High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 160

Currently at the Gremory dining area, Rias and her parents including her peerage were sitting and having dinner .

Akeno particularly was quiet happy, Rias already informed her parents about what happen, they were delighted as well .

However, there was one thing out of the place, Milicas was sitting right next to Issei, his eyes were sparkling, and apparently a conversation was about to begin,

“Issei-niisama, is it fine if I ask some questions? Please?”

“I do not mind”

“So-so, do you often use your Longinus?”

“I do not, unless an enemy is worthy, I don’t”

“You mastered hand to hand combat and cultivated your body…but you are master in demonic, angelic and magical abilities, why do so?”

“How do you drink water?”

“Huh?” Milicas was taken aback by a counter question,

“I asked, how do you drink water?”

“With the help of glass or a bottle”

“If you don’t have a glass or a bottle, will you be able to drink water?”

“It will be difficult”

“Let’s say, you have enormous amount of water, but a small glass, what will happen if you try to flow the water to it?”

“It will overflow and go to waste of course”

“That’s exactly correct, the water is your demonic power and the glass your body, unless your body isn’t strong enough to hold out, no matter how strong powers you inherited, it’s of no use-

On the contrary, if you have less demonic abilities but you have still cultivated your body…it will greatly help you in fights”

Milicas was now totally in awe, with Issei, so was his surrounding,

“Have you ever…lost?”

“Never, but had multiple draws”

“Draws?? With whom?”

“Members from my alliance, Basara and Tenma,”

“So, I really want to be your student, I wish to learn under you!!”

“So I must ask you something”

“Yes, please go ahead”

“Will you learn under me as Milicas Gremory or son of the Devil King?”

The entire place went quiet, this was a question that Milicas must answer correctly, no matter what…after all, and this will decide what kind of kid actually Milicas is,

“It doesn’t matter right?” that was the sentence Milicas replies with,

Issei makes a small smile, “Indeed kid, son of Devil King or not, son of Luficage or not or a Gremory, when you come under me, you are just Milicas, that’s all…so are you prepared?”

“I am…”

“Good, because there are some kids in the {D x D} alliance as well, we took them in after they lost their families and trained them, well I didn’t train any, but rather than that, each are almost as strong as a High-Class devil, but they are of your age…

So remember, I will make it hell…when, you train under me…you aren’t kid, when you make decisions, but when you do at the least I can say this, instead of people looking at you like Devil King’s child, you will be looked as Milicas Gremory…a man of his own strength”

Milicas understood, ever since he was born, he was at a different light, he never made any friends, not because he was ill mannered, it was all because he was son of Sirzechs Lucifer, a Satan, and the Devil-King, that’s why…

People thought it would be impolite to talk to him, which is why he was left alone…which also became the reason most of the time he stayed in the house, because you cannot force someone to become your friend right?

Little drops of tears passed through Milicas’s cheeks, making him look even more adorable,

“Issei-niisama, are you some kind of physic, how can you read someone who is good at hiding?”

“It’s easy to look through a fake smile, you see kiddo, I have seen countless and you are still novice at hiding your feelings, your elders might no, I am sure they noticed it, but expected to wait for sometime after which they’ll help you, sorry to say…it isn’t like that with me,”

“I understand, I will follow you Issei-niisama”

“It’s sensei”

Milicas, this time smiled honestly, “Yes, sensei!”

Zeoticus, who watched all this with warm eyes, spoke, “Issei-kun, since you are V-chan, I mean Van’s son, you are just like my son as well…as long as you stay here, make sure you call me Father, alright”

Issei was taken aback by this,

Rias’s mother Venelana, makes a small laugh and says, “Dear, your actions seems pretty premature, there is a proper procedure to all this, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea either”

Rias’s face was red as she stood up, “Geez, both of you! You make me so…!!”

Embarrassed Rias rushed out of the room .

It was nighttime, Issei was standing near the balcony when he heard a familiar woman’s voice,

“Issei-san, it appears you didn’t sleep” the one who said that was Venelana, Rias’s mother,

“Madam, do you like youkais?” Issei asks a sudden question, the latter narrows her eyes and says,

“I see nothing to hate in them,”

“What do you think, about ancient cat youkai?” (Youkais are like spirits evil and good as well)

“That is an awfully specific question, don’t you think?”

“Indeed it is, and you do know whom I am talking about”,

“Indeed, you are referring to Koneko-san, right?”

“Yes, I want to know about her past, and it would seem you will be the best one who can state it fully,”

Rias’s mother sighs, but continues, “Since you were able to help, Akeno-san, I guess you might be able to help Koneko-san as well”

Indeed, after all, Issei noticed Koneko being out of the place during the dinnertime, actually, she has been out of her place since long, she looked tired and sad after all .

“It was a story of two cat sisters .

The cat sisters were always together, when they played, when they ate, when they slept . With their parents dead, they had no home to return to and no one to rely on . The two cats struggled to live day to day while depending on each other .

One day, the two of them were picked up by a certain devil . The older sister became a part of his group, and so the younger sister was also able to live with them . Having finally obtained a decent life, the two of them believed that they could pass time very happily .

However, something unusual happened . It appeared that the elder cat sister achieved rapid growth after gaining power . The older one, her hidden talent suddenly began to overflow by becoming a reincarnated devil .

That cat was of a species that naturally excels in youjutsu . Furthermore, she bloomed in magic talent as well, and even invoked senjutsu that was said only the last of the sages could use . “

It seemed that the elder cat sister, having surpassed her master in a short time, was swallowed by power and was transformed into a wicked existence that only sought blood and battle .

With her increase in power not stopping, the elder cat sister killed the devil that was her master in the end, and degenerated into an “exiled devil” . Moreover, she changed into one of the most dangerous among the “exiled devils” . One that completely annihilated all the pursuit squads…

It was said that the devils temporarily canceled all pursuit of the elder cat sister .

The younger cat sister remained behind . The devils questioned her as a liability there .

‘This cat may also eventually run out of control . It’s better to deal with her now . ‘ —So they said .

It was Sirzechs who saved that cat that was planned to be disposed of . Sirzechs persuaded the high-class devils that the younger cat sister was innocent . As a result, the situation was settled by having Sirzechs watch over her .

However, having been betrayed by her elder sister, that she believed in and tortured by the other devils, the little cat sister’s spirit appeared to be on the brink of collapse…What a sad story…

Sirzechs left the younger cat sister that had lost her smile and the will to live in the care of Rias . After the younger cat sister met Rias, she recovered her emotions little by little . And then, Rias gave that cat a name . —Koneko .

Koneko-chan’s true form is— .

She was originally a Youkai . You know of the Nekomata, right? Cat Youkai . She is a survivor of the strongest species among the cat Youkai, a Nekoshou . They are a high-level youkai species who can not only master youjutsu, but senjutsu as well . “

Venelena stopped after explaining, Issei concluded,

“As expected, my aim was right on mark, I just need to help her to make sure Bucho, faces no problem”

Veneleana made a wry smile, “You know, you can call me Mother in private times,”

Issei face turned grim, “Madam, do you not think I know, what are you and your husband trying to pull? Let me make it clear, I am helping them, as they are my comrades not because I love Rias Gremory,

There is no room of love in my life…if you’ll please excuse me” Issei speaks as he walks away,

Rias mother thinks to herself ‘We’ll see, Issei Hyodo, I mean Issei Zeus Lucifer, you father was just like you, said he’ll never fall in love…but see now, he loves Thalia more than anyone…we’ll…I’ll see, you will too fall in love’

Issei silently enters Koneko’s room, Rias was sitting beside her she looked worried as well,

“Bucho?” the one who says this was, Issei who entered the room, his eyes wanders towards the sleeping Koneko, who had two white ears and a white tail coming out, she had taken her nekomata form unknowingly,

“Ise, this is-” Rias tries to explain, but Issei puts his hands up,

“There is no need, I know”

A minute later, Koneko wakes up, even though her eyes appears still sleepy, she looks towards Issei and asks,

“What do you want senpai? Why are you here?”

“If I say, I’m worried about you will that be wrong?” Issei speaks with a bright smile, Koneko whose emotions were enabled, blushed but kept quiet,

“I…want to…”

Koneko mutters something but still couldn’t say it out loud, Issei spoke, “what was that?”

“I want to become strong . Like Yuuto-senpai, Xenovisenpai, Akeno-san…and also Ise-senpai, I want to make my spirit and body strong . Gykun is also becoming strong . I don’t have a healing power like Asisenpai either…At this rate, I’ll become useless . Even though I’m a [Rook], I’m the…weakest…I hate being useless…”

Koneko blurted out, her small body was holding in too many emotions, that is why in order to suppress them she kept her face emotionless, but now all of them flowed out, she just couldn’t take it in…she continues,

“…But, I don’t want to use the power sleeping inside me…my Nekomata power…If I use it, I…just like my Nee-sama…I don’t want that…I absolutely don’t want such a thing…”

Issei kept quiet, but walked towards the window, and questions, “Koneko-chan, what do people call me?”

“Huh?” she was taken aback…

“What do usually people call me?”

“It’s not Red Dragon…the strongest being isn’t it?”

“Indeed, I don’t want to brag, but I am the strongest being…so, I’m still standing here right?”


“If I wanted, I could have killed all of you when we first met right?”

“Yes…very easily”

“So…am I like your Nee-sama?”

Koneko eyes bulged out she never expected this kind of question, when she looks in the past time, she actually had fun times with Issei and her comrades, and not one time she felt, Issei who was strong…being bad,

Issei lifts Koneko in his arms and says, “Let’s go to the top of the castle”,

Issei dashes out princess carrying Koneko, Rias smiles that her [Pawn] is helping her servants…but the pain in her heart showed no signs of backing down .

“The moon’s beautiful isn’t it?” Issei asks Koneko,

“Senpai…it’s embarrassing, please put me down”

“See, show a little more expression, you look quiet cute, you know”

Koneko’s face was burning red,

“See, you might be small…but you are grown up enough to understand what is wrong or what is right, what is the use of having strength when you can’t even use it?”

What Issei said was right,

“See, if you don’t want to use it, I won’t force you, but if you think you are holding back everyone, then break the chains that do so…if you think you will become like your Nee-sama, I’m here and I’m plenty sure…I’m stronger than your Nee-sama”

For the first time, Koneko saw hope, she made a cute smile and said, “Yes, senpai…indeed you are”

The Gremory peerage got read, the next morning was about to be something a little special, as Rias passed what was about to occur,

“We need to go to the meeting…the young generation of devils will be gathering for certain meeting”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

To Be Continued:- Chapter 161:- Gathering of Young Devils- 3

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