High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 155

Watching the sunrise, the blonde hair man, was being none other than Able himself, or was he .

To his left, a man who had dark skin, and black neatly combed hair, with round glasses .

To his right, a woman with impeccable beauty, face of a goddess and a blessed beautiful body who wore a white silky dress, she was blushing as well, she couldn’t wait any longer and speaks,

“Ainz-sama, please, when are you going to return to your own body?”

“Don’t speak my name, in this body, I am called as Abel,” the blonde hair man replied,

She makes an angry face and continues, “Why, a supreme begin, such as you, takeover a body of some-lowly devil”

“Albedo, in order for the resurrection of that place, where powers and bodies are sealed…we need to take measures like this” the dark skin man speaks, in a diplomatic manner, enough to calm down the woman, named Albedo .

“Indeed, it is just as Demiurge speaks, in order for us to retrieve our powers we once had, we need that kid” the blonde hair man continues, affirming to the one called Demiurge .

“What’s that kid’s name? Issei Hyodo, a nephilim huh? Similar to those two brothers and the ‘Horsemen’?” Albedo asks,

“Indeed, but he is a little exceptional, I have been showing that kid dreams and moments of the past war”

(Refer to Chapter 1- Chapter 8, the dream that Issei saw)

(Refer to chapter 129:- first appearance of Demiurge and Albedo)

. . . . .

Issei wakes up, he was sweating all over . . . his mother had held him close, he had a slight fever .

‘Founders this is a secret line, what happen to me…I will explain to you at a later date, for now, let’s pretend I just fainted’

A telepathic message, was sent by Issei to rest of the founders, they instantly understood what they need to do, it must have some kind of important information, being the reason the former used telepathy .

“I think it must be because you removing the [Restrainers], you haven’t unlocked them for quite a while…probably that’s why, you must be suffering from head-aches and would explain the reason why you lost consciousness…” Basara spoke without a moment’s hesitation; he exactly knew what to say to make others think the current condition, Issei was facing .

“I see, great amount of power, not used for a while…must be a side affect” Sirzechs nods in affirmation,

“Yes, that’s right, Michael-san, there is a selfish request, I must ask of you” Issei speaks, when he gets up .

“Yes, child” Michael, replies with a smile .

“Would you allow, Xenovia and Asia, who have turned into devils…allow them to pray, just the two of them?” Issei asks, with his full honesty .

It, was from this moment on, Xenovia fell for him and Asia, went more into deep love for him .

“Indeed, two devils, who are allowed to pray, will actually benefit our peace treaty relation” Michael replies back,

“Michael-sama, even I want that Xenovia and Asisan should be given the chance to pray” the one who spoke in between, was Irina .

“Very well, I must return to heaven, in order to make changes in the [System]” Michael replies .

“Well, looks like I have to make a treaty with the devils as well,” Odin says, while rubbing his beard .

‘I see, so the reason why Rias-bucho and Asia, like Ise, is not because he posses immense power and aura of a dragon, it’s because he’s a good person’

“Isn’t that nice, Xenovia, you can now pray to your heart’s content”

Issei speaks, with a bright smile .

Xenovia immediately blushes, she stammers as she tries to get those words out of her lips, “Y-ye . . yes … . ththan-thank y-y-y-you”

Xenovia could not say anymore as her face became hot, she could not withstand the burning sensation within her heart .

Everything went well .

Asia jumps and latches herself to Issei’s back and kisses him, and without any form of hesitation declares, “Ise-san, I love you”

“Hey- What did you say, Asia?” Rias spoke, she was too shocked to see the current situation, while Akeno adds, “Arara, Asichan, has gotten bold, hasn’t she”

In all this commotion, a planed clicked in Sirzech’s mind .

The next day, Sirzechs passed an order,

“All the female members of Rias’s peerage, will from now on live with, Ise”

Akeno, who looked gorgeous in her casual clothing, walked towards Ise, kept her suitcase beside and hugged him, “Ise, from now on, I’m stick with you, I will never leave your side you know”

Rias and Asia on the other hand were getting agiated, watching Koneko and Xenovia enter as well, the place that should have only been for Rias and Asia, is now occupied by other girls as well .

Issei’s parents were laughing, watching the current scene in front of them .

Suddenly and idea sparked in Rias’s head, “Since, the summer break is one week away, I will ask Father to renovate this house”

. . . … . .

{—666 days remaining, until great catastrophe hits all the realms, ending everything—-}

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

To Be Continued:- Chapter 156:- Let’s Go To Hell

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