High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 158

The compartment rumbled and at that sheer instant the place broke down, causing Akeno, Kiba, Xenovia, Koneko, Asia and Thrud to fall in a middle of a valley .

What appeared in front of them was a large around one fifty meters tall, a western dragon, who had maroon scales, and golden horns, his aura was different from the dragons the group had encountered before…

“Where, where are Ise and Rias…I can’t see them, but it’s looks like the dragon is hostile towards us” Akeno says calmly,

The dragon’s eyes glowed purple and at that instant, it breathes a heavy fireball towards his prey .

“Dodge, that!!!” Kiba screams and everyone affirms, Akeno helps Asia take to a safe distance, and changes herself to her priestess attire .

“Since, Rias and Ise, both are missing…I will be the one who gives out the orders!” Akeno states this as she takes out her devil wings and floats in the mid sky .


At an instant, Xenovia draws out her new sword [X-Durandal], fills it with aura, points it towards the dragon, and tries to copy Issei what he did when the Old Satan Faction attacked, with intense power she slams her sword .

The powerful attack, created a wave no . . . a ripple of holy and evil aura attack combined, and it directly hits the dragon .

But- the dragon was unharmed, and walks towards the target close to him . . . which was none other than Koneko herself, but she was not focused as if she was thinking about something else .

“Koneko-chan, dodge!!” Akeno screams, this snaps her out of her daydreams and she dodges the fist of the dragon, she jumps towards the other side and launches her attacks . . . but it was ineffective and with a slam of the dragon’s tail, Koneko gets smashed in one of the mountains, bleeding from her head .

“Koneko-san, I’ll help you” Asia rushes towards the injured Koneko, who has taken heavy damage . . . and begins to heal her .

“Thrud-san, launch your attack now” Akeno sates as she continues to use lightning against her opponent but it didn’t take much or rather it took no damage,

“Come . . . [Mjolnir]” blue lighting falls on Thrud’s hands and a silver plated hammer appears, which was almost her size, it’s handle was black .

“[Destructive Thunder]” Thrud slams her hammer right on the ground, creating a crack through where blue lighting and thunder hits the dragon, this time even the dragon screams . . . Akeno doesn’t let’s this opportunity go and uses, “[Absolute Lighting: Dragon’s Wrath]” yellow lighting which took the form of a eastern dragon falls directly on the enemy .

“Did it do anything?” Thrud asks, but at that instant, they received their answers, the dragon was barely affected and it counter-attacked by using enormous fireball .

Gasper’s eyes glowed, indicating he tries to stop the dragon in its original location, but fails to do so . . . causing the dragon to move again . . .

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . . . he’s toooooooo big . . . . . and scaryyyyyyyyyy I can’t focus” Gasper cries .

“Xenovia! Kiba! Now!!” Akeno states quickly after recovering from the attack,

Kiba created Holy-Demonic sword and Xenovia puts all her power in [X-Durandal], and dashed towards the dragon’s head, but the result was all the same . . . the dragon extend its golden horns deflecting both of the swordsmen’s attack, smashing them down as well .

“That will be enough!” a voice echoed, from the opposite direction, all eyes went there, the one who spoke those words was none other than, Azazel and with him Rias and Issei .

“W-what’s going on?” Xenovia asks, as she looks at those figures coming down, even the dragon stopped attacking .

“Well, it is just as you see, a surprise attack to see how much strong you guys are and I apologize Thrud, got involved as well but I had to do so” Azazel spoke in a carefree manner .

He then points towards the dragon, “This big guy over there is former Dragon King, Tannin, A . K . A Blaze-Meteor Dragon, he reincarnated himself as a devil for reasons I don’t want to go inside, the bid guy came down here under Sirzech’s order,”

The Ultimate-Class Devil, former Dragon-King no wonder the others were no match for him .

“Definitely a plan that a fallen angel would come up with” Akeno speaks with a disgusted face, Azazel laughs off and says, “I will do whatever it takes to make you kids stronger, didn’t I say that, I am your teacher”

“I’m sorry, I never wanted to do the sneak attack on you all, but my older brother can be rather, persuasive” Rias speaks with a small smile and gentle eyes .

“All right, all good, now Tannin, the only one you haven’t fought is me . . . would you like to?” Issei speaks, preparing his fists . . .

Dragon King Tannin spoke .

A green jewel appears on Issei’s left hand, it was Ddraig,

“That’s more like it” Issei speaks as he dashes towards the other side of the valley and against him was Dragon King, Tannin . . . the pressure could be felt, flames erupting .

“So, against former Dragon King, and current Ultimate-Class Devil Tannin is Issei Hyodo, the so called strongest being, who will win~?” Azazel speaks,


Beside them Tannin gets slammed in the mountains breaking them in the process .

“And we got ourselves the answer” Kiba replies,

“What Dragon King? Come on now~” Issei jumps towards the fallen dragon and launches his attacks,

“Ise!!! Don’t bully the weak!” Azazel shouts out, but listening to that everyone else’s face became dark, after all the couldn’t even put a scratch on the Dragon, and the former kicks away the dragon with ease .

“He is too strong, unlike me he has spent most of his time training” the one who says this was Thrud,

“You know him?” Rias asks, narrowing her eyes,

“You all might have met Esdeath right?”

The moment her name was uttered a chill went down from the Gremory peerage’s spine, since they remembered an unpleasant meeting . (Refer to chapter 150-151)

“I take your silence as yes, she was half-valkyrie and half human, two years ago she allied herself with Evil-God Loki and traitorous Norse Gods, and launched attack against Odin-sama”

Everybody was shocked to hear that, Thrud continues “Loki had fooled her into believing Odin-sama reign was wrong and that a rebellion must start . . . that was the first time I saw, Issei Hyodo . . .

I didn’t much think of him, ‘What can a human like him do?’, but what I saw till today gives me the shivers, he was alone aganist an army, of Norse Gods, with Loki and one of top ten strongest beasts Fenrir”

Azazel gulped and said, “Wait, you mean to say he was alone?”

“Indeed he was, I would have never believed it if I never saw, what I did with my very own eyes . . . I saw him decimating armies with bare hands— bare hands, breaking Fenrir’s neck, it was so much that Loki decided to run away . . . after those incidents, Ise took in Esdeath . . .

But- I still can’t forget, a man who is capable of doing that, is just a seventeen year old kid”

“Yo! Guys, what are you all talking about?” Issei’s voice rings, he was dragging unconscious Tannin with his tail,

“What to do about this guy?” Issei points towards the Dragon King, well defeated anyway .

“He’s not dead right?” Azazel asks,

“Well, he’s not . . . I guess”

“Then leave him here, he’ll be fine if he wakes up . . . if he does that is”

“I can’t very well have you guys come in that condition to home, that’s why it’s time for our obligatory bath” Rias says as she claps her hands .

. . . .

The bath was quiet good, Azazel already made himself in, so did Kiba and Gasper on the males side,

“I’m coming in” the one who said that was Issei, the towel covered his lower half, but his upper half, is what you say, a normal no, even an warrior doesn’t has that kind of body .

Scars all over, the body wasn’t too buff, but it was well built, his brown tied hair was now open, making them fall under the shoulder’s length .

‘Just what do you not have? Devilish looks, built body, too much overpowered and smart . . . well you are an ideal male all right’ Azazel thinks in his mind .

Just at the top of the male bath, lied the female ones, and of course the women of the Gremory group were taking the bath there .

Akeno was tired she was looking at the sky, with a sad expression, Koneko was no good as well, she looked out of it .

Everyone was silent, Rias wanted to speak, but words didn’t escape her lips . . . for the first time, even she felt powerless, a certain amount of uncertainty flowed through her mind .

. .

“Azazel, do me a favor will you?” Issei asks, he looks towards the purple sky,

“What would that be?”

“Can you call in, Akeno-san’s father, Barkiel?”

“Oh~ so you are thinking that as well”

“Indeed, for someone to grow, one must accept who they are”

“What about the other one?”

“If you are talking about, Koneko I have a plan”

“This summer is going to be worthwhile, some wine?” Azazel offers Issei a glass,

“My pleasure”

… . .

In a dark cave, a certain woman who was wearing Yukata, which was rather lose, she had long black hair and black cat ears, and two black tails .

She was a unique among the cat youkai, Nekomata…she was a Nekoshou, she looked as if she was waiting for someone .

“You are finally here-nya, I was getting bored-nya, Biko you certainly aren’t a gentleman, because you made me wait-nya” the black haired beauty spoke as she looks towards a man floating towards her direction, he had a staff in his hands and a was wearing an armor, he looks towards the woman and says,

“I apologize for my delay, Kuroka certain things were going on; as you know Vail doesn’t like being delayed” the man named Biko answered .

“Well, I don’t care about that-nya, the only thing I care about is getting my little sister back-nya, just you wait for me Shirone”

“The castle is sooooooo huge!!!!!!” Xenovia is the one who exclaims looking at the castle right in front of her, the main household of the Gremory .

The one who comes out of the main door wearing a maid attire was, Grayfia .

“Lady Rias and the members of her peerage, welcome to the main household of the Gremory, hope you all had a safe journey, please come in” she states after which the latter follows them .

The only ones who weren’t present were Azazel and Thrud, according to Issei, Azazel already left for the Demon King’s territory and Thrud went with him, in order to meet Odin who would be arriving .

There were maids bowing on both the sides of the hallway,

“Rias-oneesama is here!!” suddenly a voice was heard, a kid almost about nine to ten years old came dashing from the room and hugged Rias, he was wearing a noble attire and had short crimson hair…

“My, Milicas look at you, you have grown so much”

“Um, who is this? Is this your brother” Asia is the one, who asks,

“Actually, Milicias is my older brother, Sirzechs’s son”

“Oh, that makes him your nephew”

“Go on now, Milicas, introduce yourself”

“Yes! Hello everyone, my name is Milicas Gremory, it’s pleasant to meet your acquaintance” the kid bowed with deep respect, everyone was moved by his charm .

Milicas then looks towards Issei, and was rather surprised to see, that person as he took few steps ahead,

“Milicas, what’s wrong?” Rias asks,

“I-I have seen you,” Milicas replies, pointing towards Issei,


“Yes, I have seen you many times in my dreams, and they come very often, most of the time you defend me from bad guys”

Milicas puts his arm forwards to touch Issei, the latter does the same, the moment their hands touched each other a sparked flew .

Everyone witnessed the unnatural phenomenon; Milica’s eyes were glowing, so were Issei’s, a mark of claw appears on both of their neck .

In the past, what people feared and respected the most were teachers .

Teachers were the pinnacle of knowledge, who are followed by students .

A student turns out the way he or she is, because of the teacher, and that always had played an important role in history .

Once in every two to three hundred years, a different kind of phenomenon occurs, two begins brought together by destiny, one begin the Ultimate teacher and the other begin the ultimate student, for the past two hundred years, this phenomenon had never occurred .

That’s why people considered it as a myth, it would have been considered as a myth still, if Issei never met Milicas, the former begin the Ultimate teacher, the latter begin the Ultimate student .

A new journey was about to begin .

Issei looks towards Milicas, and says “I see, so you are my protégée”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 159:- Gathering of Young Devils

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