High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 161

The customary function for gathering of the young devils was today, and the summer actually starts from tomorrow .

The Gremory Group went by train to the territory where the Devil King was . After passing through several magic circles that appeared in mid-air for long-distance jumps, the train continued onward .

Three hours of being jolted around in the train later . The Group arrived at the urban area!

Both the station and the homes were modern! There were even vending machines here! The design was a little different from the world humans lived in, but the houses seen so far looked very cutting-edge!

“This is the city of Lucifaad within the Maou’s territory . It’s the old capital of the Underworld where the previous Lucifer-sama lived . “

Kiba explained . This was the town where the old Lucifer lived . Incidentally, the group were dressed in the best attire possible, after all the first impression is the last impression, pirticulary in suit, Issei excluded a magnamaous aura .

“We’re going to change over to the subway from here . Since there’ll be an uproar if we go from the surface . “

Kiba said this . there’s also a subway here! This place really isn’t that different from the human world .

humans and devils are closely related . It could be said that, starting from the contract and the reincarnation of humans into [Evil Pieces] as servants, there was a relationship of coexistence between them . this is the way their race lives, by taking in other cultures and sublimating it into their own .

“Kyaaah! Princess Rias-samaaaaaaa!”

Suddenly, the group heard a high-pitched cheer . When looked, a group of devils on the station platform were looking at Rias and giving her longing gazes . Ooh, was Buchou a popular person here?

“Buchou is the Devil King’s younger sister . What’s more, she’s also beautiful, so she’s a yearned-after target among low- and middle-class devils, you know?”

Akeno explained this . Rias is a super-celebrity in the Underworld, but the woman gaze turned wild when they saw Issei,

“Whooooooooooos thattt???? Sooooooooo hooooot”

“Marrrrrrrrrrrrry me, pleasssssssssssssse”

This was the reaction pf weomen when came in contact with Issei .

Rias is the Devil King’s younger sister . What’s more, she’s the next head of the noble upper class Gremory family . Moreover, she was, in a word, an extremely beautiful young woman! You could say that it’s inevitable that she became popular!

“Hiiiiiiiiii…So many devils…”

From behind Issei’s back, Gasper reacted to the voices of the many devils and panicked . The tough day continued for the hikikomori .

“How troublesome . Let’s switch over to the underground train quickly, before it becomes an uproar . Has the private train been prepared?”

Rias questioned one guy from the pairs of black-suited men . They seemed to be the group’s bodyguards, and many of them had followed them from the Gremory castle . These people were said to be quite strong . Naturally, a certain amount of strength was necessary for protecting the Princess and servants, although Rias said staying with Issei is the safest place in the universe, yet her mother declined .

“Yes . Please follow me . “

Thus, The group followed behind the bodyguard and moved to the underground subway train .


Rias was very popular among men too . She waved her hand at a group of men while giving a strained smile .

After transferring from the subway, the group jolted around for another five minutes .

When arrived—it was at a platform in the basement of the biggest building within the city .

The meeting place for the gathering of young devils, old families, and high-class big-shots was in this building . The bodyguards accompanied us until the group reached the elevator, and then stood waiting on standby .

They boarded the elevator from the basement with Rias in the lead . It was a spacious elevator .

“Everyone, I’ll say it one more time . No matter what happens, stay in a calm state of mind . No matter what is said, don’t start a fight . —The people above are our future rivals . We mustn’t show an unsightly form . And also Ise, please don’t kill anyone who annoys you, please . . . have mercy on them”

Rias’s words had more fighting spirit than usual, and were very intense . That was the tone of voice of someone who is prepared for battle and doesn’t intend to lose to anyone, but then again she was also fearful that her [Pawn] might end up killing someone if pissed

Xenovia and Asia swallowed and calmed down their feelings . Even though I’m tense and nervous, there are other servants here besides them, so they couldn’t show an unsightly form!

After traveling up to the top floor pretty quickly, the elevator then stopped at last and the door opened .

When the group took a step outside, they found themselves in a wide hall . they got out from the elevator, a person who seemed to be an employee was there and bowed slightly to Rias and her peerage .

“Welcome, Gremory-sama . Please come this way . “

They followed after the employee . After which, they went down a certain passage, the figures of several people were in a corner—


Rias seemed to know one of those figures .

That person also noticed Rias and approached them . It was a boy . Based on his appearance, he seemed to be about the same age as Issei .

He was a rough yet good-looking guy with short black hair . He had an energetic appearance, and had a very good physique with plenty of muscles . He looked like a pro-wrestler . His eyes were strangely purple .

Somehow, Issei felt like his face was similar to Rias’s—no, to Sirzechs .

“It’s been a while, Rias . “

He shook hands with Rias while smiling .

The devils that seemed to be part of the person’s group turned their gazes towards gremory peerage…They were all strong-looking devils…yet Issei felt they weren’t strong enough .

“Yeah, I missed you . It’s good to see that you’re doing well . There are also people here who haven’t met you yet . This person is Sairaorg . He’s my cousin on my mother’s side . “

Rias introduced this devil to her group, who happens to be her cousion—Wait . Ah, that’s why Issei found him somehow seems similar to Sirzechs-sama .

“I’m Sairaorg Bael, the next head of the Bael family . “

The Bael Clan is one of the remaining 33 Devil clans of the 72 Pillars . It is the highest-ranking clan amongst the 72 Pillars and holds the rank of Great King .

As the highest-ranking clan of the 72 Pillars, the Bael Clan is well known and famous for their Power of Destruction ability . They are also extremely prideful, looking down on other Devils and prefer to stick to the old tradition where demonic power determines everything, going as far as discriminating their own family members who don’t possess any demonic powers .

The Gremory family has both the Maou and the Great King!

“Sairaorg-san, is it fine if I touch your shoulder?” Issei asks, he wanted to confirm something that’s why, but his team looked towards him in surprise,

the nam smiled and said, “Go ahead”

Issei follows up and does that and at in instant takes his hand away,

“I see, Cultivation class: Destrcutive, Grade: A, impressive” Issei said, but except for the person speaking to, no one else got the meaning behind his words,

“You were able to see, my true power?! Who are you?”

“I’m someone . . . let’s say, you don’t mess around with”

After saying so, Issei returned to his position,

On the other hand Sairaorg Bael, had someting of a mixed emotion .

Rias resumed the conversation with the next head of the Bael family .

“So, what are you doing in a passage like this?”

“Ah, we came out here because it’s so idiotic in there . “

“…Idiotic? Have the other members also arrived then?”

“Agares and Astaroth have already arrived . Zephyrdol came last . Immediately after he arrived, Zephyrdol and Agares started arguing . “

Sairaorg had an expression of complete dislike .


The building shook greatly and the surrounding people heard a huge smashing sound .

Worried by it, Rias without hesitation went to the big door from which the noise had come from .

“Geez, this is why I advised not meeting before the meeting . “

Sighing, Sairaorg followed after Rias along with the people who seemed to be his servants .

Beyond the opened big door—was a banquet hall that was all smashed up! The tables, chairs and decorations were all destroyed!

All the devils were split into two camps who glared at each other at the centre of the room! Weapons had been taken out, and there was an explosive air to the whole situation!

One side was made of evil-looking goblin-like devils . The other side seemed to be made of relatively ordinary devils . However, both groups gave off an aura that was full of cold killing intent, to the point of being frightening .

Issei on the other felt bored and wanted to find someone, the people in front of him were far too weak to deal with .

Within the field of vision, a table still safely remained in a corner of the hall and elegant-looking servant devils could be seen . In the centre of these gentle-looking male devils…was a person drinking tea .

“Zephyrdol, can you not help starting a fight at a place like this? Do you want to die? Do you really want to die? Even if I kill you, I won’t be blamed by the people on top . “

The two groups glared at each other . A female devil had said it coolly .

The woman who said that wore glasses—and her cold and sharp gaze was scary . The wave of magic power being emitted from her aura was incredibly chilling…

She wore a blue robe and exposed very little skin .

“Hah! I’ll say it again, bitch! I said that I’d teach you in one shot in a private room with great trouble! The Agares’ onee-san really doesn’t like being without her guards, now does she? Heh, is that why you’re still a virgin who hasn’t let a man come near her till now!? Geez, all the women of families of the Devil King stink of virgins and are unbearable! That’s why I said that I’d do a formal opening ceremony for you!”

The vulgar-mouthed man said . He had a black magic-like tattoo on his face, and his green hair was standing on its end . As expected, there were also black magic-like tattoos on his upper body, which was bare and uncovered . The ornaments on his pants jingled and clanked .

A delinquent, no matter how you look at him, he’s a delinquent!

Sairaorg came up to Isse who didn’t bother to understand the situation and was feeling rather bored, from behind and explained .

“This place is a waiting hall where we remain on standby until the time comes . To explain it better, the young people gather here and give each other small greetings . However, this is what happens when the young people greet each other . By gathering many hot-blooded people together, problems like this also come out . The old devils of the old families and high-class devils can’t help assuming that this is a good thing . I don’t want to have anything to do with such a useless thing, but it can’t be helped . “

After adjusting his neck with a snap, Sairaorg stepped forward to the two teams who were glaring at each other .

Issei looks towards Rias and says, “He’s stronger than you isn’t he . . . probably he ranks number one, among the young devils”

Rias looked Issei with surprise and says,

“Indeed —He is the number 1 among the young devils . “

Sairaorg came between the two sides who looked like they were about to start brawling . The eyes of the glasses lady and the delinquent turned to him .

“Seegvaira, princess of the Agares family, and Zephyrdol, rebel child of the GlaysLabolas family . If you go any further than this, I will be your opponent . Listen, I know this is sudden, but this is your last warning . Depending on your next words and actions, I will use my fists without mercy . “

Sairaorg words had such intensity in them .

A vein started throbbing on the forehead of the delinquent devil at those words, and turned red with anger .

“For the incompetent Bael family to—”


An intense blow resounded! Before the delinquent could finish speaking, he was slammed into the wall of the hall by a blow from Sairaorg!


The delinquent fell off from the wall . —He seemed to have already lost consciousness and fell face-down on the floor!

—In one hit!

He took out the delinquent who had been releasing so much strong magic power in just one punch .

“I told you . That was your last warning . “

In reaction to the actions of the strong Sairaorg,

“You bastard!”

“Damn the Bael family!”

The delinquent’s servants nearly rush forward from the momentum of losing their master .

“Look after your master . That’s the first thing you should do . Even if you turn your swords towards me, you will gain nothing . —The important function will be starting soon, so make sure your master recovers first . “


The delinquent’s family stopped moving at those words and then ran over to where their master had fallen down .

Next, Sairaorg- turned to look at the glasses girl . One could understand why her expression stiffened then .

“There’s still time . Put your make-up on again . It wouldn’t do to attend the function while wearing something so bad . “

“— . I-I understand . “

The glasses lady turned back and then left the hall along with her family .

After confirming that, Sairaorg spoke to his own family .

“Call the staff . The hall is too messed up, and I won’t be able to have tea with Rias like this . “

“Ah, Hyodo!”

Then, Issei heard a familiar voice from nearby . When he turned around, people who wore high class attire were there .

“So it’s Saji . Ah, Kaichou too . “

“Hello, Rias, Hyodo-kun . “

It seemed that Saji and Sona Kaichou had also arrived in the hall .

However, tonight destiny had planned many things, especially for Issei Hyodo .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

To Be Continued:- Chapter 162:- New Leader, The New Demon God

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