High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 157

{ 10 Years, later after the great catastrophe }

The outside word was destroyed, but those who survived the catastrophe continued to live happily,

Somewhere in Greenland,

A body, who had blonde-white hair was looking outside of the window, he was probably nine years old, his eyes were sparkling as he looked at the figure coming inside .

“Dad! Dad! You are here” the boy rushes towards the door, in order to greet his father .

“I’m back, Keita” the man unveils himself, reveling to be quiet handsome, a mole below his right eye and blonde hair, he lifts up the bucket and says,

“I got quite a lot of today,”

The boy looks down, to the bucket multiple fishes of different kind where present .

“Today we’ll have a feast? YAY!!! Mom!! Dad, brought fish!!!” the kid rushes inside .

The man smiles as he walks inside as well .

“Dear, looks like you got a nice catch, huh?” the long black hair woman with glasses spoke, who was the mother of the kid name Keita and wife of the man .

“Indeed, can’t wait or the dinner, I’ll help you make it”


“Dad! Dad! You promised, you said you will tell me, please continue the story” the boy’s eye expected a good answer .

“How about after dinner? Kiddo? It’s a promise”


A huge rumble was heard outside; the man narrowed his eyes,

“Keita, Tsubaki stay inside no matter what, do not come out”

He walked outside, but suddenly the kid was filled with uneasy feeling,

“Mom, dad is going to be fine right?” he spoke as he hugged her mother tightly,

“Yes dear, no matter what, your father will protect both of us, I have trust in him, so don’t worry”

An army of undead soldiers awaited outside the house, ready to attack .

“What do you want?” the blonde hair man asked to the leader of the undead army…

“You are that man right? Actually today we are celebrating, 10 years ago this day…{ D x D} alliance me it’s end…Issei Hyodo me his end, so we are scooping out the survivors in order to present them in front of my lord”

The blonde hair man makes a disgusted face; he pulls out a golden-color great sword, and says,

“Nobody insults my best friend, nobody insults Red Dragon Emperor…in his honor and the trust I have that one day he will return,

I, Kiba Yuuto, [Knight] of Rias Lucifer Gremory, shall take all of you down”

. . . . . . . . .

{ Present }

The classroom was silent and death daggers were being thrown at Issei .

Asia already had lost consciousness; her soul was flying out of her body .

Even Xenovia was shocked .

“Hey- bastard, what is the meaning of this? Your fiancée?” Motohama asks, his tone was filled with anger, and Matsuda continued, “This some kind of joke right? You must be kidding right?? I hate you!!!!”


The chestnut colored beauty, with a blessed curvy and slim figure and large buxom, the new girl who came in as the transfer student, was none other than Thor’s daughter .

At the Occult Research Club,

“What on- Are you really Thor-sama’s daughter?” Rias asks, her expression showed that she still could not believe,

The beauty in front of her, she with a straight face spoke, “My father said, the one who would be doing the explaining, will be present here”

All the eyes were now facing Issei,

“Hey, don’t look at me, it’s not me…they are talking about the person sitting there”

Issei points towards the seat, where Rias sits and gives her orders .

The man who was currently sitting there was none other than, Azazel .

“When-how?” Rias gets up asks, furiously .

“Listen kid, if you didn’t sense my presence until now, this means you have a lot of work to do as a [King]” he replies, with a smile…but Rias got reveal a bitter expression .

She continues, “What’s going on? Why are you here anyway?”

“Well, according to your older brother, I must help your peerage to train, for that reason, I will be this club’s supervisor and also your new ‘sensei’, please call me that” Azazel speaks in a carefree manner .

“I don’t get it, why does Onii-sama has to do all this, and what about this girl?” Rias continues, after she sits and sighs .

“Well, according to Thor, since the new alliance will be formed between the Norse Mythology and the Devils, he expects, his daughter to be here, as the symbol of alliance, well she will only be staying here temporarily until the deal is done…

But- she being Ise’s fiancée, that I do not know,”

Thrud, with expressionless face, speaks, “My father told, he made some long ago promise with Van Lucifer Morningstar-sama, that if two opposite sex where to be born in each other’s family, then we, the offspring will get married . Although, mother emphasized to make sure, I return pregnant, that is all, she said she expects strong grand-child”

Everyone had their jaw dropped,

“P-p-p-p-pregnant???” Asia’s face turned red, as she collapsed yet again .

“Um, listen, this might be shocking but due to my irregular body-build and type of skis and power I possess, it affects me biologically as well, disabling me to reproduce, well it’s not like I can’t, my partner needs to be that strong as well” Issei replies calmly

“Are you stating, I’m not strong enough? Fiancée-kun?” Thrud asks, still havin an expressionless face,

“Indeed I am, at the least you need to have strong bodies, such as Suzune (head of Himejima clan), or Cerez (current head of the Vampires) or Lucy (Current head of the Magicians), that’s only when you can carry, if you are talking about my child that is”

“Challenge accepted; let’s have mating session here and right now!” Thrud spoke in a determined manner after which she proceeded to stripping .

Issei stood up and was about to strip as well .

“WAIT!!! Have some decency? Can you not do this here!!!” Asia spoke up, her face was red, so was everybody else’s, I mean without getting embarrassed, just two of them got ready to have sex .

“About the fiancée part, I will ask my father”

“I will enquire again”

Both, Issei and Thrud stopped after being told off by Asia .

“By the way, what’s the plan for the summer?” Issei asks after he takes the seat,

“I see, it’s your, Asia and Xenovia’s first time isn’t it, we will be going to the underworld, and we’ll train in order to get stronger” Rias replies to Issei’s question .

“Yes . I’ve been interested in the underworld—in hell for a long time . However, for the sake of going to heaven, I had to serve the Lord…But now that I’m a Devil, there shouldn’t be any possibility of me going to heaven…I feel irony in setting foot in the same world as those who have been sent to hell as divine punishment . Hell, huh . It suits a former believer who became a Devil” Xenovia spoke out of spite, because not long she was a member of the church .

“Will be going through magic array?” Asia asks,

“No, the last time, which was when Ise visited, was due to the authority of Sirzechs-sama, devils must visit Underworld through proper means of channel, which is through the trains . We’ll ride the Gremory’s personal train, to visit the place” Akeno gives the proper explanation .

“Indeed, I will be going as well, Thrud you come as well” Azazel spoke .


“Ah! I almost forgot, Xenovia I got your [Durandal]” Issei speaks, and from an empty space draws out a bid wooden box .

(Refer to Chapter 151:- Where Xenovia’s [Durandal] was broken by Esdeath)

“Is it ready?!” Xenovia’s eyes were sparkling,

“Indeed it is, I did a few modification, hope you don’t mind”

Xenovia pulls out the new [Durandal] from the wooden box, unlike the last one, the new [Durandal] was a light as feather, it actually had no aura whatsoever, it was a little bigger as well .

Its mount was now crown shaped and the blade’s backside was black in color and the main blade pure gold and embodied with blue .

“This- is this even strong enough?” Xenovia had her doubts,

“Try passing your aura in it” that’s the only thing Issei said,

Xenovia does exactly what she was told, and the sword started to shake violently, Xenovia instantly stops .

“What was that?”

“I fixed your sword, then improved its uses, and combined [Excalibur] with it, and few more legendary swords such as [Uramasa], making it into new [X-Durandal]”

Xenovia’s eyes were glittering, she was hella happy to see her new sword, which was improved to such extent .

“Now, now concentrate the aura around the hilt of the blade”

She continued to do as she was told,


The sword turned into a bracelet place in her right arm, which was too gold in color .

“This is-“

“Indeed, instead of a different space, the [X-Durandal] can be transformed into a bracelet so that it could be use easily; there is one more added ability to your sword”

“What! What is it?” Xenovia was now over the top,

“It’s called [Counter-Limiter], it’s pretty similar to [Balance Breaker], well I hope this sword, remade by Lord Issei Hyodo, hope you like it”

“I love it!! Ise thanks!!” Xenovia jums towards Issei and directly kisses, him on his cheeks .

“””Xenovia! How dare you?!”””

The next day, the Gremory peerage, Azazel, Thrud Odinson and even the Sitri peerage boards the train, the private Gremory train .

Gasper was playing with PSP given to him, by Issei .

Xenovia and Kiba were talking about swords, of course taking advice from Issei who was lying on the couch, Asia was talking with Akeno…while Koneko seemed out of it .

Sona, Saji and Tsubaki entered the compartment, and were thanking Rias for taking them to the Sitri area .

“I’ll work my butt off, and Hyodo next time we meet, I will be stronger” Saji declares his challenge boldly, to which Issei only replies, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”

Sajji could only reveal a bitter smile after which, he left with Sona and Tsubaki .

Issei slightly opens his eyes, he seemed to have sensed something .

Rias claps her hands and revels the huge map, which belonged to the Gremory territory .

This is the size of the Gremory territory was big enough to fit a country in it, the map showed red places, Rias explained that those red place were the locations that were already taken .

“Akeno, Kiba, Koneko and even Gasper have their own territory in my land, Asia, Xenovia and Ise, you should take one for yourselves”

Asia and Xenovia were bewildered with the sudden proposition, but Issei mmoved his arms and zoomed in the map, in between the location of a mountain, from where river flowed,

“Can, I have this area as soon as possible, I would like to set up a lab there” Issei speaks, but his eyes were focused .

A man looks the most handsome when he is working, and right now there were multiple plans Issei was working on, his serious face, made him look even more sexy, at that moment the train came to an halt .

“Have we arrived?” Asia asks,

“Nope, we haven’t just a check going on, since the Norse Mythology will be arriving” the one who said that, was Azazel who just entered the compartment .

He then continues, “Ise, Rias, come with me, will you, I need a little favour from the both of you”

“I was expecting as much” Issei spoke as he got up, while Rias did not know a thing,

“Did you find out?” Azazel asks, with a sinister face,

“Who do you think I am, I already know” Issei followed Azazel, so did Rias .

The train started moving again, but after a while it stopped,

“What happen?” Kiba got up…

“Have we reached?” Xenovia asks,

“No we haven’t, but I don’t have a good feeling” Akeno says, after which the only thing was heard, a loud roar…

A loud roar of a dragon .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

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