High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 154

The man, who spoke those, was wearing a tattered robe, and a hood hid his face,

From, the looks of it his words were calmed, joyful if someone may add . . . but what ominous was his aura, something that went into their minds, as if affecting their reason to think . . .

All eyes then turn towards the founders . . . they were shocked to see, the show in front of them .

All of them were doing push-ups without any stop, all of them . . . including Issei, their cockiness just disappeared .

“You guys . . . weren’t you all fighting?” the man in the robe asked,

“””””””No Sir!!”””””””

“Sure? I mean, I heard arguments, you know?”

“””””””No Sir!!”””””””

“Well, then its fine stay like that, be friends, K!” after which the man turns around and walks away,

“””””””Yes Sir!!”””””””

The spectators were at a complete loss words, what on earth did they witness . . . the fearsome ones where literally on the ground .

“Did he go away?” Issei was the first one to ask,

“He did, we can now stand” Tenma replies,

The founders got up on their feet; their face expression showed that they were scared as hell .

“Who was he?” Azazel, somewhat felt amused by the situation, that’s why he asked .

“You can say he is the chairperson of our alliance . . . and our secret weapon in defeating Orphis easily” Issei replies to Azazel’s question,

Another round of shock, Issei Hyodo had planned out Orphis’s defeat, from the beginning . . . doesn’t this means, he has already won .

“We’ll talk about that at a later date, now what I am interested in is, Dad and Mom, how did you recover your powers? I mean didn’t you sacrifice them?”

“Well, Ise, the thing is when my Father-in-law, saw your mother . . . he hugged her and almost tried to kill me, but he insisted on recovering all the powers Thalia once had and her life-force using ‘The Golden Fleece'” Issei father gave the explanation .

The Golden Fleece was one of the ancient artifacts capable of restoring ‘something which is lost’ .

The ‘something which is lost’ could be the power someone once had…now gone, life force someone once had…now gone, someone who used to be quiet active, now at a dormant state or a dying tree…to its youth .

The Golden Fleece currently was under Zeus’s control…and in the past since The Golden Fleece was used multiple times, currently could only be used twice .

Without a second thought, Zeus used it on his daughter in order to restore her power and life force, since he didn’t want her to be seen in such a condition, he could be rather persuasive .

However, the latter refused to use it, unless it is used on her husband as well being the daughter of Zeus, she too was persuasive .

Zeus could only do as her daughter stated since, he loved her a lot…but hated his son-in-law, the infamous Devil-God, but since he was the man his daughter choose, Zeus could only accept him .

And that’s how, with only two charges remain- Golden Fleece was used to restore, Demon God ‘Diablo’- Van Lucifer Morningstar and Queen of sky and lighting- Thalia Lew Zeus, thus got their powers back .

Zeus tells this story to everyone .

“Dad, so you were given the title ‘Diablo’, Spanish word of the word ‘Devil,'” Issei says,

“Indeed, your father was the true personification of the word ‘Devil’ during the worst generation, well except of him…no one else has ever defeated me” Thor says with a bitter smile,

“Onii-sama, what’s the ‘Worst Generation’?” Rias asks the question directed towards Sirzechs .

“Well, ‘Worst Generation; occurred six hundred years ago, where once all the mythology were at peace, and the abnormal begins born during that time where called ‘Worst Generation’, not because they were weak…but rather they were mutation”

Serafall adds, “From the worst generation, even your father and mother were part of that”

“Indeed, they were…those were some good times” Van spoke,

“Yes, you, me, there was Silva…” Thor couldn’t speak anymore, his voice stopped…so did Van’s, the mood became saddening…

“Well, let’s leave it at that, I will get more depressed if I think more”

“Dad, I want to ask something as well,” Issei’s expression,

“I can guess, is it about the other one, Vali Lucifer?”

Issei was taken aback when he heard his father stating the name, he wished to ask .


“Well, probably he is my little brother’s son, Silva Lucifer Morningstar…apart from that, I don’t think I can answer anything else”

“That’s enough, for now”

The place was silenced yet again .

“I just want to ask something, Ise, why is there a cross on your left arm, and it’s glowing” Basara asks after he saw something unusual,

“What do you-” Issei too looks at his left arm, he never notice when did the light cross appeared and it was glowing…suddenly, the light from the cross grew brighter, that moment, Issei’s head felt dizzy and he falls on the ground .

~”—-Been there, but I locked them long—–

—-the first magic, the first war—-

—-‘his’ knowledge impeccable, ‘his’ power absolute—-

From ‘human’—to ‘God’—to something, words can’t say—–

—-Been there, but I locked them long—

Under the 21, if I may—-“~

Issei’s eyes were open, he was flying in the blank sky…he didn’t know what was going on, but when he looked down, he saw a man he couldn’t make out his face, since his robe was too big .

Beside him where exactly seven people floating .

He looks around, what he sees was the earth, but there were no realms…

The man in the robe lifts something as a golden-staff; the staff looked entwined by seven serpents and in each of the squirming serpents’ mouths holds a jewel of a different color . Its grip has a transparent quality like crystal and emits a bluish white light . When touched, it spews a dark red aura, and then Earth shook violently…

Issei witnessed something he never had, he saw the creation of nine realms in front of him…he became sure, he saw the Great-Mage who created all the nine realms .


The sky changed again, and now it was cloudy and dark, he saw a building on top of the mountain…the moment he saw that he became sure what it was, being none other than the Forbidden Library, where the Akashic Records were kept .

To his right he saw a giant, Red Dragon and a three-headed dragon, fighting…that was none other than Great Red and Orphis, their fight went to the extent where they smashed towards the building .


This time, the sky was white and he saw, a little young Thor…holding on to someone who appeared similar to Sun Wukong .

This place is Heaven’s Door; Issei concluded, when he disappeared once again .


This time, the sky was black-purple, dead bodies lay on the ground, and he saw his father…who appeared young, his hand has passed through someone’s heart…his father was crying, yet his face showed anger…when he killed the man .


Issei again, teleports in the blank sky, but this time…what he was ever lasting darkness, and a handsome man, his hair was black and he wore a priest’s attire .

What gave him shock, he had the [Divine Dividing] wings, his left arm was [Boosted Gear] armament, there was a golden lion beside him, he held on to a spear…in front of him, a book…and surrounded by purple fog…

Those are all the Longinus, but how is he able to use all of them…who is he?

The figure in front of him disappears .

“His name is Saint Longinus, the creator of the Scared Gears, called ‘Longinus'” Issei was startled when he heard the voice beside him, he was shock to see the man .

“Able?!” Issei exclaims, “How did you? What’s going on?” Issei added,

“I cannot tell you much, but I will tell you relevant information,

—If you desire is so much as to writhe, I will give it to you

You will need to avail yourself of even your despair . —

—Now, Come to Me!—

If you offer your body and soul, I will answer—

—Tragedy will be overwhelmed by pleasure

Consumed by an excess of pure carnal desire—

—Eventually you will live wishing only for a moment of titillation—

O soul that burn with desire, raise your glass—

—Sing an ode to such joy as will break you

Simple acclaim will never satisfy your carvings—

—It’s maddening enough to bet on—”

Issei had never heard anything like this, Able continues,

“People will come after you, you are not alone of your race…there are more, but remember choose wisely, because Testament of Truth, is something not to be messed with”

“Testament of Truth? The words you just spoke?”

“Indeed, they were told by **** *** ****”

Able speaks the name, but it occurs, the name doesn’t comes out clear, the only thing came out was a buzz sound .

“Wait- who said that? What’s going on? Able? Why are you doing this?”

Able disappears in the darkness, while Issei too fades in one, returning to the realm of the mortal .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 155:- Summer Starts!

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