High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 156

What is the most problematic thing when you wake up in the morning?

Answer: The morning boner .

And what’s more problematic? That you are wearing boxers, in your sleep…having a nice wet dream after a long time, but he was rather feeling uncomfortable .

‘Is, is someone on top of me?’

Issei looks to his right, he finds his cute Asia soundly sleeping, to his left the beautiful ojou-sama, Rias Gremory, was sleeping soundly as well…well both of them were naked, so let’s not go that far .

‘I feel a little bit troubled, a little uncomfortable, but it’s also soft and elastic…an making my boner harder…?’

From the blanket, the sound of movement came at first Issei didn’t realize, then through the blanket, with seductive expression, the woman who stared at him, while being completely naked, was none other than Akeno herself, with her being naked .

Her usual tied black hair, which was into a long ponytail, was now free, giving her a different and much more erotic allure .

“I’m here, Ise-kun” Akeno speaks, her lips were soft and pink, and her actions were that of a seductive succubus, she leaned forward a little more, reveling her top half, and large and soft breasts .

“Does, my body feels good~? Pressed up against yours?” Akeno asks, her voice was filled with seductiveness, as she brought her lips closer to give Issei a kiss on his neck .

“As, if you had to ask, it does feel pretty good”, Issei replies, brushing her hair .

“You know, just coming to this position, has made my body…incredibly hot, touching your abs, your body…the sensation is so much different…is this the scent on a man? No…this must be because, it’s Ise-kun”

Without waiting for any longer, Akeno’s lips were on Issei’s, the soft and warm sensation, of tongue strangling each other, the feeling was just different…after a few more seconds, Akeno parts her lips…

Issei already understood, what his lower half was indicating, it has reached its limit, to make it worse, since Akeno was naked her bare clit was being rubbed on his hard crotch…

“Let’s not wait any longer, the kiss wasn’t enough to satisfy me, I need a little more…” Akeno’s face was red, and all the chains that held her were already broken, which stopped her from making any moves .

“Akeno…?” with a low and angry voice, Rias speaks, she already woke up and was now currently furious, watching her [Queen] do such things .

“What are you doing in my and Ise’s room?” Rias speaks; her tone already indicates that she is really pissed by Akeno’s actions .

“Well, I’m trying to have a little skinship, with my handsome little- Ise-kun here” Akeno replies, spreading her arms around Issei .

“MY?! Akeno! Did you just say MY?! Since when did you become master of his soul?” Rias, with her lips twitching finally sits up straight, reveling her beautiful body as well, but her body was slowly being surrounded by crimson aura .

“Ara ara…I’m not his master, but I’m his senior, so there is nothing wrong doing this with my junior, right?” this, were Akeno’s words after which, even she envelops herself with pale-golden aura .

“This place, this room is the closest place to my heart, this is my sanctuary except for Asia, I will not allow anyone to trespass in this very room, how dare you?!” Rias’s aura piked .

“Didn’t Sirzechs-sama, gave us the order to get along, stop being so stingy” Akeno didn’t back down either .

“You, both you and Onii-sama are in my way of getting together with Ise!!! I just can’t take this even though the house was just renovated” Rias shoots the pillow towards Akeno, which hits on her face .

Akeno picks it up and says, “So you care about him, even more than the Demon Lord, your older brother huh? So please lend him to me”

Akeno too throws the pillow at Rias,

“Never, Akeno just give up”

Usually both of the girls have high and elegant demeanor, but times like this is where they appear to be like the girls of their own age, which was a beautiful scene according to Issei .

“Fuhhhh~~~~” Issei hears voice, half awake Asia was making cute noises, Issei smiles watching her and pats her head,

“You can still sleep, Asia”

“Ise-shan—-then I’m going to accept your offer and sleep by snuggling close to you and being hugged by you, Good night” Asia says in a childish sleeping manner .

‘Asia, my healing place’ Issei thinks, after which something strikes his mind,

‘Wait, the house was renovated?’

Issei looks around, and finds the bed, which was once small was now big enough to fit five people, it was a royal bed .

His small room with a C . R . T TV, now was quiet a huge room with a L . E . D one .

‘Arerere… . when did all this happen? Was I too asleep?’

“Rias you dummy!”

“Akeno, you jerk!”

The morning was wholesome as, this time Akeno, Koneko and Xenovia were too present in the table…but the place was rather large,

“Give it to the family of Agares, their construction department is top-notch, how is Glabe Agares doing?” It was Issei’s father, Van asked, who was also sitting on the breakfast table .

“Glabe Agares? The current head of the Agares family? They are fine” Rias replies,

“Last time, I saw him, he was just a toddler, look he is head now, time surely moves fast” Van speaks as he looks outside,

“Well, I will be alone it seems” finally Van added .

“Why is that?” the counter question was asked, by Issei,

“Well-well, your mother seems to be, you know she will be going to the Olympus for the entire summer…and Zeus strictly said, ‘Make sure you don’t bring that lousy husband of yours'”

“What about ‘Underworld’?” Rias asks, after all Van Lucifer Morningstar, is a Demon God .

“I would first need to require to meet the council, and show them the proof that, I am alive…then they will act cocky, and then I will kill them…I have already killed the Devil Council 168 times, so I don’t feel like going”

Everyone made a bitter smile when the head Issei’s father talking like that, well it was true anyway .

However, Issei was observing Koneko, who was rather out of it…the moment, her and Issei’s eyes met, she immediately turned her gaze away, Issei was no fool, to some distant he began to understand what problems are about to come .

After the breakfast, the ‘squad’ left for school

“Have, I forgotten to tell something to Ise? Have I?” Van ponders for a while after which, he puts on a lecherous face and goes towards Thalia, “Dear, you will leave soon~~~ would you like to do it? Once?”

Alas, he, Issei didn’t see one problem coming .

He was sure everything was fine and good, he got Merlin out of the school because she attracted too much attention and it was best for her to be in Vatian, but how things did came to this .

“Hello class, I’m the new transfer student, from Valhalla, My name is Thrud Odinson, I am also Issei Hyodo’s fiancée”

“The Fuck?”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

To Be Continued:- Chapter 157:- Let’s Go To Hell-2

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