, since no one would like to go on with peace treaty, with demons and fallen angels .

Thor: but wouldn’t that give us also the opportunity, to strike back at the traitors who are against the peace?

Amaterasu: Then they would also have a wonderful explanation of how we are wrong, since we are joining the devils .

Susano: Since the main group of {Chaos Brigade} is the Old Satan Faction, I even believe the church is against the peace treaty .

Michael (sighing): indeed, it is as you say, the Higher Church authorities can be explained, but still…the purpose of their life would just vanish .

Issei: I have a simple solution to all this .

Thor & Zeus: What would that be?

Issei: How about the destruction of {Chaos Brigade}, is given to the devils?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 153:- Future Preparations-2

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