High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 153

The room was silent at Issei’s suggestion,

Odin: What do you mean, Issei?

Issei: How about, Sirzechs Lucifer explains it?

Sirzechs (Smiles): It is just as Ise speaks, it just happens one of the main reasons I wish to take the responsibility, the first one being the devils where the one who started the war . . . and the second one, of course being the main reason Old Satan Faction .

As the leader of devils, I ask you, we will take the lead on destroying the {Chaos Brigade} .

Basara: but of course, {D x D} will help as well . . . we will be on guard .

Cerez: Since, Ise said so, we the vampires will be helping out too when needed, although don’t expect much .

Jacob: Same .

Mikasa: While we are on this, we need to discuss another important thing . . .

Dulio: Indeed, that other thing is quiet problematic .

Mórrígan: And what that other thing, would be?

Issei: Well, I had sent Rindou, to Egypt…but it appears, the entire Egyptian Mythology has disappeared .

Everyone in conference room, their expression changed that to one of the shock .

Zeus: Is it true? I mean, Amun Ra is present in the mythology, who would dare to attack?

Lucy: Disappearance of an entire mythology is no joke…since,

Akame: Yes, since Egyptian Mythology was also the ‘Keep Saker’ of ‘Apple of Eden’ .

Tathāgata: There is more to this, right?

Azazel: More? What could be?

Issei: What’s more…is still unknown, we are still looking on it, the disappearance of the mythology .

Vishnu: The system will fall into chaos, if or even one mythological main God disappears .

Takeru: Well, leave that to us…

Issei: on the other note, Sirzechs-san…why don’t you say that, what we discussed…

Sirzechs (bright smile on his face) :Indeed, since we all will be entering in the peace, I thought of something great…how about International Rating Game?

The people didn’t quite get it, what the Demon Lord just spoke .

Issei: Well Sirzechs invented this idea, you all have heard about rating games right? Held in the Demon world…well the thing is with the new Sport System we are developing, will allow creating teams, and participating in the International Rating Game .

Sirzechs: Each and every mythology, can participate, but not just mythologies, Vampires, Werewolves, Demi-beasts, magicians, humans, Gods…anyone .

Issei: With competition, and competitive air…

Sirzechs: The heat and hate among the mythology will decrease…

Issei: and will take part in the game, showing off the strength…

Sirzechs: At that time, because of sports a team spirit will form .

Issei & Sirzechs: Giving rise to peace!!!

Both, Issei and Sirzechs were excited for this to happen…but each had a different mentaility,

‘With this, my dream of bring all the mythologies together and the sport will come true’- this is what Sirzechs was thinking,

‘With this, all the Gods and higher ones will be participating, there will be no holding back…I can fight to my heart’s content, goodness! Battle, what a beautiful word’- this is what Issei was thinking .

Well for a brief moment, the attendants were at an awe watching both Sirzechs and Issei, enjoying as the spoke about international rating games .

It looked as if two brothers who loved each other greatly found nirvana .

Odin (laughs): That sounds far-fetched but great! I like that! Alliance, with young fools like you would be great, since you all know how to change .

Shiva: I agree . Let’s give it a go .

Zeus: Well, let’s leave the matter to you all then .

Lucy: Yup .

Issei: Also lastly, would you all Gods, help out the alliance, I prefer a land of peace, where there is no war, although it may sound as hypocrisy coming from me…who loves battle, but unnecessarily, innocent people are getting involved, with peace we can still fight…and the reason would be because of the International Rating Games…so are you gods with me”

Odin: I don’t see the reason, why not?

Thor: Indeed, it would also end the unnecessary dispute among Gods and Devils .

Amaterasu: Count me in!

Susano: Indeed, the game sounds fun! We can fight anyone! I’m fired up .

Zeus: Indeed, as expected of my grand- I mean, leader of {D x D} alliance .

Hera: I agree with my husband .

Sun Wukong: Well in the past and now, I have respected your decisions, I will today as well .

Shiva: Well, just like Wukong said, then and now…you got my support .

. . .

The Gremory and Sitri group walked out of the room, all of them were amused .

“Are those real…I mean, he single handedly defeated entire magician army…with ease!” Saji was amused, after he watched

“Master tactician and master hand-to-hand combat, Rias…I envy you, if only I would have found him before you…my victories would have been top notch” Sona speaks, her voice was filled with tone of dissatisfaction and jealousy .

Rias puffs up her chest and speaks in a prideful manner, “I will be aiming for the Rating Game Champion, you know”

“The sword techniques with [Durandal] were amazing, right Kiba?” Xenovia asks while her eyes were shining .

“Indeed, packed with power and techniques, wonder if he will teach us?” Kiba asks,

“Hey, that will be great”

“That’s impossible” the maid who was leading the way replied .

“What do you mean?” Kiba counter asks,

“Ise-sama, doesn’t actually takes in any disciples, just think it yourself… wouldn’t you just become stronger by leaps and bounds, if someone like him trained you? According, to all the founders of {D x D}, Ise-sama, is the only one who doesn’t trains other people”

The maid replied to Kiba .

“That’s…I don’t know what to say”

“Such is Ise-sama”

“So, where are we going?” Rias quickly changes the topic of conversation…

“Well…to the Training Hall, the meeting is over and they are waiting in the Training Hall…all I was told to, bring you all there”

… .

“Gosh! Father-in-law, I must say thank you,” Van says gleefully as he looks towards Zeus, the latter giving the former a look of disgust .

“If it wasn’t for my daughter…I would have killed you on the spot, when I learnt about the truth” Zeus was furious, but he kept that in check…because Thalia, Issei’s mother and Zeus’s very daughter was watching them .

“Father! Please, let things be…I am really happy that you forgave us” Thalia’s eyes glitter as she continues to speak to her father .

Zeus had a nosebleed seeing his beautiful, who was caring for her father .

The only thing he hated was she could have told him sooner about what occurred, but better late than never, that is why Zeus didn’t fret over it anymore .

Currently, the only ones present in the training field where, Zeus, Thalia and Van, Sun Wukong, Odin and Thor, Sirzechs and Grayfia, Michael and Azazel…with Bayonetta, Dofflamingo and Merlin as well .

The founders and the Gremory & Sitri group arrive together .

“Oh, everyone is here, so just let me introduce everyone, once again” Issei speaks with a cheerful voice, and then continues…

“The man with the white beard, is my grandfather, Zeus King of Olympus, the annoying monkey there, is you know…from ‘Journey to the West’, Sun Wukong”

“Bastard, I’m not annoying” Wukong retorted .

“And then, the old man with long beard, is pervert Odin, he likes butts”

“Hey-hey- young girl’s butts, they are in good shape you know” Odin replies, when his introduction is given .

Well to each, their own .

“Then, the long blonde hair man…is his son, Thor Odinson”

“This is here is my father, Van Lucifer Morningstar and my mother Thalia Lew Zeus”

“Of course, this black hair dude, you met him some time ago, sis-con nipple sucker- Tojo Basara”

“You mean strongest swordsman- Tojo Basara” Basara too retorted,

“Then this multi-color eye, shorty with great pride is, Tenma Unomia”

“Oye! My height is just…I’m a little small so what”

“Then there is this guy, Masochist Buddh Takeru Ohiyama”

“Wait! Wait!!! It’s Madan Buddh Takeru Ohiyama”

“This is, I only love Eren’s cock- Mikasa Ackerman (by the way Eren is a ‘Giant’, and by ‘Giant’ not his dick, ‘Giant’ means ‘Giant’, tall creatures- in her faction)”

“That is true” Mikasa speaks with a straight face .

“This is, ‘I only love food, but never get fat’- Akame”

“I never said- I don’t eat that much” after saying, Akame continues chubbing on the chicken meat she brought .

“Lastly, ‘I love to sleep- working is pain’- Dulio”

“Ise-san, I do work…once every two-three months”

“All are useless except me you see,” Issei completed and sighs,

While the others were giving off the negative aura towards him .

However, Xenovia was always known for stepping on landmines…that’s why she asked a taboo question, which never should, a single sentence .

Moreover, those who knew the meaning of the taboo question, their faces were filled with horror…

“Which one of the founder is the strongest?”


“Well, we usually don’t fight each other” Issei spoke, but his voice was stammering,


“So we don’t know”


“But- If we do fight- I will be overpower these cunts, after all, I am the leader, I am the strongest one” Issei speaks, with pride in his eyes,

“Wait-wait, just because you are the leader, doesn’t means you are the strongest-” Basara stepped in between .

“Indeed, so what, if I am short, I am stronger than both of you”

“H I love eating, but doesn’t mean I will lose to bunch of people like you”

“For-fuck’s sake, admit it…I am the strongest one,”

Tenma, Akame and Takeru joined too,

Then Mikasa, Dulio didn’t hold back either…

“What do you think? Just because I use strings, I’m weak”

“Indeed, Ise-san, just because you are strong doesn’t mean I’m weak…I’ll show you”

“Oya, all the cunts angered?”

“What are you talking about- Oppai freak”

“Bitchi nipple sucker, sis-con”

“Short height and short dick”


“Masochist cunt, Buddhhuh- my dragonic ass”

” indeed, useless dragonic ass”

“You started it”

“Cause it’s the truth”

“Sleepy asshole”

“Hey- I don’t sleep, I am now angry… . I am very angry”

“My-my meat!!!!! I will kill all of you”

The founders where now under absolute chaos,

“””””””BRING IT”””””””

“[Crimson Cardinal Drive]”

“[Limit Break: Berserker]”

“[True Spirit]”


“[Balance Breaker]”

“[True Tmpest]”

“[Muramasa Death]”

None of them were holding back…at that moment a hoarse voice was heard, which had heavy pressure behind it…

“Is there a fight? Can I join?”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

To Be Continued:- Chapter 154:- Testament of Truth

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