High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 159

In before, everyone panics about what just happen, Issei quickly explains the stuff, about being the teacher and student, Milicas who was always fascinated by the stories of Ultimate teacher and student .

He never expected that he would turn out to be one, and amazingly the one who his teacher is the history’s strongest Red Dragon Emperor, also considered the strongest being, he has heard a lot about him from his mother but never expected this to occur he was beyond happy .

He dashed towards the other room, the other were still following Rias’s lead, after all watching Issei and his job everyday no matter of stuff will shock them anymore, be it his strength or anything else…for now that is .

Milicas, was hugging onto a young woman, probably got a few years on Rias, she resembled quiet like her, except she had chestnut color hair, she wore white dress and was hugging on to her, Milicas exclaims and then starts to explain what happen, even Grayfia affirmed .

That moment, the Gremory peerage entered the room, the woman smiled and says in an elegant manner, “Ahh- I see, two new faces, it’s a pleasant to meet you all, my name is Venelana Gremory, and I am Rias and Sirzechs’s mother”

Without thinking for a second time, everyone bowed to show his or her respect, except for Issei of course,

“It’s been a while Lady Venelana Gremory” the one who says it was, Akeno, to which the woman smiles and says, “You sound so different, Akeno”, her eyes moves towards Issei, she keeps her smile and asks, “So you are Issei Hyodo, huh? You look well mannered yet, you didn’t bow to your elders?”

“I bow to none, no matter what” Issei replies coolly,

“Indeed son, as expected you got that attitude from your father didn’t you”

“It may sound rude, but is it fine for me to wait outside?” Issei asks,

“Why?” Rias is the one, who states that,

“If I stay in this room any longer, my will to fight ‘Empress of Destruction’ will just keep on increasing” after saying so, Issei left the room .


Suddenly ripples formed under the feet of Rias’s mother, which enabled forming of cracks in the room .

Her eyes were glowing, “Ara…ara, old habits die hard, I almost fell for what he said”

Everyone could only keep quiet, after all this was the least they could do .

Among the worst generation, the so-called strongest female devil was Rias’s mother Venelana, her power of destruction was absolute, it might not look like it, but unlike the others in the worst generation, Venelana was a battle manic, that is why her battle instincts triggered when she saw another battle maniac .

(Refer to Chapter 154, for the worst generation)

. . . .

Somewhere, a place, man can never reach, filled with darkness,

A man was standing in front of a stone slab, which appeared to be glowing, he was wearing cloak and only his bare chest was visible .

He puts his arm around the stone slab, and it starts to glow much more brightly,


The man turns around and watches another figure lurking,


The shadow, stopped and replies,

<> a voice of woman was heard,





The shadow disappears,

<<—If you desire is so much as to writhe, I will give it to you

You will need to avail yourself of even your despair . —

—Now, Come to Me!—

If you offer your body and soul, I will answer—

—Tragedy will be overwhelmed by pleasure

Consumed by an excess of pure carnal desire—

—Eventually you will live wishing only for a moment of titillation—

O soul that burn with desire, raise your glass—

—Sing an ode to such joy as will break you

Simple acclaim will never satisfy your carvings—

—It’s maddening enough to bet on—>>


. . .

There was still some time remaining before everyone have dinner, Issei was standing in his newly territory, where is lab is under process (of course the one who is building in Tatsuya, the Brain of the {D x D} alliance)

The woman, who comes near him, was Akeno,

“You are constructing a lab here? Interesting Ise-kun” Akeno says while clinging towards Issei,

“Indeed, this will help me to measure the amount of training you all need, after all these two months where you all will be training, I won’t be present after all” Issei replies,

Akeno listening to this makes a sad face, “Why? Ise-kun?”

“It seems like the Irish mythology are facing some dispute, it will take time to settle it, so we’ll be visiting there, but before that I expect to help you”

“Help me? How? I mean what do you mean?” Akeno was at a complete loss of words, after which she suddenly received a warm and tight hug from Issei, he face flushed red, and without a second thought she returned the hug .

“The reason you lost, wasn’t because you were weak, but was rather you are not accepting for who you truly are”

AKeno instantly understood what Issei meant,

“That is why…I have brought someone, someone whom you need to speak to”


From the forest, another figure appears he looked like a middle-aged man, gruff looking with black hair and the same color mustache, he looks towards Akeno and mutters…her name, “Akeno, it’s been too long-“

Tears, there were tears from Akeno’s eyes, as she pushed away Issei,

“Ise-kun, why?!! Why did you bring him here?! He’s a traitor, he left my mother and me alone, when we needed him the most!!!, I hate him!! I despise him!!! He is not my father, he will never be”

Akeno speaks at the top of her voice, even the man standing was hurt, he made a sad face,

Barqiel, Akeno Himejima’s father and one of the Governor of Fallen angels .

Issei at an instant, holds on to Akeno’s arm and mutters a spell,

“[Bliss of Memories: Teaching]”

(The first time Issei uses this spell, is in chapter 63)

A voice of a little girl was heard who is singing .

[-Where are you ~you . Higo ~Where is Higo . ]

In the garden of a small one-storey house, there was a girl playing maritsuki (Traditional Japanese ball game) .

[Akeno, where are you . ]

A woman who looks like Akeno-san, called for the little girl, Akeno


Akeno was called by the woman, her mother, and she rushes in to hug her .

She has silky black-hair and seems like a kind mother . She’s beautiful, yet it feels like she’s going to disappear .

[Mother . When will father be back today?]

[Ara, Akeno . Will you be going somewhere with your father?]

Akeno-san shows a very happy smile to her mother’s question .

[If he comes home early, we will go shopping together by bus!]


That just now . . . was Akeno voice .

The scene changed, this time Barakiel and the little Akeno were inside the bath .

[I don’t hate, father’s wings . They are black, but silky and are the same as Akeno’s!]

[I see, thank you . Akeno . ]

At the house’s veranda, the little Akeno is having her hair braided .

[Hey, Mother . Does Father like Akeno?]

[Yes, of course he does . ]

Her mother smiles while braiding her hair gently .

And the scene changed dramatically .

Inside a worn-out room . The mat is pushed down on the floor, and there is a huge hole on the tatami-floor . The table is turned upside-down, and the dinner food is all over the ground .

Everything in the room is in a mess .

[I will have you hand that child over . She is the child of the hated and evil black angel . ]

Several people who seem to be from the Himejima clan are surrounding Akeno and her mother .

[I won’t hand over this child! This child is my precious daughter! And also an important and precious daughter of that person! Never! I will absolutely not hand her over!]

Akeno’s mother shouts as if she is protecting Akeno-san .

[ . . . . It seems like you also have been defiled by the black angel . It can’t be helped then . ]

The warrior from the Himejima clan drew out a katana, and went to slash her down… .


What appeared next was Barakiel covered in blood .

He killed all of the warriors, and his body was soaked in blood .

[Mother! Noooooo! Motherrrrrrr!]

Akeno-san was . . . shaking the body of her mother who had already passed away, and was crying out .

[ . . . . Shuri… . ]

Barakiel tries to touch his wife with his trembling hands… .

[Don’t touch her!]

The little Akeno clashed her anger against her father .

[Why!? Why didn’t you stay with Mother!? We always waited for Father! If Father was here, then Mother wouldn’t have died!]

[ . . . … . ]

[Those people said this! That Father is a black-angel, and that you are evil! They said that black-angels are bad people! They said that I’m a bad child because I also have black-wings! If Father and I didn’t have black-wings, then Mother wouldn’t have died! I Hate it! I hate it! I hate these black wings! I hate you! I hate everyone! I hate them!]

Then heard Akeno-san’s mother’s voice was heard, it was her lost soul .

[Akeno . ]

That was a very gentle voice .

[What ever happens, please believe in your Father . Your Father might have hurt many people until now . –But you know…]

This might be a hallucination . But Akeno and Barqiel could clearly see it .

-That Akeno-san’s mother is gently embracing Akeno and Barakiel .

[It’s true that he loves Akeno and me . That is why Akeno, please love him too . ]

Akeno who was beside Issei was –having tears flowing out .

“Mother . . . ! I . . . . ! I wanted to see Father more often! I wanted Father to pat my head more! I wanted to play much more with Father! Father . . . Father and Mother… . . I wanted to live together with the three of us… . . !”

Those are the true feelings of Akeno which were hidden inside her .

That scene from before was only shown to Issei, Akeno, and Barakiel .

Barakiel who is laying down says it after hearing Akeno’s confession .

“Shuri . . . . and you . . . . There wasn’t a single day that I forgot about you two . “

He reaches for Akeno with his shaking hand .

Akeno-san takes his hand .

Finally, both of them embraced each other hugging tightly .

Issei shows thumbs up this was directed towards the person hiding between the woods, Azazel and Rias, this was a plan made by Issei and Azazel to get, Aekno back on her feet and to realize her true potential .

“Your [Pawn], is certainly one of a kind” Azazel exclaims,

“Indeed, he is” Rias replies with gentle eyes and a pretty smile,

“Listen, if you find a chance to be together with him, do it, or else…the number of girls falling in love with him are increasing…remember that” Azazel leaves after saying so,

However, Rias fully understood what it meant…and what she needs to do .

Tatsuya was also the one who witnessed this, after all he was constructing the lab,

His eyes meet a group photo of the Issei’s faction and then he looks towards the current Issei,

“Cold hearted Red Dragon Emperor, he who never spares anyone! He, who does not has any feelings…is it true?

After all, the current Red Dragon Emperor, is shrouded with warm and helping light, people do change Ise-san, people do chage…”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 160:- Gathering of Young Devils- 2

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